Top 15 Best standing desks in 2022 – Complete Guide

For most professionals who work in an office doing the typical 9 to 5 job, sitting in a cubicle all day tends toTop 15 Best standing desks in 2020 - Complete Guide be the rule. This daily work habit might seem customary, but body disagrees. Health research signifies that sitting is detrimental to your health, that is why standing desks are swiftly becoming the de facto gadget of choice for anybody desiring to assuage health risks, lessen obesity, and perk up posture.

If you’re looking for a free-standing height-adjustable model or a simple lofty riser, a smart desk reminding you when to stand or an intricate sit-stand-recline desk positioning you as an astronaut, your choices are infinite. While it’s easy to find budget-breaking, several-thousand-dollar standing desks, but there are numerous fashionable, striking, height-adjustable free-standing models that cost you little.

With an explosive expansion in the standing-desk industry, it might be a daunting task to figure out which standing desk is right for you. The following rundown of 15 best standing desks available currently helps you select which standing desks work best for you and helps you sort through the obtainable choices. We have also written a complete guide about best gaming desks.

Types Of Standing Desks

When it comes to standing at work, you have several options. You can have real standing desks, plain elevatedTop 15 Best standing desks in 2018 - Complete Guide surfaces, designer desks, or expensive and cool astronaut workstations. Just be sure what to look for in each of these kinds of desks.

Adjustable-Height Free-Standing Desks: Functionally, these are unbeatable. They alter your work surface height swiftly and effortlessly, keeping all your gear, mouse, phone, keyboard, monitor, office materials, and knick-knacks at the same place. These are available in various styles, makes, shades, and configurations (rectangular, curvy, L-shaped). They are height-adjusted with electric motors, but some models utilize gas lifts/counterbalance mechanisms.

Adjustable-Height Desktop Add-On: These are the stylish, superior solution if you’re going on with your usual sit-down desk. These desktop standing extensions rest directly on your present desktop or linger above it by a swing-arm mechanism. Some models offer good ergonomics, optimizing keyboard and monitor placement. They get you standing contentedly at work without harming your budget roughly.

Fixed-Height Desktop Risers: These are fundamentally super-affordable lofty platforms set down on an existing desk to elevate monitor, laptop, keyboard. Several add-ons fold up for easy portability for mobile lifestyle. These risers require you to adjust their leg locks/wingnuts or to glide the surfaces into diverse mounting slots.

Fixed-Height Standing Desks: Not superb ergonomically, but they can be affordable than all electrically height-adjustable desk. Matched with a usual sit-down desk, they offer a low-profile sit-stand framework. Many are custom-made by top-end woodworking shops, and are attractive standing options, for warehouses and non-office settings too. They need tightening/loosening wing nuts, sliding slats in grooves, or manually adjust the desk’s height. They are officially height-adjustable.

Sit-Stand-Recline Desks: They function like the zero-gravity workstation and let you sit, sit-stand-recline, or just recline like an astronaut. Their value and footprint make them a top-notch product. If you have an orthopedic condition like harsh back pain/chronic neck pain, they are a good solution to keep you active while recovering.

We have also written a complete guide about best anti fatigue mats.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Standing Desks?

Standing desks you can purchase transform your home, office, and offer you lasting health benefits and other keyTop 15 Best standing desks in 2018 - Complete Guide advantages. Here’s a quick rundown.

Work Productivity: Energy is needed during work and standing maintains the blood circulation and keeps mind active. When you are sitting and quite sedentary, you might feel sleepy, lethargic. Consequently, productivity falters, standing makes you productive and lets you achieve extra work than anticipated. Additionally, owing to the acquired extra energy, standing enables you to grab any task or push off any hazard at a quick pace.

Manifold Health Benefits: Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of death globally. You sit while driving, watching TV, eating, or working at an office. A recent study confirmed that about 10 heartbeats per minute owing to using a standing desk burns an extra 50 calories/hour. Prolonged and never-ending sedentary lifestyle causes a sluggish metabolism rate with a larger metabolic risk associated with Type 2 diabetes, cardiac disease, even chronic back pain, muscular cramps and numbing. Standing desks help maintain good posture and core power. It will lessen the back and tailbone pain from sitting all day.

Eliminates Unnecessary Delays At Work: While sitting for long isn’t recommended, so health practitioners advise to stand or walk for a while to let blood circulate. However, this can take up much time from the work, causing extra delays and overtime troubles. The best solution is to buy a standing desk so you could stretch and work while standing.

Fits With Modern Decor: incredibly well-built and amazingly elegant adjustable standing desks look like excellent pieces of office fixture, together with add-on accessories like wheels, grommets, strong cable management, and more. They fit nicely with any top-end decor and help organize the cables on the working desk to prevent any accidents.

Versatility: Gamers, active and athletic people, financial traders, artists, architects prefer minimalistic and super-cool standing desk design, as they need less clutter and complications, some room and light to shine directly on their desk at precise angles, and the ability to work in a digital world.

Key features of high quality standing desks

Standing desks work! After satisfying a baseline of quality, smooth transition, construction, steadiness, andTop 15 Best standing desks in 2018 - Complete Guide functionality, it’s about aesthetics too. Despite their brand reputation, function, and form factor, inspect the features that make these standing desks a must-buy.

Material & Construction

To locate the perfect standing desk to accommodate your needs, it’s vital to consider a query before committing to buying. How much space do you need to work with? Standing desks come in all sizes, weights, and desktop configurations to find a good fit. The materials used are top-notch and the class is assured, yet you need to select your favorite materials. Solid bamboo tabletop, recycled light aluminum frame, or steel frame are the typical materials.

Desks have a strong, reliable frame with huge motors; a vast height range to accommodate tall users, a controller with different height presets, and an array of practical, unassuming accessories. The motors are totally hidden inside the legs, and are quiet. The control panel is sleek and modern.

Desks consist of a keyboard/laptop platform sliding up/down, with a monitor mount. The platform and monitor move mutually using a pneumatic elevation structure, and keyboard platform contain a stabilizing leg so it won’t wobble. Superior cable management preferences, like cutouts or cable trays are vital, along with the capacity to attach accessories like keyboard tray and power strip.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Safe and easy-to-adjust, this must be vital traits of a standing desk. While deciding to purchase your standing workstation, consider a vastly adjustable desk which you can quickly, silently, smoothly, and safely move from a standing to a sitting height.

Adjustability ensures the user safety as integrated brake system is devised to halt any untoward movement and Top 15 Best standing desks in 2018 - Complete Guidesecures the desk in place at a desired height. You can easily release the lock to adjust. The desk is customizable and its computer station accessible for you to reach.

While you agonize about adjustability, some desks can assure easy operation that doesn’t involve cranks or motors that stop you to move it. As you customize your workstation, mounting accessories in the desk can be an apparent task for you to simply attach and detach.

An ergonomic standing desk improves your posture, burns calories, gets you energized, and increases life expectancy. These health benefits are attained after a rigorous exercise regimen, but they’re the results of standing too. The health benefits of standing and working are too immense to disregard, but know which desks can be a quality investment, and what must be avoided.

Durability & Stability

Choose a standing desk that will offer you satisfaction, durability, and an assured long-term use. A stable, unyielding standing desk permits you to stand more in a day without interrupting the tasks you are trying to accomplish.

To ensure durability, look for a complete package, combining a durable and versatile design, and stable enough to hold any weight. Stability and reliability are the factors to consider. You need to inspect the sturdiness to bear the weight of any load and its locking brake mechanism.

Top 15 Best Standing Desks in 2022 – Chart


Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 – Black (Top Pick) Up to 11 different positions $$$ 4.8
2. FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 47″ wide platform Stand Up Desk Riser with Quick Release Keyboard Tray (L-Size-Black)
47”width, support two screens up to 27” $$$ 4.8
3. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro 36 Up to 11 different positions , up to 35 LBS in 3 second $$$ 4.7
4. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter | 36″ Tabletop Workstation fits Dual Monitor (DESK-V000B) adjustable range: 6.5” to 16”, top surface measures 36” x 22” $$$ 4.6
5. FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray (M2B-M-SIZE)
12 height levels, fatigue test of 6,000 height adjustments $$$ 4.6
6. Standing Desk – Adjustable Height Desk Riser – Sturdy 32in. Wide Sit Stand Up Desk with Retractable Keyboard Tray – Fits Dual Monitors and Supports up to 50 lbs 50 lbs is max recommended weight, height range is 6.5″ to 16.5″ $$$ 4.6
7. Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Elevating Desktop – Black Gas Spring Technology, 1 Year Limited Warranty $$$ 4.5
8. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter – Size 28in x 20in Instantly Convert any Desk to a Sit / Stand up Desk (Black) Standing height is 7 inches to 16 inches $$$ 4.5
9. Standing Desk Converter Riser Adjustable (Dual Monitors, Black)

15″+ height extension. Easily lift up to 35 lbs

$$$ 4.5
10. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Desk Elevating Desktop

Desktop adjustment: 410mm (16.14 inches) (Max height)

$$$ 4.4
Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand – Up Sit Stand Desks Converter Standup Workstation Fits Big Monitors 36″ Wide 11. Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand – Up Sit Stand Desks Converter Standup Workstation Fits Big Monitors 36″ Wide
Easily fits up to two 27” monitors $$$ 4.3
12. Height Adjustable Standing Desk by G-Pack Pro. Wide Sit to Stand 35 inch.| Durable & Ergonomic Design With Removable Keyboard Tray | For Laptop / Monitor, Mouse | Fits Dual Monitor (Black)

rises to 19.7″, INFINITE height levels for people of all heights

$$$ 4.2
13. 32” Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk – Convert your desk to a standing desk raise and lower 1” at a time to 6 different levels $$ 4.1
14. Premium Standing Desk, Stand Up, Anti-Fatigue Mat Included, 36″ Surface, Spacious Keyboard Tray, Smartphone/Tablet Holder, Easy Adjust Workstation, Smooth Motion, Quick Assembly, Sturdy Design GAS SPRING ARM,  35 lbs of weight loaded  $$$ 4.0
15. Table jack Standing desk converter – 32 X 22 inch Extra large Ergonomic height adjustable sit stand up desk converter that can act as a desk riser adaptable for a dual monitor setup

support two 21 inch monitors, height range 5′ to 6’3″ 

$$$ 3.9

1. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 – Black (Top Pick)

Indulge in the best sit and stand solution with VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk!

Considered best of all the available solutions, VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 is crafted to function with a pre-existing desk, making it a perfect choice for anybody who likes their home office desk but requires an innovative height-adjustable standing desk solution.

Material & Construction

Black-colored Pro Plus 36 is a desk crafted to lodge the major home office workspaces. Dual monitor setups work adequately with this 36″ of real estate, available in 4 colors.

Pro Plus 36 standing desk accommodates bigger workspace needs, and the 2-tier design gives you an upper display surface for the monitor, and a roomy lower keyboard with mouse deck for basics and accessories with the additional convenience of never moving any components when raising/lowering your desk.

About 11 different height settings allow ergonomic comfort. It remains strong and steady even if fully extended. No assembly, installation or tools are necessary, you’re up and working within minutes.

When you stand, just use the lower platform for keyboard and mouse. And when you’re tired of standing, lower it to sit again. Simply, move your wireless keyboard and mouse to the tray beneath your desk.

Product weight is 52.15 lbs, extension height is 17.5″ (display surface) & 14″ (keyboard deck), while work surface measures 36″(W) x 29.75″(D) (display surface & keyboard deck).

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Pro Plus 36 includes VARIDESK’s proprietary spring-assisted lift mechanism to adjust the desk to a perfect spot easily. Dual-handle design and spring-loaded boost system make raising monitors and other items effortless.

Your body wants to move throughout workday. Pro Plus 36 permits moving during the day so you’re never locked into a single position and switch between sitting and standing.

Durability & Stability

Stable and durable Pro Plus 36 easily lifts around 35 lbs in 3 seconds, stand up or sit down without breaking focus or harming yourself, and it can bear maximum load.

Pro Plus 36 features patented lift mechanism that allows raising/lowering to be effortless in just seconds, and it stays sturdy and stable even after long-term use.


  • Height-adjustable
  • Accommodates dual-monitor setups
  • Two-tier design
  • Fully assembled precisely out of the box


  • Top platform could be a bit heftier

2. FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 47″ wide platform Stand Up Desk Riser with Quick Release Keyboard Tray (L-Size-Black)

Find effortless adjustment and accurate functioning with FlexiSpot Standing Desk!FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 47″ wide platform Stand Up Desk Riser with Quick Release Keyboard Tray (L-Size-Black)

Finding the top standing desk is about stability and ease, and FlexiSpot prioritizes that. This stand-up desk riser’s aesthetics are hard to ignore, and comes with apparently limitless versatility in style, dimension, shape, and accessories for your dream desk.

Material & Construction

Black-colored FlexiSpot is very strong, surprisingly weighty, and an indication of solid design with its metal and fiberboard body. FlexiSpot’s height-adjustable desk is an effortless way to shift from sitting or standing through the day.

The model offers a roomy work surface, a removable quick-release keyboard tray and direct tablet integration. These high-quality workstations present smooth up/down motion, 12 height adjustment settings and stable monitor mount compatibility. Cable management is excellent, and so is the pneumatic lift.

Placing this workstation on a 28″ & 31″ high desk will support 6’1″ to 6’5″ users. The generous 47″ width permits to support 2 screens of 27″. The workstation rises/folds vertically, within its individual footprint. There’s no need for spatial accommodations, as required in equivalent products that extend outward from your desk.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

FlexiSpot allows trouble-free transition and its 2-handle design makes it easy to adjust. Gas-spring hovering system permits smooth/steady movements, while broader and removable quick-release keyboard tray allows healthy wrist positions.

Flexispot helps save space-saving within the desktop footprint and the height adjustments fatigue has been tested 6000 times.

Sitting for too long obstructs circulation and causes painful swelling of ankles or feet. When you are standing, it activates the neck, back, or hip muscles. This prevents your muscles from weakening and relieves neck/back pain. It supports a better posture by offering a deeper work surface for relaxing reading distance.

Sit-stand desk heartens you to stand more. It burns extra calories and averts cardiovascular diseases. 12 height levels let you transition from sitting/standing. FlexiSpot supports a superior posture and strong arm positions. It’s attuned with ergonomic monitor mounts.

Durability & Stability

High-quality construction of FlexiSpot supports around 35 lbs comfortably, it has undergone meticulous testing for balance, stability, durability, and movement with a fatigue test of 6,000 height adjustments.

The work surface is constructed of an eco-friendly medium-density fiberboard, which satisfies the elevated standards of California Air Resources Board.

Smooth and stable movement with a gas-spring hovering system allows the workstation to effortlessly adjust for sitting/standing with a light squeezing of handles.


  • 47″ wide platform
  • Quick release keyboard tray
  • Gas-spring hovering system
  • L-sized desk


  • Listed weight capacity is 44lbs, but the main platform’s capacity is 35 lbs, and keyboard tray can hold around 4-5 lbs
  • Lifting up the tray, even with given gas cylinders, is tricky

3. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro 36

Change the way you work with VARIDESK Pro 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk!VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro 36

Ideal for multiple-monitor users, Pro 36 is structured with a large working space best for 2 monitors and other essentials. It boasts of its patented spring-loaded elevation structure. You can easily concentrate on your work as you sit or stand.

Material & Construction

Pro 36 standing desk remains on top of any existing table, work desk, or cubicle and the solo display surface raises the workspace with no separate keyboard/mouse deck. It comes completely assembled and installed exactly out of the box!

Pro 36 can accommodate spacious multiple-monitor setups or large workspace requirements. The metal plates and braces, with strong grommets and screws provide superb cable management. It locks in every couple of inches from its base position.

Pro 36 height may be adjusted to 11 separate positions. Surface measures 36″ (W) x 24″ (D) and the footprint is 36″ (W) x 26.75″ (D).

You have ample room to move the wireless keyboard or place a wrist cushion on the desk. It’s good for 6’2″ users and goes even higher. It has a wide grip to grasp sides simultaneously.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Pro 36 is extremely height-adjustable to dissimilar positions for total ergonomic comfort. The sturdiness and steadiness are maintained even when adjusted. The pneumatic adjustment mechanism is easy and company-patented.

Ergonomics is key. The top of the monitor is at the eye level and head isn’t angled down, and your eyes are 20-28″ from the monitor. Pro 36 keeps upper arms close to body, wrists straight, and hands below wrist height.

The table height of this standing desk is slightly below elbow height, forming a 90-degree angle with elbow. Head, neck, and torso are in line with keyboard and mouse. You improve your wellbeing, energy and productivity!

Durability & Stability

Pro 36 features patented, resilient spring-assisted elevation mechanism that allows you to raise/lower it as many times possible over the years.

It can stably and strongly hold up to 35 lbs. with easiness and stays sturdy at its completely extended height with no fear of falling objects. It comes completely assembled and in ready-to-use form.


  • Sits on top of table/desk/cubicle
  • Single display surface raises entire workspace
  • Different ergonomic positions


  • Unit takes lots of desk space
  • No separate keyboard/mouse deck
  • Keyboard/mouse must be physically moved for each sitting/standing adjustment, stringing mouse and keyboard cords may be cumbersome

4. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter | 36″ Tabletop Workstation fits Dual Monitor (DESK-V000B)

Find complete ergonomic advantage with VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk!VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter 36″ Tabletop Workstation fits Dual Monitor (DESK-V000B)

As a leading provider and creator for desk and mounting solutions, VIVO enhances and simplifies everyday life at home or office. VIVO height-adjustable standing desk fulfils any professional need! VIVO’s height-adjustable 2-tiered platform sits over current desk and enables standing or sitting as desired.

Material & Construction

Manual riser-styled black-colored V000B has spacious work area with top surface measuring 36″x22″ providing ample space for single/dual monitor and laptop + PC monitor setups. Weight capacity is 37.5lbs.

With dual-tier design, customize your work area and create a workflow you require. The top surface holds 2 monitors. The lower deck holds keyboard alongside mouse. Small storage tray on the top surface provides additional space for phones, pens, sticky notes, and more.

Get minimal assembly out of the box! Place on the existing desk and begin organizing the workstation. Simply fasten the feet with the given hex tool. Counterbalance tension adjusts to desk’s weight and everything over it for simple upward movement.

Sturdy low-profile steel frame with gas-spring power comes in a black finish to merge with any decor. The two-tier system keeps keyboard/mouse on a detached surface at an ergonomic position for your wrists.

This desk has monitor mount compatibility, with both C-clamp and grommet mounting options. Keyboard tray has metal brackets. Keep AV and power chords spotless and organized with an adhesive cable clip attaching to steel frame beneath the surface.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Adjustable workstation offers strong balance between sitting and standing up during the day. Gas-spring lift presents height adjustment by squeezing a handle in one simple, smooth motion. There are 8 height-adjustment points for your desired comfort with the touch height locking mechanism.

The top platform rests 6.5″ from the desk’s surface in sitting position and 16″ at maximum height. Adjustability offers improved blood flow and enhanced posture keeping the mind alert and raising productivity.

Durability & Stability

Sturdy and durable V000B supports large dual-monitor setup with plenty of room. There’s a hole drilled through the board for cords with a metal strip reinforcement. The desk locks in place immediately and easy to press levers change levels stably without toppling anything off.


  • Aluminum over a composite board
  • 8 height adjustments
  • Sit-to-stand gas spring riser converter
  • 36″ tabletop workstation fits dual monitor


  • At the seated position, keyboard tray is quite high
  • Quite heavy, requires 2 people to lift it
  • Bracket holding keyboard tray isn’t height-adjustable

5. FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray (M2B-M-SIZE)

Strike a balance between stability and comfort with FlexiSpot Height-Adjustable Stand up Desk Riser!FlexiSpot Standing Desk – 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray (M2B-M-SIZE)

FlexiSpot’s desktop riser with 35″ wide platform and removable keyboard tray offer an effortless way to switch between sitting and standing. The spacious desk offers a profound work surface, a broad keyboard and instantaneous tablet integration.

Material & Construction

Black-colored 50.6lb. desk has compressed particle board with metal base and stable twofold gas spring motion, broad tray for keyboard/mouse and roomy display surface (to fit 2 full-size monitors), keeping your monitor at a relaxed reading distance.

Available in 2 colors (black/white), desktop moves up/down vertically within its individual footprint with pneumatic-assist. It has easy one-step assembly and has been fatigue-tested 6,000 times.

Extension height is 19.7″ (footprint surface) & 14.2 ” (keyboard tray). The keyboard tray is set, and only “detachable” if you take out 8 screws holding it onto the brackets connected to movable platform.

Base has perfect depth, and doesn’t hang over desks. It isn’t top-heavy and doesn’t move forward when raised, so the unit stays stable. The keyboard tray contains 8 pre-drilled holes and recessed bolts, so attaching the brackets is easy.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

High-quality build supports around 35 lbs. and has undergone all-embracing testing for equilibrium and stability with a fatigue test of 6,000 height adjustments. These workstations offer ergonomic monitor mount compatibility.

12 different height transitions support an enhanced posture and strong wrist/arm positions. Sitting for long hampers proper blood circulation and causes painful ankles and feet inflammation. Standing desks remove this issue.

When you stand, it keeps the neck, back, and shoulder muscles active. This sit-stand desk shapes your physique by burning calories and preventing cardiac diseases.

Durability & Stability

FlexiSpot’s stable gas spring hovering structure permits workstation to effortlessly adjust for sitting/standing with a slight squeezing of the given handles.

It’s a durable piece of engineering. It feels stable, doesn’t rock back/forth or sideways while typing fast on keyboard or leaning on its tray. Hydraulics are adequately damped.


  • Gas spring hovering system allows smooth adjustment for sitting/standing
  • Maximum loading weight capacity is 35lbs
  • Removable keyboard tray (M2B-M-SIZE)


  • Doesn’t always lock in place when the raise/lower levels are released
  • Keyboard shelf can’t move in/out for closer working

6. Standing Desk – Adjustable Height Desk Riser – Sturdy 32in. Wide Sit Stand Up Desk with Retractable Keyboard Tray – Fits Dual Monitors and Supports up to 50 lbs

Opt for an ideal ergonomic comfort with Standing Desk – Adjustable Height Desk Riser!Standing Desk – Adjustable Height Desk Riser – Sturdy 32in. Wide Sit Stand Up Desk with Retractable Keyboard Tray – Fits Dual Monitors and Supports up to 50 lbs

The minimalist design of the adjustable height desk riser pairs nicely with the sturdy 32″ wide design to provide you with a well-built standing desk. Retractable keyboard tray offers the coolest flexibility for any professional task.

Material & Construction

32″ black-colored adjustable-height desk riser from The House of Trade permits you to move freely from sitting to standing position. Adjustable height range is 6.5-16.5″.

Features robust aluminum steel frame, exclusive Zinc alloy joints integrated for finer strength and durability, melamine MDF wood desktop, nice matte finish on metallic parts, cool black sheen surfaces; top-tier work surface supports about 88lbs. It arrives fully assembled, it’s ready for use just out of the box.

Top tier is 32″x24″, broad enough for single/dual monitors, laptop + PC setup. This desk has preferable monitor mount compatibility. Retractable keyboard tray of 24″x10.5″ slides in and out for proper ergonomic distance from monitors to avert eye strain. Rises in coordination with the upper work surface.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Just squeeze handles on desk riser’s each side and lift/lower the desk to sit/stand in seconds. Simple-to-use, well-constructed, versatile desk is designed with ergonomics in mind, adjusts effortlessly to 5 diverse heights.

Heavy duty sit-to-stand height-adjustable riser promotes superior posture, reduces back/neck pain, a thin waistline and augmented productivity.

Diminish risks of cardiac problems, 2- tier setup keeps your arms and head at 90-degree while sitting/standing.

Durability & Stability

Adjustable standing desk has air pistons tested up to 10,000 times. Keyboard tray doesn’t slide in/out or bounce during use.

Stable aluminum steel frame, Zinc alloy joints give superior durability with melamine wood desktop, it supports 88 lbs. No concerns about monitors toppling off and the riser doesn’t plunge down immediately.


  • Supports up to 88lbs, fits dual monitors
  • Dual squeeze handles on both sides
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • 5 different height levels (6.5″-16.5″)


  • Keyboard tray size could have been better

7. Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Elevating Desktop – Black

Enjoy quality and functionality with Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height-Adjustable Desk!Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit Stand Elevating Desktop – Black

Halter ED-600 preassembled height-adjustable desk is a sit/stand elevating desktop created to save you from the risks of a demanding yet sedentary professional life.

Material & Construction

Black-colored ED-600 is made of metal and wood laminate. The two pieces are cut from the solitary material and fit together. You need to take out the base shelf from metal support and install your individual hardware to be mounted to top.

The wood desk parts are secured to metal frame with 15 wood screws. Maximum desktop adjustment height is 17″ and maximum load is 44.1lbs.

The base and the gearing is all-metal construction. The hydraulics are grand and the tabletop is top-quality. Halter ED-600 includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Switch gears in a few seconds while you work and simultaneously squeeze handles on each side for trouble-free height adjustment. Apply pressure up/down to raise/lower the desktop. At your desired height, release the handles and desktop locks into position.

ED-600 is meant for users with back/spine/posture/blood circulation problems. Multiple height variations maximize comfort, optimize pose/usual blood passage, and diminish eye strain.

5+ hours of sitting is like smoking 13 cigarettes. Studies show that standing up relaxes muscles just like a reset button. If you stand every 20 minutes, you avoid negative side effects of sitting.

Durability & Stability

Durable ED-600 switches from sitting to standing arrangement in seconds and universal size fits all desks stably. Patent-pending Gas Spring technology and 1-year limited warranty maintain shelf-life. It’s sturdy even in standing position.


  • Squeeze handles for unproblematic height adjustment
  • Comes completely assembled, place it over a table and begin working
  • 1-year warranty


  • Keyboard-mouse platform could have been 4″ wider
  • Slightly heavy to move

8. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter – Size 28in x 20in Instantly Convert any Desk to a Sit / Stand up Desk (Black)

Get relief from a prolonged PC usage through Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height-Adjustable Desk Converter!Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter – Size 28in x 20in Instantly Convert any Desk to a Sit Stand up Desk (Black)

A sit-to-stand desk is good for your health and relieves pain. So invest in the innovative X-Elite PRO desk by Stand Steady. The workstation fits over your existing desk, comes fully assembled, and instantly converts your position from sitting to standing.

Material & Construction

Black-colored X-Elite Pro has a big surface for creating a stand-up workstation for ergonomic comfort and augmented productivity. No assembly required, just place your PC, mouse and keyboard over the X-Elite PRO.

4 exciting colors can be obtained soon, which are black, cherry, maple, and white. The legs, metal base adjust for dissimilar standing heights. The top is black heavy-duty vinyl covering 3/4″ laminated plywood. The vinyl is easy-to-clean and doesn’t scratch. Minimalist design fits every decor.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

It’s easy to sit/stand with the X-Elite PRO as it is a modifiable standing desk converter. It goes up/down to reach the desired height with effortlessness within seconds, with a premium pump-assisted lift mechanism pneumatic lever.

Award-winning contemporary design of X-Elite PRO reduces the risks of life-threatening illnesses. Ergonomic height range for standing is 7-16″ inches, and sitting height is 2.5″, you select the right height.

Durability & Stability

With the sturdy pump lift, X-Elite Pro is engineered to be strong and stable with a maximum load on the desk being 20 lbs.

Steel base with innovative air pump mechanism allows you to sit and stand in 3 seconds flat, without any interruptions.

The base doesn’t slide and the top doesn’t wobble as you use the stand. The stand is big enough for a full-sized laptop + monitor.


  • Designed for ergonomic comfort
  • Flat wide surface, weighs 27 lbs.
  • No assembly required
  • Height adjusts from 7″-16″, and 2.5″ high in sitting position


  • Can’t apply lots of pressure over desk while standing up

9. Standing Desk Converter Riser Adjustable (Dual Monitors, Black)

A new professional life begins with Smugdesk Standing Desk Converter Riser!Standing Desk Converter Riser Adjustable (Dual Monitors, Black)

Smugdesk is an ergonomic motivation than conventional sit-stand converters currently available. Its ergonomic features like its infinite stop height-adjustment make it comfortable to work for extended periods. Smugdesk converter riser displays the most sophisticated, unbeatable design.

Material & Construction

Black-colored metal-constructed Smugdesk riser supports dual monitors, keep your current desk but get an ability to stand. The bottom metal base is deep and wide.

It arrives fully assembled, no installation or tools are required. It’s easy to relocate to another cubicle or desk. The levers offer effortless elevation, de-elevation, effortlessly adjust height with front clips and use desk riser gears to elevate it. You get 24-month warranty, 30-day money back guarantee.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Silky-smooth and quiet Z-lift Mechanism with never-ending stops create incredible height range adjustability, quick and easy transition across sitting/standing height. Grab the core work surface on the left and right edges, squeeze the brake release paddles on either sides, move the platform to desired height.

Smugdesk is an ergonomic gadget and its infinite stop height adjustment lets you work for endless hours without any eye strain, spinal sprain, back ache or muscle tenderness.

Durability & Stability

Smugdesk riser is extremely granite-firm and rock-steady at full 15″+ height extension. Effortlessly and safely lift up to 35lbs. in seconds, stand up and sit down without harming concentration. It’s perfect for dual-monitor setups or large workspace requirements.


  • Smooth and calm Z-lift mechanism, endless stops and granite-hard steadiness at 15″+ height extension
  • Arrives fully-assembled
  • Superb high-end quality, gift package
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Changing position with load is difficult as it is heavy

10. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Desk Elevating Desktop

Accommodate the flexibility of Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height-Adjustable Desk!Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit Stand Desk Elevating Desktop

Halter ED-258 is preassembled and is versatile to provide you much flexibility. The high-quality and the two-tiered design adjust and fit according to the position that is most comfy for you.

Material & Construction

ED-258 elevating stand desk comes preassembled and has high-quality tabletop of deep red wooden finish and metallic base.

The desktop has the length of 35.6″ and width of 20.4″. The keyboard desktop length is 35.6″ and width is 16.9″. The desktop height adjustment is 16.14″ and the total weight is 21.44 kg.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

The ergonomic design resolves your posture, neck movements and back problems. It confirms the best comfort by providing you different levels of desktop heights adjustment to work on.

In several scenarios, your eye strain is moreover reduced by using this desk. Studies have shown that by just standing up and flexing your muscles, side effects of sitting can be removed.

The height can be adjusted accordingly by squeezing 2 handles placed on the desk’s sides by applying pressure to raise or lower down. It extends about a height of 16.14″, thus you can prefer the suitable height to improve posture.

Durability & Stability

You count on the durability and sturdiness of the desktop ED-258 because it has a premium quality construction by means of the best materials.

Desktop withstands a maximum load of 20kg.The up and down movements are tremendously smooth and won’t give you any injuries. The complete set comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Preassembled compatible desk
  • Squeeze handles for trouble-free height adjustment
  • Sturdy feeling even at standing height
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for portability

11. Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand – Up Sit Stand Desks Converter Standup Workstation Fits Big Monitors 36″ Wide

Ergonomic benefits and branded beauty are available with High Supply Standing Desk!Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand – Up Sit Stand Desks Converter Standup Workstation Fits Big Monitors 36″ Wide

The new range of highly affordable computer workstation is offering true quality for completely satisfying desk needs. The High Supply model is creating popularity with great affordability, design and build quality.

Material & Construction

The standup desk converter offers an extremely clean look. With a deep walnut/mahogany metal finish, it gives more appeal to your desk experience. The working area itself includes a 36″ wide table sufficient enough to place 2 monitors and still have some extra space for small speakers and other stuff.

It has thick rubber pads on the base that truly safeguard the desk for long use. It moreover has a separate keyboard region with a thoughtful construction that complements the complete standing desk’s appearance.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

The desk is fantastic for an user’s back. It can offer 16.75″ extra height to your existing workspace. This is great for users who are around 6’5″. Yet again, you may also reflect on it if you want a desk that you can shift from one table to another as it is compact and somewhat light.

Adjustment in height is made manually by using 2 sturdy handles located on both sides of the desk. This procedure is smooth and gives you several height preferences in between the sitting/standing positions. This makes it ideal for users with dissimilar heights.

Durability & Stability

The sturdily constructed desk gives you the long-standing stability as it can withstand any load.


  • Solidly-constructed, elegant-looking
  • Suitable for users with different heights
  • Fast installation
  • 100% money-back warranty


  • Keyboard area is quite tiny to accommodate a large keyboard

12. Height Adjustable Standing Desk by G-Pack Pro. Wide Sit to Stand 35 inch.| Durable & Ergonomic Design With Removable Keyboard Tray | For Laptop / Monitor, Mouse | Fits Dual Monitor (Black)

Go energetic while working with Height-Adjustable Standing Desk by G-Pack Pro!Height Adjustable Standing Desk by G-Pack Pro. Wide Sit to Stand 35 inch. Durable & Ergonomic Design With Removable Keyboard Tray For Laptop Monitor, Mouse Fits Dual Monitor (Black)

The durability and ergonomic design truly speak the craftsmanship of G-Pack Pro. That desk completely matches with your interiors and technologies blow your mind with its easily convertible, infinitely adjustable standing desk.

Material & Construction

The desk is black metal-finished, equipped with the long-lasting metal frame and triple leg base and high-quality plastic shelving makes the standing desk super-robust and stable.

It weighs about 25.35kg and package dimensions are 38.8″ X 28.34″ X 7.7″ that is suitable for any office and home use. Easy lift mechanism and strong screws and grommets are its salient features.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

The design of the stand-up mount desk is highly ergonomic and adjustable. It has countless height levels adjustments for people of all heights and sizes. It rises to 19.7″, pick best position for you without hurting your hands or back any longer.

This desk has an adjustable platform and a large working area to hold your essentials. Accommodating features like lowered keyboard and mouse tray allow for superior ergonomics. You find the correct posture, alleviate agonizing back/neck pains, soothe wrist uneasiness caused by constant typing and using mouse.

Durability & Stability

Prepared from hard-wearing materials, this wide 35″ stand-up table will gratify the most demanding work environments. The stable desk can withstand a load of 33lbs and doesn’t wear out easily.

Place it on any strong surface and that lets you sit up/down as many times you prefer since it rises/folds vertically without making additional space around.


  • Smooth, steady movement
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Premium-quality construction
  • Brilliant body posture


  • Keyboard tray isn’t much deeper at length

13. 32” Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk – Convert your desk to a standing desk

Feel the difference with your compact and ergonomically designed 32” Wide Adjustable-Height Standing Desk!32” Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk – Convert your desk to a standing desk

The high-quality adjustable standing desk will change your workspace into a stand-up desk. The desk is an alternative to a conventional standing desk and is made to sit over your desktop or any modular workstation.

Material & Construction

32″ height-adjusting desk converter has a black finish with high-quality steel frame and laminated shelf. The product dimensions are 32″x23.5″x16.2″ ensuring you have room for every equipment. It has height adjustable features with snap buttons. It weighs 18 pounds.

With four completely collapsible legs and a discreet steel handle for carrying, you can move the desk to another tabletop or store it away when you want to sit. This desk rests over any standard desk and includes additional space for extra storage. The rubber feet ensures that it doesn’t slip away on any surface.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

Get a healthy workspace you desire; as the height-adjustable features make it completely ergonomic and can be moved up/down into 1″ increments to 6 dissimilar levels till you get the desired height to reduce spinal strain.

Adjusting this desk is simple with obliging aluminum telescopic legs having snap buttons. 32″ surface area creates a large area for PC + laptop with additional space for other accessories.

Durability & Stability

The desk is made with high-quality steel frame with finest laminated shelf for long-lasting use. It is most handy and has stable rubber feet to protect the existing area from damage.


  • Assembled in minutes with 8 screws
  • Large table space, good build quality
  • Highly ergonomic


  • A bit heavy

14. Premium Standing Desk, Stand Up, Anti-Fatigue Mat Included, 36″ Surface, Spacious Keyboard Tray, Smartphone/Tablet Holder, Easy Adjust Workstation, Smooth Motion, Quick Assembly, Sturdy Design

Get the ultimate ergonomic advantage with Premium Standing Desk from DeskDoc!Premium Standing Desk, Stand Up, Anti-Fatigue Mat Included, 36″ Surface, Spacious Keyboard Tray, SmartphoneTablet Holder, Easy Adjust Workstation, Smooth Motion, Quick Assembly, Sturdy Design

DeskDoc gives you a trouble-free, quick, reasonable way to change position across sitting/standing. The finest quality of manufacturing preserves longevity and a comfortable ergonomic position.

Material & Construction

The desk has a black metal finish and 36″ broad top surface that effortlessly allocates 2 monitors or a laptop with sufficient room. The keyboard tray area is 11″ deep.

Broad keyboard tray provides you considerable space for a bigger keyboard and mouse to keep on the same level. Smartphone and tablet slot helps keep all your devices at a trouble-free viewing angle and within arm’s reach.

Spring-assisted lift design mechanism lets you raise/lower it with ease in seconds. It also gives the durability and flexibility of a solid footprint. The included mat has 3/4″ thickness for more comfort.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

The finest sit-stand desk has 35lbs weight capability and a wide surface holds two large monitors and other desktop accessories for work with additional slots for smartphones.

The spacious and ergonomic keyboard tray lets you work faster, easily, and without any pain. The gas spring piston lets you transition effortlessly from sitting/standing position.

Durability & Stability

The highest quality construction of the desk makes it highly durable. It is extremely stable and won’t cause any mishaps.


  • Wide display surface
  • Extra spacious keyboard tray
  • Spring-assisted lift mechanism
  • Highly durable build quality


  • Slightly heavy

15. Table jack Standing desk converter – 32 X 22 inch Extra large Ergonomic height adjustable sit stand up desk converter that can act as a desk riser adaptable for a dual monitor setup

Get eventual quality and design with Table jack standing desk converter!Table jack Standing desk converter – 32 X 22 inch Extra large Ergonomic height adjustable sit stand up desk converter that can act as a desk riser adaptable for a dual monitor setup

The finest ergonomic quality of Table jack standing desk makes every workspace more efficient; the neat and solid design makes it look unique and lasts for years to come; propel more dynamism in your working area.

Material & Construction

The pitch black desk and tabletop material includes laminated MDF Compressed wood; together with elegant and hard-wearing quality of powder-coated steel.

It has 1″ industrial-quality pneumatic air piston suspension that lifts/lowers the table up/down.

The flexibility of height adjustment bears heavy loads of 2 monitors. It has superior cable management and the desk comes pre-assembled to use on the go.

Adjustability & Ergonomics

32×22 standing desk converter has over 200 settings of height adjustability with comfort; alleviates a substantial amount of back pain and other health troubles. It can reach the height of 16″ above your existing work desk, to be used by users of 5′-6’3″ with any desktop/laptop.

It has a huge working area of 39″ in width with ample space to work. The desk riser can hold two 21″ monitors easily. It takes less than 5 minutes to begin using it.

Durability & Stability

Table jack’s tested meticulously for over 10000 rise/drop test. It is solidly-made and dependable at any height and with many full cycles each day. The tabletop is made of industrial-standard compressed wood for longevity.


  • Greater stability
  • Excess of 200 height adjustable settings
  • Spacious working area
  • Solidly-made, pre-assembled


  • Air cylinder quality could have been better