The Best High Back Office Chairs in 2022 – Complete Guide

High-back office chairs often come with a hefty price, which makes most budget-conscious buyers feel a The Best High Back Office Chairs in 2020 - Complete Guidelittle intimidated and hesitant to pick one for their office or home work area. Using a high-back for your office or home workspace, however, may be one of your best investments for a healthy and productive work life in the long run. We have also written a complete guide about best low back office chairs.

Before you decide if the plush build and premium features of a high-back – not to mention the extra costs – are fit for your working lifestyle, here are the advantages and special features of high-back office chairs.


Full-Body Support

Among the three types, High-back chairs provide the most rounded support for your frame. High-backs often come with built-in headrest, armrest and footrest that support the most crucial areas of the body and help maintain healthy posture. Headrests are often in the form of padded or contoured cushions attached to the backrestthat support the head and neck.

High backrests often provide excellent back support from the square of the shoulders to the base of the lumbar region and the spine, which needs maximum reinforcement during long periods in a stationary sitting position. High-backs have high profiles that distribute the pressure equally to the different regions, minimizing back pains and muscle strains that are often associated with long work hours.


Simply put, ergonomics is retro-fitting the workspace and workflow to enhance the worker’s productivity andThe Best High Back Office Chairs in 2018 - Complete Guide wellbeing. In a typical office job, this primarily entails well-positioned workstations and ergonomically designed desks and chairs.

For office chairs, ergonomics comes into play in parts that are easily adjustable to suit the user’s frame. When the backrest, seat height, tilt, and armrests are properly calibrated for the worker’s features, the limbs and spine are protected from undue adverse results such as fatigue, poor blood circulation and spinal problems.

High-backs are the most customizable lot of office chairs, which is not surprising given they also occupy the higher end of the office chair price range. For most office chairs, swivel features, adjustable seat height and casters are standard features. In contrast, High-back office chairs are designed with highly adjustable everything, so that the whole contraption works to provide comfort and support tailored for the user’s physical frame.

Long-lasting Comfort

Low-backs and mid-backs, both of which we have already featured in our past reviews, often compromise adjustability for better mobility and economy. As a result, they are highly productive for short period usage, but are less effective in providing personalized fit and long term comfort. The more substantial and plush high-back chairs are equipped with comfortable features that are better suited for the more stationary, hour-intensive working lifestyle.



As a general rule, high-back office chairs are best for providing overall physical support. Some high-backs just do the job much better than others.  A good high-back chair should be able to provide good head, neck and lumbar support, not to mention excellent arm and leg reinforcement and excellent seat design.

High backrests shouldreach up past the shoulders to hold up the base of the head and necks, often with a separate headrest or a special contoured back cushion. This willallow you to rest your back comfortably at a slight angle beyond 90degrees and not force you to hunch forward from its weight or curvature.

You also need a seat that could support the upper body and lower limbs properly. In addition, an attached footrest to support the lower extremities will keep your whole body aligned and the pressure evenly distributed so that your lower back does not feel strained.

AdjustabilityThe Best High Back Office Chairs in 2018 - Complete Guide

If it is an office chair that you use for hours on end everyday, it needs to be personalized to fit your frame and routine. Fortunately, high-backs are easily customizable and should not be difficult to calibrate to suit your specific needs. If you want a high-back that is worth keeping around in your workspace, check for easily adjustable seat height, backrest height and tilt as well as flexible armrests and footrest. These are crucial for keeping yourself at ease while working.


A keeper high-back office chair helps you remain comfortable during long periods of serious work but also allows you to sneak-in short periods of rest throughout the day. If you like to take your powernaps regularly, you need a high-back chair with features that let you sit back and relax for a few minutes so you can regain your composure and focus.

The ergonomics of the design and the quality of the support, as well as the type of materials used for the chair mesh together to achieve the level of comfort you need to keep going on the long daily grind.

Premium Features

High-back chairs are often big on additional premium features. High-backs often find their way to the biggest executive offices and the most finicky home owners because of their plush upholstery, convenient controls and modern design. Not to mention, the health issues that one could possible avoid by picking out great-value high-back chair for long-term, everyday use. High-back chairs that are loaded with headrests, recline features, adjustable armrests, plus back and seat tilt capabilities are worth the extra bucks you have to invest for them.

The list below is a selection of the best high-back chairs you can get your hands on based on the support, adjustability, comfort and premium features that they offer.



Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. CMO 24 HOUR HIGH-BACK ERGONOMIC RECLINING OFFICE CHAIR Tilt Lock, Leather Headrest and Flexible PU Armrest, Swivel $$$ 4.0
2. AMAZONBASICS BIG & TALL EXECUTIVE CHAIR Bonded brown leather, adjustable lumbar mechanism, swivel $$$ 4.1
3. COMFORT PRODUCTS 60-5800T COMMODORE II OVERSIZE LEATHER CHAIR Leather chair, Adjustable headrest $$$ 3.8
Footrest, Headrest and Lumbar Support $$
5. UNITED CHAIR UOC-8045-GR HIGH BACK MESH AND FABRIC SWIVEL OFFICE CHAIR Swivel, Upholstery Headrest and Seat $$$ 4.1
7. FINE MOD IMPORTS OX OFFICE CHAIR HIGH BACK Leatherette, Tilt Tension, Tilt Lock, Removable Arms $$$
8. COMFORT PRODUCTS 60-5811 HIGHBACK SOFT-TOUCH LEATHER EXECUTIVE CHAIR Soft-Touch Leather , Tilt, tension, lock, swivel and pneumatic lift height adjust $$$ 3.6
10. NEW BLACK MODERN FABRIC MESH HIGH BACK OFFICE TASK CHAIR Spring tilt control mechanism $$ 4.0




When we think of best high-back office chair, we almost automatically visualize a leather-upholstered, hardly movable executive office chair with a sizable measurement that takes up the vast majority of your working space.

CMO’s 24-Hour High-Back Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair is everything you need in an executive chair without the bulk. Its compact modern design and mesh backrest challenge established conventions for great value office chairs.


CMO’s High-back recliner chair has a wide backrest that comfortably hugs the lower back and supports the natural curve of the spine. The backrest is covered in lime green mesh material that supports the weight of the upper body on a recline position. What is great about having a light mesh backrest is that it does not bear down heavily on the user when in a 90-degree tilt. This addresses one common strain that is often experienced with traditional leather high-backs.

There is a separate PU-padded headrest that keeps the head, neck and shoulders at ease during long hours of work, in addition to a pair of T-shaped padded armrests that provide reinforcement for the arms.

The polyurethane foam seat is just the right thickness to keep you alert and comfortably seated upright in a healthy sitting posture – feet flat on the floor, back tilted a little over 90 degrees and arms perpendicular to your working desk. This is important, since you don’t want to stay on a voluminous seat that slowly engulfs you the longer you are seated, forcing you to lean forward and strain your back and legs to keep yourself upright.


This Reclining Office Chair by CMO is a masterpiece in adjustability. Nearly every part is adjustable to provide the user with maximum comfort. The lumbar support, headrests, and armrests have adjustable heights so they can be adjusted to your measurements.

The seat height is controlled by an attached pneumatic lever, so it is easy to customize for the user’s frame and desk height. It also has easily changeable tilt and tension calibrations controlled by the attached pneumatic lever and knob. You can choose any angle for the backrest between an upright 90-degrees to a full recline at 180-degrees so you can switch easily from work to rest in a matter of seconds.

The headrest is also adjustable and has a pivot feature. It is even removable if you would like to keep your head unencumbered during shorter work periods.


For longer term use, however, the full recline feature is a more valuable option. This means you can have as much rest and comfort on your office chair to keep you going throughout the day. This will help you get your focus back and also allow you to rest your back, neck and arms from all-day strain.

The mesh backrest is also very breathable, and will keep your back from getting stuffed and uncomfortable.


The CMO reclining chair is really a delicate balance between full-featured executive chairs and a more compact modern office chair.

The high-back chair has a stable heavy-duty nylon base that is supported by 5 nylon casters that promote easy mobility and convenient navigation. For a full-pledged high-back chair, this one is unusually mobile and lightweight, making it ideal for those who work long hours and have a dynamic working routine.

Though light, the CMO office chair is ready for some heavy-duty functions, capable of bearing up to 300 lbs. it is also moderately easy to assemble and disassemble in case there is a need to transfer from one location to another.


  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Highly adjustable features
  • Removable lumbar support and headrest
  • Adjustable seat and back tilt and tension
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Good for all-day use
  • Bears up to 300 lbs


  • No attached footrest


AmazonBasics consistently delivers essentials in sleek and elegant packages, such as the Big and Tall Executive Chair. This high-back executive chair is sturdy, highly functional office chair dressed in graceful and sophisticated professional design.


This AmazonBasics High-back office chair is especially built for taller or bigger users. In terms of support, the chair can hold up to 350 lbs thanks to its sturdy metal frame that is polished in classic chrome sheen. The top of the leather-upholstered backrest has a special contour to support the curves of the shoulders, neck and head. It also has a built-in lumbar support that is easily adjustable. The control knob for the lumbar support is easy to reach just right above the base of the armrest.

The armrests are not adjustable but have an easy curve that traces the natural slope of the arms so that you can rest your shoulders, back and upper arms comfortably.

The seat has ample cushioning, made more comfortable by premium bonded leather and a waterfall edge design, which prevents the knees and the upper legs from tension and stress.

The metal frame has a stable 5-stem base with smooth-rolling reinforced casters that could handle any type of surface so your movements are supported while you mind your important tasks.


This office chair is also a winning deal when it comes to adjustability. Aside from the adjustable lumbar support, it also sports an adjustable backrest and seat tilt which ranges from 90 degrees to a full 180-degrees. The recline function is paired with an effective infinite tilt-lock mechanism that keeps the backrest in your preferred angle for as long as you need or want it.

While the armrests are not adjustable, they provide ample space to move around even for taller users who have larger frames.

The seat can be lowered or raised from 28.75 inches high up to 22.25 inches to make sure that your back and lower extremities are correctly aligned and comfortably positioned in relation to your desk. It also has a 360-swivel feature that makes multi-tasking more manageable and less physically straining.


The brown bonded leather feels soft yet reliably firm to the touch. You can easily relax in it even when it is not in recline mode, which makes it apt for long periods of work at the office or at home. The classic metal frame and wide stable base are also durable and secure enough for both work and resting periods.

The backrest has a special pillow-like section for the head, neck and shoulders to lean on. Aside from the adjustable lumbar support, the backrest is finished in natural contour lines that reinforce the natural shape of the back. Though the headrest is noticeably missing, the top of the backrest provides sufficient support for the higher back.


The Big and Tall Executive Chair caters to exactly the same group of people – big and tall users who often have trouble finding office chairs that are wide and large enough to seat them comfortably. The 29.5 x 27.2 x 47 inches dimensions gives room enough for anyone who is taller than 6 feet to move around comfortably.


  • Large design suitable for big and tall users
  • 350 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • 360-swivel seat feature
  • Durable base with sturdy casters


  • No separate headrest attached
  • Armrests not adjustable


One of the things that taller people often have trouble with when it comes to office chairs is that larger dimensions and comfortable fit are almost always mutually exclusive. Comfort Product’s Commodore II Oversize Chair with Adjustable Headrest rests in that sweet spot between roomy design and comfortable upholstery.

The Commodore II Oversized Leather Chair is designed especially for taller and bigger users. The suave leather-upholstered high-back chair is 15 inches deep from backrest to the lip of the seat, 29 inches wide from each armrests, and roughly 33 inches high from the seat to the top of the adjustable headrest, with a seat height that is easily adjustable to create a perfect balance between the user’s height and the matching desk height. With these dimensions, the chair can easily seat a 6 foot 5 inches guy without much restriction.

The backrest easily supports the whole back with about 30 inches of premium bonded leather filled with soft and firm contoured cushion to support the natural curves from the neck and shoulders to the small of the lumbar region.

The high-back has an attached headrest and armrests padded with the same rich upholstery, providing reliable overall comfort any time of the day.


To make the experience even more pleasurable and relaxing, Comfort Products fitted Commodore II with easily adjustable parts. The headrest can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort and support for users who are more than 6 feet tall. The seat height is just as easily adjustable using pneumatic lever control.

Aside from extended height, users of Commodore II can also enjoy relaxing rest times with the chair’s recline feature and tilt-lock mechanism. With a capacity for up to 350 lbs, the chair can be tilted at any angle from an upright 90 degrees to a full recline at 180-degrees without causing any worries on stability.
One of the Commodore’s best features is its generous seat padding, with a 5-inch thick contoured cushion that is supported by large inner boards and culminates in a gentle waterfall design. While 5 inches may be too plush for other users, the same depth is just right for taller users to get cosy in their office.

The additional comfort makes resting periods more rejuvenating, and long working times more manageable and tolerable.  The L-braced armrests are designed to provide extra support for the arms to get them relaxed in their natural curve during rest time.

And since it is unavoidable for desk work to involve multi-tasking, the Commodore II is fitted with a wide 5-stem base that is not only stable but also efficiently mobile with its pure resin casters that are 30% more durable than regular PVC casters. The comfortable seat also has a 360 swivel feature that makes work more efficient and less time-consuming.


The excellent balance between spacious design and extravagant comfort is a rarity even for high back chairs. Commodore II is even more noteworthy with its elegant contemporary black and chrome design that adds a touch of sophistication to any home or office working space.


  • Roomy built
  • Comfortable padding and upholstery
  • Easy recline and tilt-lock mechanism
  • Padded L-brace armrests
  • Adjustable seat height and headrest height
  • Wide and sturdy base with pure resin casters
  • 350 lbs maximum weight capacity


  • Heavier and larger build not suitable for narrow workspaces
  • Seat and cushioning may be too plush for users with slighter frame
  • Armrests not adjustable


Before Meshback Office Chairs became a rave, Merax has been offering lightweight, cutting edge designs in their MERAX HIGH BACK RECLINING OFFICE MESH CHAIR WITH HEADRESThome and office furnishings, such as this Merax High Back Reclining Office Mesh Chair with Headrest.


While the most prominent feature of this high-back chair is its lightweight frame and breathable backrest, its high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship ensures that stability and reliable support are not compromised in the end-result.

The mesh backrest is supported by a firm PU frame that reaches above the shoulders in a supple slope and topped with an attached head support. The backrest design ensures that the neck, the middle back and the lower back are aptly supported and the spine is properly aligned. The office chair also sports a sturdy lumbar support to make sure that the lower back has ample protection from undue tension and stress caused by long periods at the desk.

The armrests are adjustable up to 145 degrees and are designed to take up minimum amount of space, maintaining unrestricted space for the user to move around easily during work time. The pair is also designed to provide a soothing curve for the arms to rest on during break time.

Instead of extra-thick leather seat, this meshback chair has just enough padding to make long workdays comfortable but productive and focused. Paired with a flexible and breathable backrest, the seat provides excellent support to the whole body and eliminates fatigue.


To make powernaps even more energizing, the Merax Reclining Mesh Chair has a full recline mechanism that can be locked at any angle. In addition, it has a pleasant rocking motion that can be tightened or loosened using the tilt control knob.

The headrest can be adjusted to fit taller users. The seat height is instantly adjustable as well using pneumatic gas lift to make sure that the chair’s proportion promotes a healthy sitting posture for the user. The lumbar support though, is not adjustable but is strategically positioned to provide maximum support for the lower back for most body frames.


Unlike plush leather seats that provide thick cushions and overly manicured contours, mesh back chairs offer a more frugal yet effective kind of comfort. The Merax Reclining Chair has a minimalist design that skimps on luxury but provides ample support where it is most necessary, alleviating physical stress and helping the body cope with constant long working hours.

The breathable mesh backrest keeps the back cool and ventilated even in more humid environment. Given the same conditions, leather chairs often cause excessive sweating that could sometimes lead into respiratory illnesses. The Merax Mesh Back makes sure that this problem does not persist in whatever working space.


The Merax Reclining Office Mesh Chair has a compact built and lightweight design, making it perfect for any type of office or workstation. The streamlined modern design blends well with either urbane or classic look so that anybody who is looking for convenience and comfort can have one for their deskspaces.


  • Full back support
  • Adjustable armrests, headrest and seat height
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Breathable mesh material for backrest
  • Compact built and modern lightweight design
  • With rocking motion


  • With weight capacity maxed at 300 lbs, this is not the chair for users with larger build


United Chair provides a fresh and lightweight option for workers who want a new twist to their mesh back high-back office chairs. The United Chair High Back Mesh and Fabric Swivel Office Chair with Upholstery headrest and seat has a slim profile that exudes a chic yet professional office look.


Instead of the usual black or brown shades paired with black PU or metal chrome frames, this mesh back from United Chair sports a delightful light gray, black and chrome ensemble that results in a more cheerful and lightweight look.

The high-back mesh backrest has a height of 28 inches, easily accommodating the head neck and shoulders in its original clipper-built ergonomic design. The top of the backrest has an attached head support that is cleverly designed to provide maximum protection to the head and neck despite the skimpy built. A lumbar support is attached as well. It has a sturdy curved design that targets the small of the lower back to reinforce the upper body during labor-intensive hours.

The fabric covered seat is 19.7 inches deep and 19.3 inches wide. Though not suited for larger users, the seat is roomy enough for the average worker who stands less than 6 feet tall. The aptly padded seat is 3.5 inches thick and has a fluid waterfall edge that keeps tension off the lower extremities.


The seat height is adjustable from 18.9 inches up to 22. 8 inches using a gas lift lever attached under the seat. This feature ensures that the office chair’s dimensions are suitable to the user’s frame and keeps the spine and limbs properly aligned.

The back rest can also be adjusted to provide better height dimensions and adjust the support for the lower back or lumbar region. In addition, the back has an easy tilt mechanism that adjusts to any angle so that the user can sit back while resting or reading. There is also a tilt tension knob tucked under the seat that controls how easily the backrest can rock back and forth for the rocking motion mechanism.


This high-back office chair attempts to provide overall comfort with its complete back support, ergonomic seat design, adjustable backrests and lightweight fabric upholstery. In addition, the backrest is a compromise between a more solid leather back and a highly durable and comfortable mesh backrest.

The backrest is made primarily of double layered mesh stuffed with high quality sponge material. The greater region of the backrest is light and extremely breathable, which like the previous mesh back chair is valuable for workspaces that lack air-conditioning and proper ventilation.


The high-back chair sits atop a sturdy chrome base that sports a 5-star metal footing with smooth-rolling casters. While keeping compact, the base has a stable and mobile built, easy to maneuver around the workspace towards any direction.

The seat also has a 360-degree swivel mechanism that helps busy office workers switch seamlessly from one set of tasks to another around the workspace.


  • Slim profile, elegant design
  • With attached headrest and lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat height and tilt
  • With adjustable rocking mechanism
  • 360-degree swivel feature


  • Has maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs


Another name that has an excellent record in the mesh back department is Flash Furniture, designer and maker of contemporary ready-to-use home and office furnishings. The brand’s High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair with Flip-up Arms and Chrome-Nylon Designer Base is one of the flashier high-back mesh back office chairs out their. And for good reasons.


The mesh backrest reaches up beyond the shoulders and has an attached headrest to support the head and neck. The area for the lower back is reinforced with sturdy PU lumbar support. The backrest and headrest are sharply curved and taut to provide maximum back and upper body support.

The seat has ample padding and curvature to support the upper body in a healthy upright position. For workers who spend so much time sitting down, keeping this healthy posture is essential for a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Many health issues have been connected to unhealthy sitting positions and unhealthy working habits, such as heart and respiratory problems.


To better support the upper body, the high-back also sports a pair of flip-up armrests that provide support to the arms during rest. Since they have a flip-up capability, they can stay conveniently out of the way during work hours without needing to get detached every time you want the freedom from an armless office chair.

The seat height is adjustable using an easy control lever, to make sure that the seat height is just right for the user’s leg height and desk height. The same control level can be pulled lose to adjust the height of the headrest for total body comfort and support.


The backrest also has a tilt mechanism that lets you recline with ease and comfort during break times or phone conversations. The tilt lock mechanism lets the backrest stay in your desired angle when you need a good nap in between demanding tasks, and also lets you have a soothing rocking motion for when you just need time to think things through or converse with a friend or colleague.

The high-back design of the backrest eases the tension from the lower back and distributes the weight to the whole upper body and lower extremities. That way, the tolls of a physically demanding sedentary lifestyle are minimized, especially in terms of chronic back pains and spinal injuries.


The comfortable waterfall seat design ensures that the legs are protected from undue stress and good blood circulation is maintained in the lower extremities. This is also important to keep your body healthy when you are sitting in front of your desk daily for many hours on end.

The mesh material provides additional ventilation to the back. This helps you feel refreshed all day and have the physical and mental fortitude to last the long working hours.


  • Mesh backrest with curved complete back support
  • Sturdy lumbar support and adjustable headrest
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat with 360-degree swivel function
  • Breathable mesh backrest and fabric seat upholstery
  • Sturdy chrome base with 5-star casters


  • 250 lbs weight limit not suitable for taller and bigger users


Fine Mod Imports’ Ox High Back Office Chair is a solid testament that stylish minimalism and all-day overall comfort can blend together harmoniously in one modern office chair.


The Ox high back office chair has a slim light brown leatherette upholstery that covers its waterfall seat and towering high backrest. The backrest stands elegantly between 48 inches to 51.5 inches high from the floor, with a unique headrest coiled stylishly on the top edge of the backrest.  The ribbed leatherette traces the curved backrest frame that slopes and curves to provide ample support for the lumbar region.

The leatherette-padded seat is hemmed in by a pair of geometric armrests that has an L-brace sloping gently in a natural curve to help ease away stress and tension in the arms from long hours of working on the computer of going through piles of paper work.

The waterfall design of the seat also provides additional comfort to keep the legs properly aligned to the spinal column and the blood flow even and normal throughout the body.


Configuring your Ox chair to suit your working lifestyle is easy enough with barrage of control levers and knobs placed strategically underneath the seat.

The backrest has a recline feature that is secured with a tilt-lock mechanism so that you can rest your back comfortably during lull moments. The seat also has a tilt tension control that allows you to rock back and forth in your seat at a comfortable rate. The rocking mechanism is a valuable feature for keeping your back in motion during long bouts of stationary position in the workspace.

In addition, the Ox seat has a convenient 360-degree swivel mechanism that enables you to move around freely to complete your tasks at hand. If you have to move around in the office or room farther away from your desk, the 5-caster stainless steel base glides you over smoothly to whichever direction and save your precious time and energy.


The ribbed leatherette seat is relaxing enough to sit on for hours on end, though it is still advisable that you get up and get your muscles stretched every couple of hours or so.

For those times when you need to relax a little but could not let up on the work load, the tall backrest and well-placed armrests help to ease the stress from tensed parts of your body and regain some balance. You can also tilt back the chair in your preferred reclining position to let you get the respite and pause that you need without losing too much pace on your work,
Other than the required support and efficient functionality, Fine Mod Imports’ Ox High Back Office Chair provides long-lasting comfort and style. It is one winning addition to the chic workspace of the modern and stylish professional, young executive or entrepreneur.


  • Stylish and durable leatherette and stainless steel frame
  • Spacious high back with attached headrest
  • Adjustable seat height and backrest height
  • Recline function with tilt-lock function
  • Rocking motion with tension control
  • Detachable stainless metal armrests


  • Headrest not adjustable
  • Armrests not padded
  • Low maximum weight capacity at 280 lbs


Comfort Product’s Highback Soft-Touch Leather Executive Chair is a contemporary high-back office chair that sports the trustworthy functionality of a classic executive chair put together in technologically-advanced processes.


Like other Comfort Products, this high-back chair provides essential support and protection for the whole back and other crucial organs of the body. The black leather upholstered backrest reaches above the neck and shoulders in a comfortably waterfall edge, providing reinforcement for the upper back.

The backrest sports thick paddings that support the curves of the back, concentrated mainly on the lumbar area or lower back, which is the crucial point that bears most of the upper body’s weight and pressure during long working days.


This Comfort Product executive chair is a valuable addition if you would like to create a highly ergonomic workspace. The seat height, as a basic requirement, is easily adjustable with a pneumatic lever control to help you stay focused and upright in your chair – feet flat on the floor and arms perpendicular to the desk surface.

The backrest can also tilt to any angle to accommodate short resting periods and downtime de-stressing modes. You can choose a full-recline, an upright position or any angle in between for your backrest, depending on what suits your needs at the moment.


The elegant twin cushion design provides long lasting comfort for the user, an invaluable feature that you should look for in an office chair if you will be using it constantly on a daily basis.  In addition to its highly ergonomic backrest and comfortable seat design, the chair’s excellent mobility functions such as a 360-degree swivel seat and smooth-rolling nylon casters also ease the workload tremendously so you can keep going in a fast pace everyday.

Just like the essential adjustable seat height, Comfort Products takes comfort a step further with a pair of leather padded armrests with adjustable seat height. This feature ensures that the user does not have to lean forward to rest tired arm muscles, keeping both the spine and upper body rested and protected from undue strains.

The extra soft bonded leather is comforting to the touch, making long stays more pleasurable for an otherwise burned-out worker. The luxurious black upholstery and matte black frame create a classic look that matches any modern or traditional office or home design.


  • classic all-black design and bonded leather upholstery
  • wide backrest and comfortable twin-cushion waterfall seat
  • strong upper back and lumbar support
  • padded armrests with adjustable height
  • with recline mechanism and tilt control
  • with adjustable rocking mechanism
  • stable PU base with smooth-gliding nylon casters


  • no separate headrest
  • backrest height not adjustable


If you are a frequent shopper for home and office furnishings, you have already noticed that the trend for office chairs is shifting dramatically from the traditional heavy leather seats to more compact mesh chairs. This trend is apparent when it comes to the best-value high-back chairs.

The Ergonomic Adjustable Mesh High-Back Office Task Chair with PU Headrest and Arms by IDS is an excellent prototype of this new wave of modern high-back chair.


The high-back mesh chair is designed to provide support where support is needed most. The user can rely on the chair’s expertly contoured backrest to provide extra care for the lumbar region and middle back. The breathable mesh backrest is topped with PU leather headrest that provides soft and firm support for the head and neck area.


The chair sports different adjustable features that helps maximize your productivity and minimize the physical strains of long working hours. The seat and backrest have independent control mechanisms that allow the user to easily configure the tilt and height for more personalized dimensions.

In addition, the seat has a swivel feature and mobile 5-star caster base that efficiently reduce the physical strain of movement in and around the workspace.


The slim sponge seat is sufficiently padded for long-lasting comfort, with a pair of durable armrests that are firm but somewhat flexible to support the arms without becoming stifling or restrictive to the user.

The wide back rest is upholstered primarily in breathable mesh that provides the back with sufficient ventilation as well as reliable support. the overall flow of the chair helps keep the body at ease and properly aligned, making it perfect for people who need to spend most of the day working on their computers and desks.


A word that aptly sums up this office chair is sleek. It is a word that describes not only this chair but the design core concepts of the new generation of professionals. The chair’s compact build is not only functionally brilliant, it is also a gem for modern office designs that value clean and sophisticated simplicity over the overstuffed and heavy office furnishings of a fading corporate era.


  • sleek and elegant modern build
  • contoured backrest with lumbar support and head support
  • breathable mesh backrest provides extra ventilation for the back
  • long-lasting comfort
  • adjustable recline mechanism and tilt


  • Headrest not adjustable
  • Armrests not adjustable
  • Seat height not adjustable


The New Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Task Chair Computer Desk Seat 025 by Office Chair is essentially a more stoic version of IG’s more elegant Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair.


Just like the previous mesh high-back, this office chair by the popular furnishing label Best Office also provides total back support with its mesh-covered backrest with built-in lumbar support and PU headrest. The back’s natural contours are configured well into the backrest design to provide a naturally comfortable support for the whole upper body.

The adjustable seat also sports a 19-inch wide sponge-covered contoured cushion that offers long-lasting sitting comfort, complete with a pair of armrests that are securely attached to the base of the seat and backrest.


Just like the IG mesh back, this Best Office high-back chair also sports a set of adjustable features that maintains a delicate balance between long-lasting comfort and high functionality.

The backrest has a spring-controlled tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of your backrest for a more comfortable sitting position, a feature which you can easily change during the course of your working day to complement the flow of your activities.

The seat height is of course adjustable, so is the degree to which the chair rolls in a rocking motion, so that the chair moves naturally with your body’s movement, creating freedom without losing precious body support.


The mesh back creates an excellent cooling feature that keeps the back comfortable even after long hours on the chair – don’t forget to stretch every once in a while though, as this is important for keeping spinal injuries and muscle cramps at bay.

In addition, the chair is extremely light and easy to navigate around your desk and towards any direction within the room, so multitasking need not be as heavy as when you are seated in a stationary desk chair.

The high back chair offers the essential elements of a functional office chair without compromising material quality and sophistication. The black PU and mesh design makes it blend well with any modern office or home work area.  What gives it greater value-for-money is its compact, lightweight and highly mobile build paired with trustworthy, full-body support. BestOffice did an excellent job at meshing the best of both productive task-chairs and comfortable high-backs for people who lead dynamic and physically demanding working styles.


  • Compact, lightweight and highly mobile
  • High-backrest provides ample support for upper back and lumbar area
  • Adjustable tilt and seat height
  • Breathable mesh material keeps back cool during long work hours


  • No attached headrest
  • Armrests not adjustable
  • Low maximum weight capacity at 250 lbs

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