Top 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2022

People these days work like crazy. They seem to spend more time at their desk than anywhere else. The Top 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2020never-ending busy schedule keeps everyone engaged and leaves little time for the organization. But, a disorganized, messy desk area with piles of paper and stacks of documents is opposite to productivity. The good news is you can get rid of all the clutter and mess, thanks to desk organizers! We have also written a complete guide about best drawer file cabinets to organize your work place.

No more searching for the stapler or a box of paper clips hidden underneath stacks of scattered files! This office accessory will keep everything in order and within your reach. We have also written a complete guide about best drawer organizer carts.

Types of Desk Organizers

The desk in an office or home office is a high-traffic and highly active area that can get cluttered pretty quickly. Desk organizers are a convenient means of keeping all the paperwork and office items on the desk well ordered. There are several types that you can choose from:

Multi-Compartment Organizers

These have the simplest structure featuring only a number of shelves. Positioning either vertically or horizontally, it’s an effective accessory to put your stuff in order. These shelves can accommodate your documents, paperwork, folders, binders, and books in a stacked manner. The enclosed sides don’t let anything fall out.

These are the organizers that stick to the notion of ‘less is more.’

Varied Compartment Organizers

If you want a unit with a few bells and whistles, this one with different types of compartments would be the best choice. These generally have dedicated slots, pockets, and sections for various itemsTop 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2018. For example, there could be open shelves for files; vertical side sections for large items like books and binders; pen holders; and drawers for smaller items such as staplers, paper knives, paper clips, scotch tape, and more. These units allow you store the items by type, making it easier and quicker to find them.

Book-Style Organizers

These have a slightly different design than the desk organizers, but the function is still the same – keeping the desk organized! These units are more like a weekly planner that helps you with taking down notes or planning appointments.

Such a unit dons the look of a bound book that opens to various sections or chambers to keep sheets or reminders.

Smart Organizers

While there are organizers with traditional shelving and compartments, plenty of others are there that feature a smart design. These units have holding sections for your gadgets such as cellphones, handheld scanners, and cameras. Some models even have USB ports for charging the devices. These are expensive, but a single freestanding piece can provide the solution to your storage, organization, and charge problems.

Benefits of Desk Organizers

Desk organizers keep the clutter on your desk away by arranging all the items neatly. These small units can help you in several ways:

Free up Space

An organizer has a small footprint, but it provides plenty of storage space. It means you can stash lots of things into a small unit. If you can choose the perfect model for your needs, it will free up your desktop. Try to purchase a vertical one because it will be more space-saving than a horizontal unit.

Increase Productivity

These simple devices keep your desk neat and free of clutter. No more wasting your time by looTop 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2018king for a file opener under a bunch of scattered paper! Such minor hiccups during busy hours make people frustrated, and a frustrated person cannot be productive. So, a desk organizer plays a big role in drawing out the best output from a worker.

Help Stay Relaxed

If your work is demanding and keeps you stressed all the time, the last thing you will want to deal with is more problems. Anyone will lose the appetite for work when the office desk looks like a heap of mess. On the other hand, a clutter-free desktop with everything arranged in order will create less visual distractions, and give you the peace of mind and keep you relaxed. A neat and organized desk will also create a good impression on your co-workers, superiors, and clients.

Characteristics of High-Quality Desk Organizers

There are plenty of desk organizers available in the market. However, when it comes to choosing something that can create a professional and favorable impression, the options are not limitless. If you want to purchase a cool product that will make organization fun, look for these features:


Desk organizers are available in numerous designs, and you should pick up a model that suits your work type. A simple one with one or two compartments and slots is preferable for a home office. However, if you have to deal with plenty of documents in an official setting, buy something that has several large sections for holding paperwork.

An organizer with a couple of small drawers and holders is perfect for a work surface that remains a mess because of plenty of small office accessories such as sticky notes, clips, pens, pencils, and more.

Build QualityTop 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2018

A desk organizer can be made of plastic, metal, and wood. Some models could use glass materials too. The wood and glass versions tend to be more expensive than the other models. These are mainly found in latest models that feature minimalist design and emphasize equally on aesthetic and functionality.

Plastic organizers are the cheapest and vulnerable to shock and impact. However, careful handling is likely to provide a long-term service. On the other hand, metal organizers are also common. These tend to have a protective coating to safeguard against rust and corrosion.


A desk organizer makes your workplace highly functional and boosts your productivity by keeping everything on your writing table in order.

You don’t need to dig up the paper in your table to find an important note or a box of paper clips. The organizer will keep the items categorized by type so you can access them without any fuss. Besides, it will free up space for placing other stuff such as a plant or a calendar.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 best organizers in the market. Read short reviews of the picks and find the best match for your needs:

Top 10 Best Desk Organizers in 2022 – CHART


Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Safco Products 3255WE Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer

6 Vertical/ 2 Horizontal Sections

$$ 4.8
2. Safco Products 3254BU Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer

3 Vertical/3 Horizontal Sections

$$ 4.7
3. DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy 5 divided compartments, 2 additional shallow compartments $$ 4.6
4. SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer 5 tilted trays, with black steel mesh construction $$ 4.5
5. STORi Clear Plastic Craft and Desktop Organizer
Dimensions: 12-3/8″L x 6-7/8″W x 6″H $$ 4.5
6. Halter Steel Mesh 2 Piece Desk Organizer Set

Non-skid rubber feet, 3 Drawer 

$$ 4.4
7. EasyPAG Mesh Desk File Organizer Two side load letter trays with five 2.5” uprights file folder/letter organizer $$ 4.3
8. Mindspace Office Desk Organizer

6 Compartments + Drawer

$$ 4.2
9. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Two side load letter trays, and one tray with a 3 compartments drawer

$$ 4.1
10. PAG Office Supplies Mesh Desk Organizer

9 divided compartments(8 parts + 1 slide drawer)

$$ 4.0

1. Safco Products 3255WE Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer

Safco has been in the industry for a long time, and it produces top-notch products that make a workspace moreSafco Products 3255WE Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer functional and inspire the employees to offer their full productivity. This Onyx 3255WE desk organizer is one such quality product from Safco. The price may seem a little bit expensive, but itis built for providing a long-term service.


The organizer is a multi-tasker with two horizontal file trays and six vertical file sections at the top. The sleek, mesh design fits any modern office setup and adds both style and efficiency into a place.

It is available in four different colors. So, you can choose one that seems to match the existing décor and spruce up the workplace.

Build Quality

The Onyx organizer has an all-in-one wielding, steel construction polished with a durable powder coat finish. The powder coat is smooth, works fine in resisting scratches and chips. It will not catch rust and last for long-term use.

The piece is super-sturdy to get tipped over. Also, it comes with four felt pieces. Put them at the bottom, and it will stay in place and won’t scratch the surface.


The Onyx 3255WE organizer is what you are looking for if you are struggling to maintain the sea of papers in your room or office cubicle. You can use it for holding file folders, printer paper, manila folders, documents, and anything else of their size.

You can place it in thehome office, craft room, front desk, mailroom, or anywhere that badly needs some organization. It will keep your space neat and tidy.


  • Sturdy build and powder coat finish
  • Scratch- and chip-resistant
  • Has sufficient weight to stay firmly in a place
  • Suitable for any place that could use a bit more organization


  • A bit expensive
  • Suitable for holding paper, documents, and files only

2. Safco Products 3254BU Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer

Safco has been manufacturing office products for more than 50 years. Their products make a workplace moreSafco Products 3254BU Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer professional and efficient. The Onyx 3254BU is a great desk organizer that comes handy when your working desk needs a bit of orderliness. Some people might hesitate to drop nearly $50 for this product, but it is worth every penny.


The Onyx 3254BU is a well-made product that looks beautiful with any desk because of the availability in four different colors – black, white, blue, and wine. The mesh design and slim structure compliment any modern setup.

The organizer has three letter-sized trays, and three vertical file sections on the left side. The horizontal sections have back panels except for the bottom rack, which is open.

Build Quality

The construction of the Onyx 3254BU is solid because of the use of steel material and a powder coat finish. The coating is anti-chip and protects it from moisture and catching rust.

The organizer has no sharp edge. You cannot rule out the potential for scratches, especially if you want to put a sophisticated gadget like laptop or tablet into it. It’s safer to line the slot where you want to put the device with adhesive backed felt.

The organizer features a strong construction, allowing you to put heavy weight without any worry. It won’t slide around or get knocked over easily.


The Onyx 3254BU has a large footprint to occupy a big part of a desk. However, the size allows it storing a big amount of files, binders, and paper. The lack of back panel behind the bottom rack could be a problem but you can solve it by putting it up against a wall.


  • Strong construction
  • Has space for lots of files and documents
  • Powder coat resists chipping


  • Bottom row is open
  • Large footprint
  • Expensive

3. DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy

This organizer caddy from DecoBros is going to take care of the small office supplies that often go missing hiddenDecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy under other large items. It does not take much space on the desk but holds a good amount of stuff. The price is slightly over than $10, which is hard to beat if you consider the storage options and quality.


The caddy has five slots for holding all of your writing supplies. Additionally, there are two shallow compartments and one small drawer. With a small dimension, it looks perfect no matter wherever you place it.

It’s available in two basic colors – black and silver. So, it looks nice in a formal setting like an office cubicle or a writing desk.

Build Quality

The entire body is meshed metal except for the pull-out drawer and the small separator that fits on the top. These two parts are plastic, but the material is hard and is not supposed to break off easily.

The nets are thick and solid, not some thin wire that will bend or break. It is lightweight (only 1.4lbs), but the rubber grips at the bottom keep it firmlyin a position. These grips also prevent it from getting tipped over when you put your stuff into it.

DecoBorsguarantees the quality with a lifetime warranty offer. If it breaks because of normal use, you will get either a replacement or refund.


This product is a suitable choice for any small desk, either in the office or at home. It won’t hold any files or anything that is bigger than a smartphone, but it’s a fantastic organizer for small supplies.


  • Small but has enough storage space
  • Metal mesh is solid and sturdy
  • Several compartments for holding small items
  • Cheap
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cannot hold files or any large items
  • The pull-out drawer is plastic

4. SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer

Have you been struggling with loads of paper at your workplace and don’t know how to manage them? Don’t worry.SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer The desktop document letter tray organizer from SimpleHouseware is here to your rescue! It’s specially designed for holding documents and files, and you can get it for less than $30!


The organizer is a document and letter tray. So, it’s not surprising that it only has six sections for holding paperwork. There are five tilted trays for storing files while the bottom flat tray can be used for stationery items. There is a back panel, but the sides are open.

You will get it in two colors – black and silver. The footprint is small, but the horizontal rows allow it to provide much storage space.

Build Quality

The organizer has a solid structure because of the steel construction. The trays and the back panel feature steel nets. The wires are decent but can be bent under much pressure or rough handling. However, all the individual parts are well-made.


One unique feature of this organizer is you can hang it on the wall. It comes with screws and bolts for easy mounting. However, if you choose it to mount on a wall, don’t put much stuff because the 5lbs weight has already made it a bit heavy.

The trays are great for holding A4 size paper, folders, and even books. It’s your savior should you have too many boxes of different kinds of paper. Put each type in a separate section and voila! Your mess is gone!


  • Plenty of storage
  • The bottom tray is suitable for stationery
  • Reasonable price


  • The mesh wire can bend under much pressure
  • Mounting option won’t work if you have too many documents

5. STORi Clear Plastic Craft and Desktop Organizer

Tired of using the metal mesh organizers? Want to have something that is stylish and equally functional? Give yourSTORi Clear Plastic Craft and Desktop Organizer lackluster office or home decoration a break with this beautiful desktop organizer from STORi! It may seem a bit expensive considering the size, but it’s definitely a good-looking piece.


The unit is made of crystal-clear acrylic that blends into all types of décor. It will enhance the appearance of a place with its clear-cut structure and minimal design.

It has three separate sections along with two smaller slots at the right side. The size is not suitable for something bigger, but you can easily fit files, diaries, calculators, phones, and other similar things into it.

Build Quality

Acrylic is a kind of transparent plastic material that is quite enduring. However, it can’t stand out hard blows or extreme pressure. It can even break out if fallen on hard floors with a great force. So, the organizer needs careful handling.

It weighs 2.6lbs, which is enough to keep it glued to the desk. Nonetheless, acrylic is quite slick, making it slide on smooth surfaces. If you want it to stay stable, use non-skid pads or museum putty under it.


The organizer is suitable for keeping your craft items, electronics, and desktop organized. However, it looks so nice that you can put it anywhere in the house. For example, it can enhance the powder room while holding all of your makeup brushes, cleaners, and small palettes. It can be on the kitchen counter for holding recipe books, memos, notepads, pencils, etc. You can even keep it in your entryway for keeping the keys, coins, purses, and other smaller things.


  • Crystal-clear acrylic looks stylish
  • Versatile; can be placed anywhere
  • Several compartments for sorting out various items


  • Can be easily cracked

6. Halter Steel Mesh 2 Piece Desk Organizer Set

Halter offers a two-piece set of cute, tiny, and adorable desk organizers at just less than $30. It’s truly a steal of aHalter Steel Mesh 2 Piece Desk Organizer Set deal since these have enough space for holding all of your knick-knacks creating a mess on your working desk. The plus point is these look professional, appearing to be at home when you put them in a busy office setting.


The set features a mini-hutch organizer and a small supply caddy. The organizer has three pull-out drawers and an open compartment at the top. The caddy, on the other hand, has a pull-out drawer at the bottom and eight small section on the top.

Both the pieces have a small footprint, a sleek profile, and feature a nice black finish to look good with any décor and color palette.

Build Quality

The units are made of steel, which has a lovely finish to complement contemporary décor. The mesh panels are sturdy and can withstand lots of pressure. The items are lightweight, but the non-skid rubber feet at the bottom prevent them from sliding over the desktop surface.

A plus point is Halter offers 2-year limited warranty for this product.


The setadds much storage space to your desktop. Besides, the drawer system allows keeping many items away from dust. The mini hutch can store your smaller desk accessories while the caddy can hold the items that you need frequently such as pens, markers, sticky notes, clips, and much more.

The mesh design lets you see what’s inside the drawers, but you can still use sticky notes or color coding for easy identification of the type of items you put in each drawer.


  • Slim profile and professional design
  • Can store lots of items
  • Small footprint
  • Reasonable price


  • Don’t have any section for storing files
  • The drawers don’t have any stopper

7. EasyPAG Mesh Desk File Organizer

If you have the habit of putting miscellaneous stuff on your writing desk, bathroom vanity, or kitchen counter andEasyPAG Mesh Desk File Organizer keep forgetting about things, the mesh desk file organizer from EasyPAG is the product you are looking for. Although it’s called ‘file organizer’, it has various sections for storing all types of stationery – small or large. The price is great too as you will get this piece at less than $30.


The organizer features one letter tray, one pull-out drawer with dividers, and five upright sections at the top for letters or files. You can remove the drawer completely and use that compartment for storing paper. You can also remove the uprights on top if needed.

It is available in four different colors including a pink version in case if you want to complement a colorful setup.

Build Quality

The organizer features a steel construction with steel mesh wire panels. The coating is green paint, so it’s pollution-free and completely safe around children. There are no visible sharp edges. The corners are quite smooth, ruling out the possibility of accidental cut or prick.


The organizer is versatile. It’s great for holding traditional desktop items, craft accessories, and electronics. You can keep your cellphones, video games, tablets, brushes, notepads, envelopes, file folders, and more.

You can even bring it to your kitchen counter for storing magazines, coupons, planners, or anything else that seems necessary.


  • Can hold both files and small stationery
  • Four different colors
  • Pollution-free paint coating
  • Reasonable price


  • The top dividers may pop out sometimes
  • Slides around on smooth surface as there’s no gripper at the bottom

8. Mindspace Office Desk Organizer

Say goodbye to digging for stuff on your paper files or desk drawers! This office desk organizer from Mindspace hasMindspace Office Desk Organizer space for all of your small office supplies. With a minimal footprint, it will keep your workplace and home office tidy at less than $20.


Available in black and silver colors, this is a cute, little organizer from Mindspace. It has six well-thought out compartments for storing all the stuff that you need close at your hand at the time of working. It takes a small space on your desk but does a great job of keeping it clutter-free.

Build Quality

The organizer is made of metal and mesh wire panels. The ABS coating feels smooth to the touch and protects the metal from rust and other corrosive materials. The rounded edges eliminate any chance of getting accidental cut or injuries.

The construction is not perfect as it won’t sit flat on a surface unless you load it with stuff. The shelf could be misaligned too in some models, seems to be the result of careless soldering. However, it will not wobble because of the soft rubber grips at the bottom.

Mindspace offers a lifetime warranty for this product, which is a great relief. Just register on the company’s website after purchasing it to avail this benefit.


The unit does not need any assembly. Just unbox, and it’s ready for use. It gives you easy access to the desk supplies, and you can even move it with you as it weighs only 1lbs.

The pull-out drawer slides out whenever you need extra storage. However, be aware that the organizer is very small and it does not have enough width for standard folders and notebooks.


  • Several sections and drawers
  • Smooth ABS coating
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t fit standard-sized folders and notebooks
  • The mesh wire bends under light pressure

9. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

If you need an organizer to store all of your odds and ends but don’t want to spend $50 for it, this unit fromSimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer SimpleHouseware is what you are looking for. It won’t take much of your desk space but will keep everything on it in order.


The multitasker unit has multiple sections for storing different types of things. It has a letter tray, one three-compartment pull-out drawer at the bottom, and five upright sections at the top. The footprint is minimal, the look is modern, and the black color easily blends into any setting.

You can take out the drawer to use that rack as an additional file holder while the drawer can be used separately for holding smaller items. Similarly, the upright sections at the top are removable too.

Build Quality

The build quality of this product is quite decent. The metal framing, base, and mesh wires are strong. However, it will bend under extreme pressure. Theirs is no sharp rim, though, making it totally safe for kids.

The exterior coating protects it from moisture and rust, allowing you to use it in the kitchen too.


The organizer has a small footprint and lightweight. So, you can purchase a couple of units for several desks. For example, it will be an excellent addition to the bedside table, especially for those who have a limited mobility. It keeps everything you need such as phones, iPod, Kindle, pens, notebooks, scissors, pill bottles, and more within your reach. It’s a versatile organizer that can be used as a desk storage, letter arranger, and file folder.

The assembly of this unit is just a breeze. The instruction is clear and you don’t need any tool for attaching the parts together.


  • Functional design for an office or home
  • Metal construction
  • Reasonable price


  • The plastic fasteners provided for the file holders are flimsy
  • Will be bent under much pressure

10. PAG Office Supplies Mesh Desk Organizer

Have you been looking for a tiny desk organizer at a cheap price? This unit from PAG is just perfect for your needs. ItPAG Office Supplies Mesh Desk Organizer is a 7-section unit that you can grab for less than $10!


The 7-part organizer has a document slot at the back, two pencil holders, one slide-out drawer, one section at the left, and two shallow holders at the front. It comes in black and blue versions that seem to blend with most of the décor settings.

The unit is small, lightweight but it has a simple elegance that enhance the look of a desk or counter.

Build Quality

The organizer has a solid construction with a metal mesh and a solid metal base. It does not have any sharp edge or corner, so there’s no chance for accidental cuts. Its outer coating is non-toxic spray painting that shows active resistance to oxidation and rust. You can even clean it with soapy water and wet cloth.


It will clear up lots of space on your desk and any busy counter. It’s possible to use it in multiple ways since you can put it into any small corner,thanks to its tiny size.

The organizer can be a solution to the storage of your school stuff as it has sections for holding class notebooks, pens, clips, sticky notes, and more. It can even be a part of your dressing table since you can fit your makeup brushes and palettes into it. In a word, this little unit will help you unload your frustration with small desks.


  • Lightweight and takes small footprint
  • Features seven compartments
  • Toxic-free coating
  • Cheap


  • Suitable for only light use
  • The mesh wire will bend under pressure

The Best Way to Tidy up a Desk Organizer

An organizer is for tidying up your table and workplace. But, it itself can be a mess if you can’t organize it the right way. Imagine the kind of mess it will be if you put the note-taking materials with lots of clips and staples or the telephone log is lost somewhere amid the paper chaos.

There are some basic rules to keep the organizer neat and tidy. You have to keep similar types of items together. You should categorize them based on their functions. For example, file folders, tabs, and bindings should be together because they are filing materials while pens, pencils, and scratch pads should stay in the same holder because they are note taking materials.

Is It Necessary to Have More Than One Organizer on a Single Desk?

It would be overkill for a small table. But, multiple organizers is not a bad idea if the desk is huge. In that case, you can use a multi-level organizer for documents and loose papers, a weekly planner for holding the schedules and appointment plans, and one with drawers and holders for common items like rubber bands, scotch tape, staplers, scissors, etc.

Do you think these organizers are perfect for your office setup? Let’s know about your favorite models and what you like about them.

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