Top 15 Best Floor Lamps in 2022 – Complete Guide

Floor lamps have been around the block for a long time now. Their popularity goes through phases just Top 15 Best Floor Lamps in 2020 - Complete Guidelike their brightness on dimmers. But lately they have found credence again in the modern décor, thanks mainly to working professionals, book lovers and creative artists. The floor lamps help create a personal niche where you can work or indulge in your favorite pastime. And nobody else needs to be distracted by your celestial light requirements. We plunged in and selected the 15 best floor lamps for office from the myriad choices across a wide price range. We have also written a complete guide about best desk lamps.

The main types of floor lamps

A lighting arrangement supported on a tall pole with a base resting on the floor is called a floor lamp. These are best suited in the living room or offices for their aesthetic appeal and late-night usage potential. They can be a utilitarian design to something of the standard of an art piece.  There are different types of floor lamps based on their design and use:

Console Lamps

These are floor lamps with a lamp shade. This is the traditional lamp that you must have mowed down a hundred times running through your grandparents’ house.  Here the lights are mounted on a pole set on a flat base. The shade is placed all over the bulbs. You can place them next to a console, chair or table. This way, only the area right under the area of the shade will be illuminated and the bright light will be diffused. The rest of the area will remain blissfully dark so that nobody gets disturbed.


These are new-age lamps where the pole itself arches around the reading or workplace. The lights are mounted alongTop 15 Best Floor Lamps in 2018 - Complete Guide or at the end of the pole. This way the light hangs closer to the area that needs to be illuminated. The LEDs along the arch effectively light up the workspace with bright focused light.

Arc lamps are available with shades, with multiple light sources, with single light sources, without shade etc..


The Torchiere lamp is perfect for ambient lighting if not direct illumination. Here the shades of the lamp are pointed up to disperse and dim the effect of the bright light source. These might not be suitable for focused lighting for the workspace but they are good for setting up a pleasant ambience in the room.

Tower Lamp

The tower lamp consists of a metal or wire framework erected like a tower. The lights are installed inside. This accentuates the part of the room where such lamps are placed. Even when not turned on, these look like a piece of furniture. They look quite classy too if chosen for the right interiors. But they occupy some real estate and they aren’t for reading or work-related lighting.

How do we select the best floor lamps?

Knowing which factors affect the use of a floor lamp will help you decide which one is the best for you. Here’s a checklist to help you with this:

Brightness: Don’t go for the brightest, most lit lamp right away. Evaluate your brightness requirements based on what’s your primary activity under the light. If its reading, art, workingor tattooing, you need a lamp with high lumen rating. This will provide focused bright light to a large area. Brightness of floor lamps depeTop 15 Best Floor Lamps in 2018 - Complete Guidends on both the design and the brightness rating of the light source. If you are looking to improve the ambience of the room, try the designs that shade the light or get one with a lower lumen rating.

Type: Decide which type of light best serves your purposes. If you are looking for bright workplace lighting, go for a Console or an arc lamp. If you want mood lighting for a warm and pleasant glow, go for torchiere lamps. If you have a lot of space in the room, use tower lamps to set the ambience.

Height:The height at which the light hangsalso affects how much light you receive. If you like to read or work under the lamp, you want the light to be mounted closer over you but it shouldn’t be in your way. Some of the floor lamps have adjustable stands that allows you to alter the focus area and thus the brightness of the lamp.

Features: Light dimmer switch is one of the most important features in a lamp.  If you have varying requirement of brightness from the lamp, look for one which has the option to dim the light. Some floor lamps also come with a glass tray mounted halfway through their pole to serve as a small holder for our items.

 Which are the best floor lamps for office?

We waded through some artful to some rickety and short-lived designs to choose from. To avoid being confused by so many options, we have selected the 10 best floor lamps for office based on:

Lighting: We looked at the design of the best floor lamps and checked if they served their purpoTop 15 Best Floor Lamps in 2018 - Complete Guidese as mentioned in their specs. For console lamps, we checked the lighting potential based on the lumen-rating. For arc lamps as well, we checked the brightness quotient. This list is geared towards the workspace lighting.  So tower and torchiere lamps have not been widely covered.

Design: We checked different aspects of the design of these floor lamps. We evaluated the design to see if it looks professional and elegant enough for a workplace setting. Architectural focus points like the height, the stability of the base etc. were assessed.

Features: Since these are office floor lamps, we looked for the dimming feature. This is useful when you want to rest your eyes. The other important feature is height. We wanted something that would be unobtrusive but intimate. Adjustable height is a big plus for us.

Budget: You don’t want to shell out a bomb for office floor lamps. The ones on this list are of low to moderate price. They have all proved that they provide excellent value for the money.

Durability: Although the best floor lamps for office have been selected from a tight budget, we ensured that only the most durable ones have been selected. There’s no place for rickety stands and measly shades here.

We have also written a complete guide about best reading lights.



Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Brightech LightView Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor Lamp 

6 Wheels Rolling Base, Glass Lighted Magnifier Lens

$$$ 4.8
2. TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp 

5 Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmable, 30-Min Timer

$$ 4.8
3. Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp 

Dimmable Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Sunlight LED 

$$ 4.7
4. Adesso 4238-26 Trinity 82″ Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp Adjustable height and width $$ 4.6
5. Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Warm, bright light at 3000 lumens $$ 4.6
6. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp 3,000 Kelvin color temperature and 2,000 lumens $$ 4.6
7. SH Lighting/Major-Q 6938WH-XL 81″ H Shade Steel Adjustable Arching (Extra Large Shade) Floor Lamp  64 inch cord, Requires 100-watt type-a light bulb or 23-watt cfl $$$ 4.5
8. VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp for Living Room
LED for 50,000 Hour Lifespan, consuming only 12W of power $$ 4.5
9. Brightech Contour LED Dimmable Floor Lamp

Fully Adjustable Neck – 9 Watts Energy Saver LED Bulb

$$ 4.5
10. Kenroy Home 32215CBZ Riverside Swing Arm Floor Lamp 16-inch oatmeal tapered drum shade, one 150-watt three-way bulb $$ 4.4
11. Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp by Lavish Home
27-Watt bulb, 5000 hours per bulb $$ 4.3
12. Light Accents Wooden Floor Lamp with White Linen Shade
Height 63″ Diameter 10.25″ Uses 1 x 100 Watt $$ 4.2
13. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp
3 spotlights can rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees  $$ 4.1
14. Ridley Satin Nickel Gooseneck Floor Lamp
61″ high x 9″ wide base x shade is 5 3/4″ wide  $$  4.0
  15. Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp

Height: 69″ Base diameter: 10″ Shade diameter: 11″ Cord length: 6’3″

$$ 3.9

1. Brightech LightView Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor Lamp 

Brightech brings a deluge of affordable floor lamps to the floor. We found that these perfectly balanced price and quality. The Lightview Pro floor lamp is one of their best offerings. It has all the features that would make life at work immeasurably easy. Convenient and light on its feet, this lamp has a high-end design that will cater to all your office needs of mobility and lighting. This truly intuitive lamp bags the top place in our best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Brightech Lightview Pro floor lamp works hard to defy being categorized. It resembles an arc lamp in certain ways. It’s built for workplace use and not for mood lighting.  The lower half of the post is straight and connected to the base. The base rests 3.5 inches high on 6 wheels. It’s a delight to glide this suave lamp through the workplace based on which area you need to illuminate. The top half of the post also sees some clever engineering. It is connected to the bottom half at a rotating joint and bent again at another joint, giving it an arced look. Both joints can be utilized to position the lamp in way that gives you maximum light without blocking your view or movements.  The height of the lamp can go from 24 inches to 55 inches. The top can swivel in any direction.

The lamp head of this floor lamp is a flat structure. This mounts 90 LED lights which give out 800 lumens brightness without   generating heat like regular bulbs. They pack a 9W power-saving LED light, so you don’t have to invest in a new light source every few years. The LED lasts through 20 years without diminishing in performance. Also surrounded by the lamp arrangement is a 3 diopter lens with 15 inch focal range. Yu can use this to look at minute details while doing some intricate work like on electronic circuits or artwork. It magnifies the size of the details to 175% without any heat dissipation.

The LightView Pro checks all the requirements for a best floor lamp. So we looked for a dimmer switch on it. You can also adjust the light temperature from 3000K warm white to 6000K daylight white. Sure enough, we found a touch control on the rim of the lamp which can be used to dim its bright light. Brightech is quite sure of its innovative design, hence the 3-year warranty offer. The most important take-away is that the base is weighted well. The lamp never tips over.


  • Power saving 90-LED lamphead with 20 years life
  • 800 lumen brightness with dimmer
  • Adjustable height and rotating arm
  • Rolling and weighted base
  • 3000K-6000K color temperature range
  • 75x magnifier


  • None

2. TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp 

The Trond LED gooseneck floor lamp is a brilliant design that can also serve as a desk lamp. This customizability works in a high-TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp intensity workplace. The color settings can also be changed to match the comfort level of your vision. The focused lighting keeps the other areas suitably dark. All these awesome features are wrapped in a decent budget too. This is a unit to watch out for in the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Trond LED gooseneck floor lamp arrives as a simplified package. It took us 10 minutes to install it. Once done, we could only marvel at the technology. The lamp post consists of four pipes which connect to each other at a joint. They can each be separately extended as the height is required. At the lowest height, you can connect the gooseneck and lamp head part directly to the base. The resulting structure varies between 20-25 inches approximately based on how you bend the neck.   When all the pipes are stacked, the lamp stands around 70 inches tall. Each pipe segment measures 11.8 inches. A 6.6 feet power cord runs from the control box to the wall. It is detachable so it can be packed separately.

The lamp head of this floor lamp is roughly a rectangular structure. It is packed with an LED array. Although irreplaceable, the LED lights last through 15-20 years as opposed to incandescent bulbs. At 11W, the lighting potential is equivalent to a 20W CFL. This floor lamp offers 5 settings of color temperature ranging from clean white to warm yellow color. The dimmer also goes through 5 levels of brightness for different tasks. The lowest brightness and yellowest light together can give you a pleasant mood lighting. The internal memory saves the brightness and color settings last used before switching off.

This Trond LED light is designed such that it focuses the light in a certain area. This way it will illuminate only your workspace and leave the surrounding undisturbed. Although it doesn’t connect to a wall timer, it does have a 30-minute auto timer.


  • 2-in-1 desk lamp/floor lamp
  • 5 brightness setting
  • 5 color temperature settings
  • 30 minute auto-timer
  • Stackable pipe structure
  • 6 feet extra-long cord


  • Power cord connects to the control halfway up the lamp

3. Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp 

The Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp is the Peter Parker of lamps: simple to look at but full of mutant powers inside. It looksBrightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp professional and graceful for any office setting.   Available in a number of shades, you can even pick a piece that goes with your office décor. The adjustable design lets you position the light to suit your needs of illumination. This is a quality, power-efficient device that makes its own place in the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp has a subtly classy design. The post of the lamp is mounted on a weighted base. This is a uniformly heavy base that keeps the lamp from tipping over. This is a stationary base, you have to move the lamp manually. At the top of the lamp post, you encounter a flexible goose neck on which the lamp head is mounted. This goose neck is flexible such that it can be moved horizontally and vertically. It does not bend too far down below from the 90° angle though. The base maintains a firm standing position, no matter how much the neck is bent.

The shape of the lamp head is approximately rectangular. It is powered by LED lights which produce bright non-glaring light without heat. It takes 12W to power up. It can go up to a maximum brightness rating of 524 lumens per m2. The LED lights last through 20 years without a change.The dimmer setting allows 10+ settings of brightness. This can serve a variety of purposes. The color temperature at maximum brightness is around 5500K. At this temperature, the light has a pleasing glow.

Assembling this Litespan LED floor lamp is a five minute job. Once done, you can simply plug into a 110V supply and get to work. The power cord runs 6 feet, so you have plenty of play area from the power supply.  The lamp stands 48 inches tall when the neck is bet at a perfect 90° position and extends to 61 inches when straightened. The base occupies an area of 10.5” x 9”. It weighs 10 pounds only so it can be easily lugged around.


  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • 524 lumen/m2 at 12W
  • Dimmer
  • LED lamp with 20-year life
  • Weighted base with long cord


  • Neck is not as flexible downwards

4. Adesso 4238-26 Trinity 82″ Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp

Not all offices are all paperwork and no style. Some have impeccable aesthetics and deserve a matching lamp.  The Adesso Trinity floorAdesso 4238-26 Trinity 82″ Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp lamp is one such unit. This 3-light arrangement makes a nice reading light. It blends in well with the nice pastel shades of the corner office of an uptown building. The design is available in multiple color and style options to suit your specific needs. This elegant piece earns its place in the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Adesso Trinity floor lamp has an earthy design that reminds you of simpler times. This is a shaded arc lamp. The trinity has three lamp arms. A lamp head hangs at the end of each one.  This lamp is also available in 1-lamp or 5-lamp designs. All three lamp heads in the Trinity are covered with a burlap pattern cylindrical lamp shades. It comes with three incandescent bulbs which need to be replaced when they burn out. You can also power them up with 100W CFLs for enough light for a medium-sized room.  Usually 60W bulbs do the trick for most people. It’s not as direct as an arc lamp but much more illuminating than a torchiere lamp.

The lamp heads of this floor lamp are attached to thin but durable arced arms.  You can adjust the shade angles based on your requirements. The post of the lamp is adjustable in height. You can raise it from the corner of a room to light up the room. It stands a maximum height of 83” and takes up a width of 52”. The spread of the lighting arms can also be changed to disperse the light. The base is 12.5 inches diameter of solid marble which effectively keeps the lamp upright.

If the antique bronze piece with rustic burlap shade does no work for you, you can also go for the modern satin steel model with white lampshades. It takes around 20 minutes to assemble. The switch for operation is on the post around 30 inches from the floor.  This is a unit that defines the room at a very reasonable price-tag.


  • Beautiful arc lamp
  • Choice between 1-lamp, 3-lamp and 5-lamp models
  • Rustic lamp shaped
  • CFL-ready
  • Adjustable height and width


  • Can be a little difficult to assemble
  • No dimmer

5. Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Brightech Sky LED floor lamp is a special lamp that’s designed like a torchiere lamp but can serve as a work lamp. Both mood andBrightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp task lighting are easy for this innovative design. It can illuminate an entire room with its bright light but doesn’t let it be hindered by glare. A number of frame options to go with the type of interiors in your office adds to its spec. We couldn’t help but put this unique piece in our best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Brightech Sky LED floor lamp is an unobtrusive unit that it stands in a quiet corner and effectively lights up the room without drawing attention. However, if you pay attention, this lamp has a tall 63-inch lamp post. It is meant to light up the entire room so the height helps. It is mounted on a weighted round base. This keeps the lamp from wobbling over, no matter which direction the lamp head rotates in. It weighs only 10 pounds and can be carried around the house easily. It needs to be plugged into a power source.

The lamp head of this floor lamp is turned upwards. The light consists of an array of LEDs which point up. But this plate with mounted LEDs can be rotated in other direction to suit your lighting needs. The LEDs can last 20 years without replacement. The light emitted is rated at 3000K color temperature. This is a warm white light without the heating and durability issues of incandescent bulbs. The brightness is just enough to illuminate a 20 x 15 sq. feet room at 3000 lumens.

This Brightech floor lamp is available in alpine white, antique brass, brushed nickel, dark bronze, black and silver finishes. It has 3-step dimmer in case you want to set the lamp from task light to mood light. Brightech offers a 3-year full warranty for the lamp. If you want a low profile lamp with the strength of ample lighting, this is the piece for you.


  • Low-profile design
  • High post for room-filling light
  • Warm, bright light at 3000 lumens
  • Rotating LED array
  • 3-step dimmer


  • Not bendable

6. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Sparq Arc LED floor lamp is a futuristically designed unit. This is a flexible lamp that is perfectly shaped for aBrightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp workspace lighting. This is a bright light at a comfortable temperature which enables clear vision without any glare. Brightech stands behind its product with a robust customer service and full warranty. These shine themselves a place in the best floor lamps for office.

Design and Features

The Brightech Sparq floor lamp is a typical arc lamp. The post of the lamp arch gracefully into an arc lamp head. The arc is balanced impeccably on the stable base. The total height of the lamp extends to 67”. The arc stem can be moved gently along the curve to bring the light closer to your workspace. The petite lamp provides wide illumination without taking up limited space. You have both a black and a silver model as options.

The lamp head of this floor lamp has a 15W LED array for lighting. It shines 2000 lumens bright so it can illuminate better than many console lamps. The color temperature is set at 3000 Kelvin. This color temperature is ideal for reading at night. It does not hurt the eyes at tis temperature. The LEDs can survive a 20-year period without replacement. The LED array is also a non-heating source compared to the incandescent bulbs.

This Brightech Sparq floor lamp is dimmable. You can go from bright to mood lighting in three steps. There’s a foot switch which can be used to cycle through the dimmer system. Brightech supports its product with a 3-year full warranty.  The build quality instils confidence in its durabilityin spite of the slim construction. The power cord is slim and low profile.


  • Low-profile design
  • Arc lighting for workspace
  • 2000 lumens bright
  • 3-year full warranty
  • Affordable


  • Slim design feel fragile

7. SH Lighting/Major-Q 6938WH-XL 81″ H Shade Steel Adjustable Arching (Extra Large Shade) Floor Lamp 

SH Lighting Major-Q floor lamp is a statement piece for your office décor. It is suitable for a large workspace which requires SH LightingMajor-Q 6938WH-XL 81″ H Shade Steel Adjustable Arching (Extra Large Shade) Floor Lamp widespread light. The design can be relied upon for the abuse of continuous office use. With an incandescent bulb, you can control the temperature of light. The choice of shade types lands them right in the best floor lamps for work list.

Design and Features

We checked the extra-large shade version of the SH Lighting Major-Q floor lamp. The similar frame is available with different types of lamp shades. The lamp post rises 81” tall. It occupies 73 inches laterally. The post arches gently downwards towards your workspace. The lamp post is not particularly customizable in terms of height or angle of light. The post is based on a heavy marble base. In fact, the base is unexpectedly weighted high so the lamp doesn’t tip over. But it gets in the way of portability.  The base is available in white and black marble.

The lamp head of this floor lamp carries an extra-large shade. The shade is 10” x 18” in dimensions. There are other colors and designs of shades in this model. You can attach a 100W light bulb or a 23W CFL. The power cord is a 64-inch cable that reaches distant power plugs. The power button of the lamp is on a foot pedal. . It has to be positioned close to your leg.  The parts meant for assembly are limited. It might take some time to get the whole thing together.  There are not enough instructions to assemble it hassle-free.

The lighting is subtly focused on the work area. There’s a diffuser close to the lamp arrangement. It has a trendy design. Arc lamps are usually quite expensive but this is an affordable unit. There is no compromise on the metal frame structure or the weighted base. The lamp shade is custom, so it’s hard to find a replacement.


  • Affordable arc lamp
  • Extra-large shade
  • Long cable
  • 81” tall
  • Light bulb/CFL compliant


  • No assembly instructions

8. VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp for Living Room

Vava dimmable floor lamp is a 2-in-1 design convenient for any workplace. This is a handsome design with substance which will lookVAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp for Living Room great in an office setting. It also occupies a small real estate when set on a table as a reading lamp. The flexible gooseneck angles the light any which way you want. This is the perfect taskmaster for office, hence its place in the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Vava Dimmable floor lamp is similar to TROND LED lamp in its architecture. It has the same modular make-up. The lamp post is made of three cylindrical tubes. The gooseneck and lamp head are mounted on the control box of the lamp. You can use the tubes in any combination to get the required height. If you connect the control box directly to the base, this converts to a reading lamp. With all tube stacked, the total height is around 5 feet.  The joints of the tubes have metal-colored links which add to their aesthetic appeal. The weighted base as five rubber feet which keep it stable over all surfaces, table or floor.

The control box of this lamp head has brightness up/downbutton, color temperature and power button. This connects to the flexible gooseneck. The lamp head has a square array of LEDs. Taking up only 12W of power it shines at a brightness of 1800 lumens. The LED lighting is an eco-friendly, non-heating source that lasts through 50,000 hours of operation. The UL adapter is connected to the control panel and plugs into the 12V/1.5A output. You can twist and turn the gooseneck optimally to focus the lighting on your work.

This Vava floor lamp has three dimmer settings. It can go from mood lighting to task lighting within these settings. The color temperature goes from cool white to warm yellow. This is again convenient when you don’t want to strain your eyes. The construction quality is solid and far exceeds the price expectations.


  • Reading lamp/ floor lamp 2-in-1 design
  • Modular tube design for adjustable height
  • Dimmer and color temperature control
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable gooseneck


  • None

9. Brightech Contour LED Dimmable Floor Lamp

Brightech Contour LED floor lamp is a plain old console lamp with a modern twist. The shaded lamp has been mounted on a highlyBrightech Contour LED Dimmable Floor Lamp flexible post that allows its use in any workplace. Paperwork or needle work, it can light up any task. This is an energy-saving unit that meets your needs in a classy and sleek package. This lamp smoothly takes its place in the best floor lamps for work list.

Design and Features

The Brightech Contour LED floor lamp impressed us right of the box with its slim structure.  The lower part of the lamp post is 49 inches tall stiff structure. The upper half is 20 inches long with a hinge in the middle. The optimum height is around 4 feet. This part can be bent to illuminate your work place. There are three pivot points on the post which gives you a lot of customizability. The lamp is based on a circular base. This is a heavy plate that rakes up a weight of 12 pounds. The total weight is 15.8 pounds. Although durable, it’s a little heavier than other lamps on this list.The frame is completely made of anodized aluminum with a brushed silver finish.

This floor lamp has a conical lamp shade. The shade can be turned upwards to turn it into a torchiere lamp. It is just large enough to hold an 8W LED light bulb. The accompanying bulb has a lifespan of 20 years. It saves 90% more energy than a regular incandescent bulb. The light from the LED is a cool light color that’s easy on the eyes. This lamp can be powered by 100/240V AC adapter. The cord is long enough to each a power point in a middle-sized room.  Brightech is so confident about the durability of this unit that they have a 20-year warranty on it. It is a breeze to assemble. It can git in some real tight spaces and cram into a small office.


  • Very compact
  • Adjustable height with 3 pivot points
  • Power-saving LED design
  • Can be used as a torchiere lamp
  • Exceptional construction


  • None

10. Kenroy Home 32215CBZ Riverside Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Have you ever glared at the nosy neighbor who cranes their neck into your backyard to hear your gossip? You might hate them but youKenroy Home 32215CBZ Riverside Swing Arm Floor Lamp will love this quality on a console lamp. The Kenroy Home Riverside Swing floor lamp combine grace with a crafty neck to serve your workplace lighting requirements. It is an excellent addition for your reading requirements at a reasonable price. It earns its place in the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Kenroy Riverside Swing floor lamp reminds you of the old days with its copper bronze finish that would complement a soft traditional fabric-upholstered couch. The lamp post is a 68 inches tall structure of metal. It sits on a large, weighted base. We never had any problems with this lamp tipping over. Both the post and the base are lightly patterned. So you would feel comfortable to display the round base out by the couch.

The top part of the post of this floor lamp has a maverick swinging arm joint. This can be extended to arc the lamp head over a certain work area. This way, you get some distance from the post but the lamp is still overhead. Each arm of the swing is 5 inches long, bringing you a distance of 10 inches from the post. The lamp is covered by a 16-inch oatmeal drum shade. The color and texture of the shade gives it a nice rustic look. The power cord of this lamp terminates into a 3-prong plug. The whole unit weighs only 13.6 pounds which lies in the portable range.

It fits in a 3-way 150W bulb which uses the integrated microchip for 3 light levels. This lamp is best suited for mood lighting and reading underneath. It doesn’t come with the kind of blinding light that arc lamps and gooseneck LED lamps do.


  • Rustic, graceful lamp
  • Swinging arm for the lampshade
  • 3-way 150W bulb
  • Large oatmeal drum shade


  • Construction quality could be better

11. Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp by Lavish Home

The Lavish Home floor lamp gives yours home a lavish look at a shoestring budget. This is a utilitarian lamp that you can use in aNatural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp by Lavish Home modern office for reading and crafts. The feature set is simple. Lavish Home invests in convenience and durability.  The choice of colors is a big bonus. This bangs big for bucks all the way to our best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Lavish Home floor lamp is an unabashedly plastic structure. The lamp post is a tall petite structure based on a plastic base. The base is stable for to support the rest of the lightweight structure. It may not slide under low-floor tables or beds though. This lamp is available in two heights: 5 feet and 6 feet. We appreciate this feature from the manufacturer since everybody’s idea of ideal lamp height varies widely and cannot be handled by a single model.

On top of the lamp post, you have a gooseneck structure. This can move vertically and horizontally. The lamp head itself is a rectangular structure with rounded corners. It fits in 27W CFL which provides roughly the same amount of light as a 150W bulb. This has an average life of 30,000 hours. The color temperature is rated at 6500 Kelvin. This shines a pure white bright color which can be used for reading without straining your eyes.  At 1300 lumens, it can bring out the detailing of your work with no effort. The on/off switch is positioned near the base of the lamp head. So it can be switched on and off right from your work area.

This floor lamp is available in white, black, silver, light wood grain, wood grain and brass metal colors. Some colors like have a model with a dimmer control. This gives you a choice of 4 brightness settings. The power cord extends 67 inches to the power plug.


  • Natural light ideal for work and plants
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Dimmer available in some models
  • 5 color choices


  • Connections at the base are fragile

12. Light Accents Wooden Floor Lamp with White Linen Shade

The Light Accents Wooden floor lamp is a lamp mounted on a rack. It serves the purpose of more than one item in your room. TheLight Accents Wooden Floor Lamp with White Linen Shade lighting can be considered more of an ambient light than a working light. But its smooth design would be a good fixture in the office space which needs to impress prospective clients. It takes a place in the best floor lamps for office list.


The Light Accents floor lamp is a tall towering structure with a square cross-section.  This tower is divided into four sections. The bottom-most section is the base, you can place items here if you wish. The middle two are proper racks where you can place a small plant or some decorative pieces.   The top compartment carries the light shaded with a linen shade. The frame is completely made of painted wood. The manufacturer goes for a minimalist look which takes the character of how you use it. You can go from a cool, professional look to an earthy vine-covered look for a nature-lover’s workspace.

The lamp head of this floor lamp can carry a 40W incandescent bulb or an LED equivalent. This gives it a white or a yellow glow based on your choice of lighting source. The frame is available in dark black and white colors. It measures 10.25” in length and width each and 63 inches in height. The omnidirectional lighting illuminates a large area which can be your reading destination in your cabin. It looks much fancier than it costs. It is quite portable at 10.3 pounds. The assembly may take a few minutes based on how fast you can figure out the parts.

It connects to the power source via a power cord. You can switch it on via a rocker switch. There are no other functions. This is aimed more at ambient lighting than for reading or technical work specifically.


  • Affordable lighting
  • Lamp with rack
  • Minimalistic design
  • Nice ambient and reading light


  • Construction quality could be better

13. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp

The Boston Harbor Light tree floor lamp is a multidirectional lighting arrangement. It can be used in a conference room where youBoston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp required omnidirectional lighting. The tree-like design brings a feminine touch to the room as well.  This is a tall light which can bask over a large area as well. It made a great addition to the best floor lamps for office list.

Design and Features

The Boston Harbor light tree floor lamp mounts three lights in a simplistic design. These are mounted on a tall straight post. It extends 65 inches tall. The post is unbendable, but this problem is sorted by bulbs aimed in all directions.   The post stands on a sold black base. It is slim enough to slide partially under a table or a sofa though. The base is weighted to support the top in a uniform manner.

Three lamps branch out from thelamp post. They can be rotated around their stems within a 350° range. They can pivot by 45°. Within these specifications. They can shine light in every corner of the room. More importantly, each stem has its own switch so you can use only as many switches as you require at the moment. The conical lamp shades can fit in a 60W bulb each.  You will have to buy the bulbs separately. This is an ideal lamp for reading and working under.


  • Multidirectional tree lamp
  • Individual light switch
  • Highly affordable
  • Minimalistic but beautiful design


  • Screw threads need to of better quality

14. Ridley Satin Nickel Gooseneck Floor Lamp

If you want style and utility in a budget, the Ridley Satin gooseneck floor lamp is an excellent choice. It provides nice focused light forRidley Satin Nickel Gooseneck Floor Lamp reading in a shiny package. The neck adjustability allows the user to shine the light directly at their workspace. The metal construction can live through continuous harsh use. This rode its way right into the best floor lamps for office use list.

Design and Features

The Ridley Satin Nickel gooseneck floor lamp has a very sleek design. The lamp post is a slim rod of metal with satin nickel finish. . It is set on a weighty metal base which keeps the structure stable on the ground. The lamp post stands 61 inches tall. The base is 9 inches in diameter.  Since the lamp head is small, such a small base can handle it without wobbling.

The 11-inch gooseneck bends from the top of the 61-inch tall lamp post. The lamp shade is bowl-shaped. It takes a 60W bulb or equivalent CFL inside it. You can pick from models with 9W or 15W LED or without a light source. The lam p can also be used without a lamp shade. There’s a rotary switch on the socket for power operation.  A 5-foot black cord is supplied to connect to the power supply.


  • Affordable floor lamp
  • Satin nickel finish on metal body
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Small compact form
  • Can fit incandescent bulbs or CFL


  • No dimmer

15. Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp

Ikea Uplight floor lamp is a highly economic option for when you don’t want direct light hitting your workspace. This is a no-nonsenseIkea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp simple lamp with no extra features. It just lights up without burning through your lunch money. Since it still brings great value for money, it’s part of the best floor lamps for office use list.

Design and Features

The Ikea NOT floor lamp is a torchiere design. The lamp shade points upwards diffusing the direct light. This way it doesn’t annoy people who don’t like light glaring into their eyes.  The lamp shade is mounted on a straight post. The post lands on a slim but weighted base. The structure is simple and quite stable. The lamp post stands 69 inches high and the base is 10” in diameter.

The assembly takes only a few minutes. You can get it without the light bulbs or select the model with a light bulb. The only design issue is that the cord connect high up on the lamp post. Its unattractive to have the cord hanging next to the post. The performance and looks outdo the small price tag.


  • Smart-looking lamp
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple design
  • Bright but diffused light


  • Cord connects just under the shade