Top 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2022

We invest a lot of time trying to find out which computer has the best features, design, aesthetics, and Top 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2020performance. What we ignore is what is more critical in its operation. Monitor stand Risers have a huge contribution in the way one operates the machine by adjusting it according to his comfort. Achieving an ideal stationary position for your computer/laptop is a an accomplishment and brings stability to your little setup. Monitor stand risers not only save you a lot of time spent in recurringly positioning but also the irritation and backache that come with it. This article is a guide to help you make the best choice among the latest and trendiest of monitor stand risers. We have also written a complete guide about best desk lamps.

What is a Monitor Stand Riser?

Monitor stands are devices on which your monitor sits. It is meant to provide stability to your computer but comes with so many additional benefits. It minimizes the strain on neck and shoulder. Home or office, monitor stands provide a great setup option. Dual-monitor stands, and monitor risers are available in the market to help you create space in your home or office while offering good ergonomic positioning by promoting proper posture and create an efficient eye-level view of your monitor screen.

Key Features and Benefits of Monitor Stand Risers

Continuously being on your monitor has created a lot of health and lifestyle problems as it can get quite stressful forTop 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2018 you to work or game for hours at a stretch keeping your neck and back in an uncomfortable position. The best way to no longer hunch over to your monitor for hours is to simply buy a monitor stand riser to provide you a better surface. It can slide up and down for adjustability, provide better ergonomy and give you an indulgent experience working or gaming.

  • Easy to Use with Simple Designs

The simple solid designs the monitor stand risers come with are usually sturdy and robust. They are perfectly angled for convenient usage. Monitor stand risers help elevate your screen for a good view and most of them come with an adjustable base. The stands are meant easy to swivel up and down at a suitable angle as you work.

  • Higher Productivity

Working in the middle of the afternoon could be dull and sometimes annoying too. Monitor stand risers are the perfect desk you need to shed that evening or midnight blues as you do not have to wake up to struggle with the positioning of your monitor or earn yourselves a backache. Being able to adjust your setup according to your comfort encourages you to be enthusiastic and more productive.

  • Bid Goodbye to Backaches

Our bodies are exposed to various health challenges when we work or game for hours sitting in one uncomfortable position. The most common problem that has come to light with the users is vein thrombosis. Bending over your monitor or slouching imparts strain on your neck, shoulder, and back. Good spine alignment is crucial while working on your desktop and the more it is said, the less it is. Having portable monitor stand risers that adjust according to your convenience not only lures you into more working and helps relieve your ache, but also help you achieve good posture which we are discussing in detail in the next point.

  • Achieve Good Posture

As you swivel your monitor stand risers at a comfortable angle, you make working consistently with low tension onTop 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2018 your back and neck. Regular working on a monitor stand riser that can be adjusted to a suitable height will not only improve your overall posture but will also make you feel fresher and a lot less fatigued than working without it.

  • Create More Functional Space

Keeping your workplace tidy is imperative to most of us. Monitor stand risers that come with a variety of storage options will help your little setup look more organized.  The monitor stand risers that have ample space on the surface to fit other essentials like stationery or other monitor components will accommodate enough to keep things like notepad, pen, etc. handy. Risers add Verticle space to slide a keyboard underneath. The compact designs monitor stands come in have dedicated space to store pens, trays, etc., to make your workplace appear a lot less congested.

  • Durable

Monitor risers are built sturdy and generously to hold a lot of cargo. It is wisely, spaciously sized. The risers get their heavy-duty design from the plastic and steel make which are sturdy materials enough to stand up to use on a daily basis and thereby against the daily wear and tear in a fast-paced environment.

Choosing the Right Monitor Stand Riser

There are dual-monitor stands, adjustable, and non-adjustable monitor stands available in the market. Innovative designs that the companies introduce every year helps monitor stands evolve for better functioning and durability. In the universe of stand risers, it is crucial to know extra cookie points one stand riser as against the other for multi-functionality, comfort, and purpose. Here are a few essential points to keep before getting your monitor its favorite companion.

  • Features:

The most important feature to a gamer will be graphics whereas for a minimal user it will be the design andTop 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2018 aesthetics. Therefore, it is important to assess the purpose. The monitor stands come in models that can be carried while traveling. There are foldable, non-foldable, flip ones, as well as cushions to protect your device. Some stands come with drawers for better accommodation or other things like hard-drives, flash drives, chargers, charging points, etc. Some monitor risers come with cooling fans to ensure you and your device “chill” with each other better. Therefore, it is of paramount concern to evaluate your usage and purpose which is explained in the next point.

  • Purpose:

Usage of laptops and monitors differ from person to person. There is a plethora or purposes these devices could come of use for. For someone who works from home with no fixed workplace or a traveler would want to work from various places like bed, dining, lawn, travel van, etc. A foldable stand riser will be ideal for users like this as opposed to fixed workplace ones who can do great even without the folding aspect of stands.

  • Material:

Monitor stand made of plastic and wood are both sturdy. However, the plastic ones have a mixed composition to make it rigid whereas the wooden stands are aesthetically prime. Some monitor stands have adjustable risers. Regardless of the material, the stands should be able to carry the weight of your laptop or computer and should be worthy enough to stand against the daily wear and tear. Therefore, one should look for the device that has superior durability; the quality of which should not be compromised at all.

  • Ergonomics:

Some product’s aesthetics are not consistent with the good usage. They look appealing to the eye but are useless. Your posture should never be compromised with, therefore, to achieve good spine-alignment you will need a product that can handle multiple positioning and adjust to suit your posture and eye level. Go for the stand risers that will be compatible with your comfort as well as your workplace.

Top 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2022 – Chart


Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Songmics Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser 100% bamboo, eco-friendly and renewable $$ 4.8
2. Monoprice Aluminum Monitor Riser, Multimedia Stand Raises display monitors 2.5″ $$ 4.7
3. Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser with Storage Organizer 2-year-warranty plus lifetime warranty $$ 4.6
4. Halter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand and Riser Non-skid rubber feet keep $$ 4.5
5. Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand, TV and Laptop Riser

up to 35 lbs on the 15”W x 10”D platform

$$ 4.5
6. 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand raises monitor from 1-Inch to 5 7/8-Inch $$ 4.4
7.  Halter LZ-309 Vented Metal Monitor Stand Dimensions 12.2 x 15.3 x 5.2 in $$ 4.3
8. Fitueyes Clear Monitor Riser

adjustable height 0-12mm

$$ 4.2
9. Mind Reader ‘ Perch’ Monitor Stand And Desk Organizer 10 different compartments $$ 4.1
10. Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser

Supports monitors up to 21″ or 40 lbs

$$ 4.0

1. Songmics Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser

Most tables are not made to elevate laptops or monitors to a comfortable viewing position – resulting in terribleSongmics Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser posture and aching pains as we hunch over them for hours on end. A monitor stand riser can help, by raising the devices to eye level, thus reducing strain on the eyes and neck.

Enter the Songmics, a versatile monitor stand riser that doubles as a storage organiser. Beautifully made with an expensive-looking appearance, the two-tiered stand has numerous compartments to meet all your storage needs, be it for stationery, office supplies, cables or other loose items. The top surface has niches for pens and a smartphone, while the hollow space underneath can be used for a keyboard. As the back of the stand is open, it allows users to run wires through it to connect to plugs or power sources.

With dimensions measuring 62.6 x 27.9 x 16cm, the Songmics offers plenty of space to place larger laptops and displays. Weighing in at 9.4lbs, the stand feels sturdy but is lightweight enough to move easily.

Material & Durability

Made of 100% bamboo, the Songmics boasts a strong frame that is able to bear heavy loads of up to 80lbs. As such, it can even be used to support heavier devices such as printers or an iMac. Besides its toughness and durability, the material is also eco-friendly and renewable, whilst adding elegance to any home decor. Assembly is convenient with only a few screws needed to fit the pieces together.

Additional Features

The Songmic is a nifty organiser with lots of space for various items. Aside from the spacious lower shelf which can be used to store keyboards, cooling fans, books and folders, the stand also comes with adjustable side compartments, equipped with six slots and three separating boards to make the partitions bigger or smaller.


  • Plenty of compartments for storage
  • Sturdy build
  • Elegant look
  • Supports heavy loads
  • Convenient slots for keyboard, books, folders


We couldn’t find any major cons with the Songmic, other than the fact that the inside of the compartments being difficult to reach and clean.

2. Monoprice Aluminum Monitor Riser, Multimedia Stand

The Monoprice scores points in aesthetics, with a clear glass top attached to four metallic legs that goes well withMonoprice Aluminum Monitor Riser, Multimedia Stand silver or white monitors. By default, the stand effectively raises screens to a more comfortable level of 2.5 inches, helping to reduce eye and neck strain. Its long rectangular shape has a 19.5 x 8.5-inch surface area, able to accommodate most laptops and monitors. If you don’t mind the sides jutting out, the stand can also support larger TVs and screens.

For those who intend to store a DVD player or console under the stand, note that the height of your device should be no more than 3.5 inches tall, which is the maximum clearance underneath the stand with legs fully extended. From leg to leg, the stand measures 24 inches, with six inches of space from front to back, making it useful to store keyboards, mouse and other computer accessories.

Material & Durability

Despite its light weight of 4.35 lbs, the table is fairly sturdy and able to support up to 44lbs. The top is a clear tempered glass, while the legs are made of sand-blasted aluminium for a premium look and feel. Although the legs are hollow, they are thick walled and solidly constructed. However, since there are no grippers underneath the feet, they may leave marks on tabletops if the stand is accidentally dragged across the surface. There also seems to be an issue with quality control, as many users have reported uneven legs.

Additional features

By default, the stand rises 2.5 inches but the legs are extendable by up to 3.5 inches. This makes it versatile for different applications: aside from using it as a stand for monitors and laptops, users can also mount PC towers on it to keep it from the floor.


  • Accommodates most laptops and monitors
  • Elevates screens to comfortable eye level
  • Strong tempered glass top
  • Lots of space underneath


  • Quality control needs to be improved, uneven legs on some units
  • Lack of cushion on legs may leave scratches and marks on tabletops

3. Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser with Storage Organizer

If you’re looking for an elegant two-in-one stand riser and organiser, Tribesigns ticks all the boxes. Its ergonomicTribesigns Monitor Stand Riser with Storage Organizer height elevates the monitor to a comfortable viewing position that helps to improve posture while relieving neck and back pain. The stand measures 22 inches long by 9 inches wide, so there’s plenty of space for laptops and monitors, even with all the cubbies on the surface. There are two slots on the left designed to hold smartphones, with a cup holder on the right and grooves in the middle to hold pens and stationery.

The stand also doubles as an organiser, with three 7-inch-wide compartments that include two pull-out drawers – convenient for placing small items such as keys and wallets. An additional two-inches of space underneath is just right for a keyboard or mouse. Also included is a hole on the top right to allow users to conveniently run their cables and wires through.

Material & Durability

The stand is made from bamboo, which has a classy wood-like appearance that looks premium and expensive. Aside from being eco-friendly and durable, bamboo is also slightly pliable, so it does not break easily and can easily support up to 80lbs of weight. The legs are stable and sturdy, while the rounded edges of the stand’s top are a nice touch for added safety against bumps and knocks. The only complaint would be the drawers, which are not flush and may rattle when pulled in and out constantly.

Additional Features

The stand comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Elegant design
  • Large space
  • Compartments for easy storage
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Supports 80lbs of weight
  • Rounded edges
  • Grommet for cables


  • Drawers not flush

4. Halter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand and Riser

A versatile addition to any home or office, the Halter Mesh metal monitor stand and riser can be used as forHalter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand and Riser monitors, computers, laptops and even printers, whilst also acting as a desk shelf and organiser. The stand helps to elevate screen positions to eye level, ensuring that you will not be hunched over while staring at your device. The universal platform design, which measures 11.75 inches front to back and 20 inches leg to leg fits any monitor of up to 24 inches. Shaped like a bench, the stand has pleasing curves and a sleek, professional-looking black frame. Its two side compartments are perfect for storing office supplies such as scissors, staplers, glue sticks and more. There is a large pull-out mesh drawer to keep papers and folders, with enough space beneath to place a keyboard and mouse.

Material & Durability

The stand is made of metal but is considerably lightweight at 7.5lbs. The mesh design is good for breathability and makes cleaning easy, but the surface is thin and may bounce when you press hard on the top. No weight limit is specified but it should hold up to most laptops and monitors with ease. A nice addition is the non-skid rubber feet to prevent the stand from moving out of place. Another bonus point is that no assembly is required and it can be used straight out of the box.

Additional Features

The pull-out tray can be removed entirely but not the mesh that holds it in place.


  • Versatile
  • Side compartments for extra storage
  • Non skid rubber feet protects desk tops and provides stable grip
  • No assembly required
  • Pull-out tray for papers and folders


  • Thin surface, may bounce

5. Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand, TV and Laptop Riser

Developed in the USA at the company’s research facility, the Ergo 3 has been designed to accommodate the mostAllsop Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand, TV and Laptop Riser desirable height levels and ideal angles for TV and monitor viewing.

Affordable but stylish, it is a solid choice for those who lack space, since the stand’s surface area measures a mere 15 by 10 inches. Its compact size makes it more suitable for laptops, as well as small to medium-sized TVs and monitors. Perforated holes on the surface encourages passive airflow, preventing devices from overheating. Although it lacks drawers, there is a lot of room underneath to store keyboards, laptops, DVD players, consoles and other bits and bobs, with dimensions measuring 16.5 inches from leg to leg and 8.5 inches between the front and back.

Material & Durability

As mentioned, the stand is more suited to small to medium monitors and laptops. While it feels relatively sturdy, the maximum weight it can hold is 35lbs, which is a lot lesser than some of the other models on this list. Used within its proper specifications, the stand should last well thanks to its durable powder-coated finish. The non-skid pads attached to each leg help to reduce movement on smooth desks and tables.

Additional Features

The Ergo 3 has three height adjustments, allowing users to raise their monitors to a preferred level of 6, 7 or 8 inches, via the stand’s telescoping legs. Individual feet can also be micro-adjusted to eliminate wobble or to cater to uneven surfaces. That being said, there seems to be a problem with quality control, with users reporting one or more defective legs.


  • Sleek, simple look
  • Perforated design encourages air flow
  • Three adjustable levels
  • Micro-adjustment for individual legs
  • A lot of room underneath
  • Non-skid


  • Compact, more suitable for lighter and smaller devices
  • Height adjustment issues with some units
  • No compartments

6. 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

Maximise your productivity at work with the 3M adjustable monitor stand, a handy unit that helps elevate monitors3M Adjustable Monitor Stand and laptops to an ergonomically correct height while making the most out of your desk space.The surface area measures 15 x 12 inches, but since it only has 11 inches of clearance lengthwise underneath,  it is perhaps not suited to those who intend to use it as an entertainment unit, as it will not be able to fit wider consoles or DVD players. The space is sufficient for office supplies, papers, small notebooks and such. Design wise, there’s no denying that the stand looks somewhat basic and plasticky, with a grey top and silver legs.

Material & Durability  

Despite its small size, the 3M is quite sturdy and is able to hold up to 80lbs of weight. Although the top is made of plastic, which many consider to be ‘cheap’ material, it is reinforced with a circular ribbing underneath to better support heavy loads. The bottom of the legs are non-skid and helps to keep your devices secure while you’re at work.

Additional Features

The 3M features stackable legs which function like Lego blocks, allowing users to ‘stack’ the pieces from as low as 1 inch to as high as 6 inches in three increments, depending on preference. The only downside to this is that the heights are set and not adjustable to the minute.


  • Supports heavy weight
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-skid legs


  • Basic, plasticky appearance
  • Not much clearance underneath
  • No micro adjustments, heights are set

7. Halter LZ-309 Vented Metal Monitor Stand

The LZ-309 is an inexpensive stand that offers plenty of bang for your buck. Its ergonomic and contemporary designHalter LZ-309 Vented Metal Monitor Stand is perfect as a monitor or laptop riser, printer or computer stand, and can even serve as a desk shelf. Perforated holes on the surface provide good air circulation to keep devices at optimal functionality. Instead of the traditional four-legged design, the LZ-209 has a sled-like base that allows for a keyboard or console to be mounted on top to maximise space. At 14.88 x 11.33 inches, the surface area is not too large and should fit most flat panel monitors and laptops. The stand’s height rises to 4.21, which is ideal for eye level viewing. Its smooth edges, sleek black colour and excellent finish is a stylish complement to any decor.

Material & Durability

The LZ-309 is solidly constructed, with a metal body that should hold up to 30lbs of weight with ease. Meanwhile, non-skid rubber feet keep the stand stable and protect the table’s surface from scratches and dents. The stand can be used straight out of the box with no assembly required. The only complaint would be with its painted finish, which can be rough in places.

Additional Features

Since the stand comes with a sled-like base, there are minimal problems with wobble or uneven legs. There are no other additional features.


  • Raises devices to ergonomic eye level
  • Sled-shaped base to place keyboard
  • Stable
  • Perforated holes for better airflow
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Non adjustable height
  • Rough paint finish

8. Fitueyes Clear Monitor Riser

Glass top furniture usually make for classy additions to a home or work space, and the Fitueyes is no exception. ItFitueyes Clear Monitor Riser elevates screens by 4.6 inches for a more comfortable viewing height, and is one of the larger risers on this list with a total surface area of 23.6 by 11 inches. The open shelf design is convenient since wires and cables can be connected to plugs from the back. Say goodbye to clutter as there is plenty of storage space under the Fitueyes, with a clearance of 19.8 inches leg to leg – enough even for the largest keyboards, laptops and consoles. Since the top is made of glass, any items stored underneath can also be seen easily.  For safety, the sides are polished to a slightly rounded edge.

Material & durability

The top consists of 6mm-thick tempered glass, which is several times sturdier than regular glass and can accommodate up to 33lbs of weight. Aside from its resistance towards bending and impact, tempered glass is also safer as it breaks into small granular chunks rather than sharp jagged pieces. The surface is supported by high strength aluminium tube feet with non-slip nickel-plated feet to further improve stability and prevent skid marks. The nature of glass is that it attracts fingerprints and dust, so a wipe down might be needed to keep the stand looking spick and span.

Additional Features

The stand offers a very slight adjustment of 12mm, which in most cases is not enough to make a significant difference.


  • Glass top looks elegant and expensive
  • Tempered glass
  • Polished edges
  • Huge space for storage
  • Open design
  • Large


  • Glass surface attracts dust and fingerprints
  • Adjustment too minor to make difference

9. Mind Reader ‘ Perch’ Monitor Stand And Desk Organizer

The Perch is more like a desk organiser that doubles as a stand instead of the other way around, but is still a decent Mind Reader ‘ Perch’ Monitor Stand And Desk Organizeroption if you have limited space. The compact unit measures 13.46 x 12.87 inches, so it has just enough space for a small monitor or laptop to fit on its surface. The stand rises up by 2.72 inches for added viewing comfort, but comes with additional legs that can be attached and detached at will for an extra 2 inches. There are three drawers with 10 different compartments to organise your desk accessories, but these are small and are best suited to store office supplies such as pens, Stick-It notes or loose change. It comes in a modern colour scheme with black, white or silver options to choose from.

Material & Durability

You get what you pay for, so one should have realistic expectations of the Perch’s build quality. Information on the stand’s true capacity is lacking, but it looks able to hold at least 20lbs of weight. Flimsy construction aside, the drawers surprised us, as it could still be pulled in and out easily even with the weight of the monitor on top.

Additional Features

The stand comes with detachable legs to further elevate it by two inches, but these are unstable and if moved slightly might fall off and cause the whole stand to tilt. We felt that the stand was better used laid flat on the desk.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes with organiser


  • Rather flimsy
  • Legs are unstable
  • Compartments too small

10. Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser

Basic but functional, the Fellowes sports a utilitarian, no-frills design that helps to create a conducive workFellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser environment by elevating screens to a comfortable viewing height. The open back allows for cords to be fed through, while a pull-out storage tray allows users to organise their essentials – although the depth is rather shallow and best suited to small office supplies such as pens and paper clips. It opens up at a slightly tilted angle for convenient retrieval.

Meanwhile, the top measures 9 x 16 x 4 inches and can support monitors of up to 21 inches or 40 lbs. Leg to leg, the stand offers 14 inches of clearance for users to stow small items, but it might be difficult to fit a keyboard in. To give you an idea of the size, a PS4 console will sit flush underneath. The stand’s black colour is inconspicuous and easy to match with any kind of decor.

Material & Durability

The stand is made of hard plastic with a smooth matte finish. It should hold average weight loads. We liked the fact that the stand had non-skid rubber feet to protect work surfaces from scratches or scuffs. The drawer, however, is a different matter, as it was difficult to open and close smoothly.

Additional Features

The stand comes with buttons on its legs, allowing users to adjust the height from 4.25 inches at its lowest, 5 inches at the middle setting and 5.75 inches high at its peak. The depth of the drawers is such that it offers little clearance underneath, so you might want to remove the tray altogether if you prefer more space.


  • Adjustable height
  • Open back for cords and cables
  • Storage tray
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Holds up to 40 lbs


  • Drawers poorly built
  • Small clearance underneath
  • Shallow storage tray