Top 10 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase boards in 2022

A whiteboard or dry erase board is similar to a chalkboard but the surface is white, shinier, and smoother. Top 10 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase boards in 2020You can use marker pens to write on the surface. It’s a great medium for writing something down and then erasing it without any trace. These boards grew in popularity in the mid-1990s and took the place of blackboards in many school classrooms and work environments. Currently, many businesses use them in their offices and meeting rooms. We have also written a complete guide about best desk lamps.

Types of Whiteboards Available in the Market

To most people, the only difference between whiteboards is the sizes. But, the major difference lies in the materials they are made of. Let’s find out their types:

Porcelain Whiteboards

These are made of white ceramic with a metal backing that is either steel or aluminum. Porcelain is highly durable and the layers used on the surface last for a long time. It can resist abuse that is beyond normal wear and tear. It’s great for heavy use such as in the office lobbies and common rooms.

The positive sides of these dry erase boards are that they can take scratches and stains and require less cleaning. Besides, the models with steel backing are magnetic too. The only downside is the slightly high price tag, but the longer lifespan seems to make it up for that.

Melamine Whiteboards

These are made of melamine with a laminate coating on the surface. These are a less-expensive and faster-wearingTop 10 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase boards in 2018 alternative to the porcelain version. Their porous nature ruins the markers quickly. Regular cleaning and conditioning the surface can solve this problem, though.

These boards are the best option when you have a tight budget. You can use them for a long time with careful handling and proper maintenance.

Glass Whiteboards

Although expensive than the other two types, these are the best option in terms of lastingness and quality. These are made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than the normal glass type. Streaks, stains, or scratches are not a problem for these boards. Also, you can use anything from liquid chalk to dry and wet erase markers for writing on them. Like the steel-porcelain version, some glass boards have the magnetic feature for attaching notes, memos, and documents.

These whiteboards are available in various colors and some are even transparent, making them a nice accessory for decorating a room. If you have a modern workspace or want a board that will last for a long time, glass dry erase boards are a perfect choice.

Advantages of Using Whiteboards

Whiteboards have many practical applications that can make a workplace or classroom more productive. This simple tool is flexible and functional, and it makes teamwork and business meetings really interactive. If you still need to be convinced, learning about these benefits might help:


It gives you the freedom of arranging a meeting on the go. There’s no need to vacate a room to host a staff meeting. You can take a whiteboard to anywhere – in a hallway or an empty room – and start a meeting. It lets you make the most of your office space as you can hang it on a wall. It’s also suitable for office meetings and phone and video conferences.

Increases Productivity

Studies show that people can remember 34% of the written materialsthey see or read while it is just 5% for verbally-Top 10 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase boards in 2018communicated information. So, the use of dry erase boards for presentation, brainstorming, or note-taking will immensely help the team members or students remember information and be more productive.


Like blackboards, the dry erase boards are suitable for using repeatedly and numerous times. You can write on them and then erase quickly for writing something new. These are great for explaining a topic, practicinglisting exercises, matching activities, and more.


Unlike the chalkboards, these boards don’t create any mess. We all know how messy the chalks can be and their dust particles can cause allergic reactions too. However, you use markers for whiteboards and markers don’t produce any dust byproduct or cause irritation because of allergens.


More than one person can use a single whiteboard at the same time. It encourages brainstorming and interaction between the team members. Also, such a learning environment draws multiple participation and responses.

The Features You Should Look for in a Whiteboard

It becomes difficult to find the right boards given that there are so many variations out there in the market. If you are having a hard time, keep reading to know the characteristics you should look for in a good-quality whiteboard.


A whiteboard is a rectangular- or square-shaped tool that can come with or without a frame. However, it’s not possible to hang the unframed ones on the wall. You need to either retrofit them into existing frames or purchase the framed models. The frames are usually made of metal, but attractive wooden frames are available too.Top 10 Best Whiteboards and Dry Erase boards in 2018

Dry erase boards can either be fixed or mobile. The fixed ones are mounted on the walls. These are suitable for classrooms where there’s no need to move them. On the other hand, the mobile version comes handy when you need to move it from one place to another. These generally come with a metal or wooden frame, with or without wheels. Most of them are reversible, allowing you to use both sides.


It depends on a couple of factors. A high-quality whiteboard must endure frequent uses and require less maintenance. Besides, it should not be porous in nature and have to have high-resistance against stains, scratches, and streaks. Its surface will be smooth enough to erase neatly, and it will require less cleaning.

Some brands guarantee that their products won’t catch a dent or stain and some others boast of a total erase system that won’t leave any trace of the ink. You should choose them if you are seeking durability. The melamine might not be a good choice if you don’t want to compromise the quality. However, melamine boards are cheaper, and they are not a bad choice if you need them for light, low-profile use.

The clear coating on the surface of a board tends to wear away with time. In that case, the image of the marker’s ink will be visible even after cleaning. It’s called ghosting, and most of the melamine boards tend to ghost after a certain period. You can avoid it by using high-quality porcelain or glass boards.

Warranty is another feature that will give you some peace of mind. Some top-tier products come with an incredible lifetime guarantee. These will cost more but offer a high value for money.

Special Features

Some dry erase boards come with a magnetic surface that adds flexibility and extends the scope of your presentations.

Some high-end models have grid patterns on the surface. It greatly helps in drawing diagrams and graphs and writing in straight lines. The patterns are not distracting either because these are subtle enough to remain invisible to the audience.

There are some products that have an integrated electronic imaging technology. These interactive boards are a great tool for hosting video or web-based meetings. You can even use them for sharing, printing, or saving data!



Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Quartet Dry Erase Board, Magnetic, 4′ x 6′, Porcelain (PPA406) Anodized, satin-finish aluminum frame $$$ 4.8
2. School Outfitters Learniture 4’x4′ Dry Erase Board 825-SO Steel magnetic dry erase board with aluminum frame and map rail $$$ 4.7
3. VIVREAL OFFICE Dry Erase Board – 48 x 36 Anodized& scratch resistant aluminum frames and four ABS corner $$ 4.6
4. XBoard Magnetic 48×36-Inch Dry Erase Board Sturdy aluminum frame built with ABS plastic corners $$ 4.5
5. OfficePro 32×44 Inch Magnetic Dry Erase Board High clarity, scratch-resistant 32×44 inch magnetic dry $$ 4.5
6. VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board

Melamine 48 x 36 Inches, Silver, Aluminium Frame

$$ 4.4
7. Master of Boards Magnetic White Board

Non-magnetic melamine, Scratch-resistant and smooth surface

$$ 4.3
8. Quartet Dry Erase Board (S531)

White Board, 24″ x 18″, Silver Aluminum Frame 

$$ 4.2
9. XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard

Two-sided magnetic whiteboard surface and The detachable pentray 

$$ 4.1
10. Navy Penguin Whiteboard Set

Movable hanging hooks, Attachable marker tray, aluminum frame

$$ 4.0

1. Quartet Dry Erase Board, Magnetic, 4′ x 6′, Porcelain (PPA406)

The Quartet Porcelain Dry Erase Board will put an end to your struggling days with chalk and dust! The porcelain board is tough andQuartet Dry Erase Board, Magnetic, 4′ x 6′, Porcelain (PPA406) rated for delivering top-notch performance in active office or classroom setups. The price seems expensive, but the quality and 50-year surface guarantee are convincing selling points.


The 4′ x 6′ size of the board provides ample writing space, seems ideal for busy classrooms and large meeting rooms. It comes with a framed construction, which is perfect for a contemporary setting because of the anodized aluminum material. It also comes with a full-length marker rail for holding pens.

The board has to be installed on a wall or a flat surface. So, it’s not suitable for dynamic use where you can move it from one place to another.


The surface is porcelain, so it shows great resistance to scratch and stain. You will need to use Quarter cleaning solutions to keep it ghosting-free and fully functional. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze and you have to apply only a minimal amount of the solutions.

The porcelain used in this board is Cradle to CradleCM certified, which guarantees the quality of the material. It is also recyclable because it was produced by following sustainable processes.

Quartet offers a 50-year guarantee for this product. The company will make a replacement if the surface shows any damage because of normal use.

Special Features

The whiteboard doubles as a bulletin board because of the steel-backed magnetic surface. You can stick spreadsheets and notes to it with magnets.

It also comes with marker rail and mounting hardware, including a kit and a hanging system. There’s no need to buy any extra accessories to set it up.


  • Suitable for busy, active settings
  • Porcelain surface resists wear and tear
  • Comes with marker rail and mounting hardware
  • 50-year surface guarantee


  • You cannot use anything else but Quartet cleaning solutions
  • Installation requires more than one person because it’s heavy
  • Expensive

2. School Outfitters Learniture 4’x4′ Dry Erase Board 825-SO

The 4’x4′ Dry Erase Board from Learniture is exclusively designed for classroom environments. However, it will work in office settingsSchool Outfitters Learniture 4’x4′ Dry Erase Board 825-SO too because of the flexible, versatile features. It is expensive, but the sturdy, impeccable construction makes every penny worthwhile.


The shape of this porcelain dry erase board from Learniture is square, but the brand has four other rectangular versions in this 825-SO line. The 4’x4′ size is suitable for any big room.

The aluminum frame holds the board and gives it a sturdy contour. The accessory tray at the bottom is a nice addition for keeping markers close at hand. The top of the board has a map rail attached that creates extra display space and further enhances its functionality.

The board has a fixed design, and you have to hang it on a surface. Learniture supplies mounting hardware and a manual, making the installation a breeze. One downside is it hangs only from the top, making the board bang against the wall at the time of writing. Tacking the bottom edges down will solve this problem, though.


The board is well-made, durable, and erases very clean! The low-gloss writing surface is porcelain that is very well in resisting ghosting and abrasion. The surface is not impeccably flat, but the slightly dry and tacky nature is perfect for writing.

The surface offers better visibility for the marker’s ink and cleans smoothly. Use cleaning solution once in a week, and it will look new for years to come.

Special Features

The steel-backing allows the surface accept magnets, extending the board’s functionality. You can use it as a display hanger for art projects, assignments, visual aids, and more. Small magnets will come handy for sticking reminders and memos.


  • Size is large enough for a big classroom or office
  • Porcelain surface doesn’t wear out quickly
  • The surface is slightly dry, doesn’t make the marker slip when writing
  • Cleaning once in a week will keep it ghosting-free


  • The bottom edges need to be tacked down
  • Expensive

3. VIVREAL OFFICE Dry Erase Board – 48 x 36

Make any classroom, office room, or any event more interactive with this 4’x3′ dry erase board from Vivreal. It is highly durable, and itVIVREAL OFFICE Dry Erase Board – 48 x 36 has some extra features to make your presentations livelier. The price is less than $100, which makes it an affordable choice for home offices and your kid’s playroom.


It is a rectangular-shaped board that has the right size to be used in classrooms, Sunday schools, or conference rooms. It comes with four markers, three erasers, twelve circular magnets, an installation kit, and a marker tray. So, you practically don’t have to buy anything else to set it up and start your learning or teaching endeavors.

The anodized aluminum frame is scratch-resistant, and the ABS guards at each corner give further protection.

It’s a fixed whiteboard that you have to use by installing on a wall. It takes just a few minutes to set it up since it comes with all the hardware and an instruction manual.


The whiteboard features a smooth, hard-wearing surface that makes writing and cleaning up less of a chore. You can even use permanent markers and grease pens on it without causing any ghosting.

It is made of lacquered steel that is anti-scratch. The surface will not wear out easily, and you can even extend its lifespan by regular cleaning with Vivreal cleaning products. The quality of the provided markers is good too as the ink wipes off cleanly, leaving no streaks or marks.

Vivreal offers a 5-year warranty for this product. There’s also a free replacement policy to cover any damage during the transportation.

Special Features

The board provides the facility of two-way installation. You can mount it vertically or horizontally.

The surface is magnetic, so it doubles as a display board for hanging to-do lists, memos, or sheets.


  • Lacquered steel board is anti-scratch
  • Surface is magnetic
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Reasonable price


  • You have to buy Vivreal cleaning solutions to keep it free of ghosting

4. XBoard Magnetic 48×36-Inch Dry Erase Board

XBoard is a familiar name in the production of all kinds of whiteboards. The brand has made a name for manufacturing quality pieces.XBoard Magnetic 48×36-Inch Dry Erase Board You can rely on it because XBoard whiteboards are rigorously tested for excellence and long lastingness.


It’s a rectangular board with 4’x3′ size, which is perfect for schools, offices, and personal use. It features a sleek aluminum frame, ABS corner guards, and a marker tray. You can hang it any way you want – vertically or horizontally. The design allows attaching the marker tray to any of the four sides so that the writing accessories are always close to your hand.

The board has to be installed on a wall. It comes with the necessary hardware for mounting. There are four screws for the four corners to hold the board firmly in place. There’s no way for it to flop around at the time of writing.


The XBoard whiteboard is a great tool for anyone looking to add a bit of productivity to their life. It has an excellent steel-coated surface that is anti-scratch and allows writing smoothly without any hitch.

The aluminum frame is high-grade. Plus, it’s totally safe for the kids to use because there are no sharp or pointed edges as the corners are wrapped up in ABS plastic.

The lifetime warranty gives the peace of mind. You will get a refund or replacement for any type of manufacturing defects. Overall, it’s a great product for the money.

Special Features

The whiteboard doubles as a bulletin board due to the magnetic capability. You can use it for sticking pictures, notes, calendars, and other important things by using magnets.


  • Magnetic surface
  • Detachable marker tray
  • Two-way installation – horizontally or vertically
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Affordable price


  • Mounting could be a chore

5. OfficePro 32×44 Inch Magnetic Dry Erase Board

The OfficePro magnetic dry erase board is a fantastic choice for hassle-free home and office use. The quality is nice, and the size is justOfficePro 32×44 Inch Magnetic Dry Erase Board perfect for a large room. If you are looking for a great whiteboard at less than $50, you should look no further!


The 3’x4′ size whiteboard features a slim-line and sturdy design. It’s not lightweight (weighs 12.3lbs) but the heaviness indicates to its tough nature and the abuse it can take!

It comes with everything needed to set it up and make ready to use. It includes a marker, one eraser, three magnets, and one pen-holding tray. So, you don’t need to buy anything extra.

You will also find a mounting kit for vertical or horizontal hanging. However, some longer screws than the ones provided would be abetter option for keeping it firmly attached to a flat surface.

OfficePro offers alifetime warranty on manufacturing defects for this product. You will get a refund or replacement if it’s damaged during shipping or for any fault in the material or construction.


Despite being having a melamine surface, the dry erase board offers high clarity and minimal ghosting. Writing and erasing is a breeze,but the surface does not perform well against scratches and dents.

You have to use it carefully to keep it clean and ensureservice for an extended period. Any cleaning product or rubbing alcohol once in a month will work fine for clearing the leftover marks and smudges.

Special Features

The surface is magnetic, doubling the function as a notice board for displaying notes and data sheets. You can use any type of magnets to tuck papers on the surface.


  • The size is right for large rooms
  • The surface has magnetic quality
  • Comes with accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cheap


  • The included accessories are mediocre
  • Larger hanging screws would be better

6. VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board

Viz-Pro brand offers decent-quality whiteboards at a great price. It supplies technologically advanced products for all types of users atVIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board economical prices. This particular WB3624M model also boasts of an in-house design and above-average quality at less than $30!


The 3’x2′ size might be a little smaller for big settings. However, it will be perfect for home office and personal use. The silver finished aluminum frame is strong and durable. It’s totally safe for children to use as the ABS guards completely cover the sharp, pointed corners.

It comes with a pen tray for holding the markers. The mounting kit has necessary tools for installing the board. However, the screws feel cheap, so you may want to replace them with something better.

You can mount it vertically or horizontally, any way you find it suitable for use. The great thing is it weighs only 7lbs, so you can possibly hang it single-handedly.


The display board has a smooth and hard melamine writing surface. Melamine tends to catch stain and ghosting easily. To avoid these, you have to use good-quality pens and erasers. You should also clean it regularly to make it last longer.

A positive thing about this board is that it grips very well onto the wall because there are screws for each of the corners. It will not flop around or fall off at the time of writing.

Special Features

The board does not have a magnetic exterior. Unlike some other entries in this list, you cannot use it as a bulletin board.


  • The size is suitable for home and personal use
  • Comes with a marker tray
  • Holds to the wall surface very tightly
  • Cheap


  • Does not have a magnetic surface
  • The provided screws could be of better quality

7. Master of Boards Magnetic White Board

There are plenty of whiteboards in the market that are priced at less than $50. So, what’s special about this Master of Boards Magnetic White Boardparticular model from Master of Boards? Well, it has every quality to be the trusted companion of the professionals at every step of their work – planning, visualization, and demonstration.


The 3’x2′ dimensions of the display board are perfect for small offices and home uses. The high-grade anodized aluminum frame and the metal backing surface coated with lacquer collaborate long-lasting quality with elaborated functionality.

It comes with a detachable pen tray that you can slide along the frame without any effort. The wall screws for each corner facilitate easy and stable installation. It’s unlikely to move or shake at the time of writing.


The steel-backing surface with alacquered coating is glossy, smooth, and shines like a pearl. It is compatible with all types of dry wipe markers, pin board magnets, and office equipment for whiteboards.

The exterior is highly resistant to stain and abrasion. Writing on this surface and wiping off the ink feel like a cinch. It will also show minimal ghosting if you clean regularly with high-quality cleaning products.

The board also comes with a protective sheet to protect the exterior from any scratch or damage during the shipping.

Special Features

Use it as a bulletin board as the surface is magnetic. You can easily stick pictures, graphs, charts, notes, and other things to the board. Adding these items will create a livelier and more vivid visual learning experience. Such a display board helps you engage and interact more with your audience.


  • High-quality surface that is smooth and glossy
  • Doubles as a bulletin board
  • High-grade aluminum frame
  • Comes with a pen tray and mounting kit
  • Reasonable price


  • The surface’s protective sheet is hard to remove
  • The plastic corners could be broken if handled roughly

8. Quartet Dry Erase Board (S531)

Keeping track of your personal finance or busy schedule is an annoying task. It needs a functional tool that is easy to operate andQuartet Dry Erase Board (S531) organize. Paper is not a solution because it will become stacks of paper pretty soon, which itself is a mess. The dry erase board from Quartet is handy in keeping your day-to-day plans and small lists in order. What’s even better is the price. It’s less than $20!


The 24″ x 18″ size is perfect for home and personal use. It’s a convenient medium for writing down your daily schedule, jotting down notes, and more.

The whiteboard and the silver aluminum frame around it look great with any modern decor. Hang it on the wall horizontally or vertically with the provided wall-mounting kit. The weight is less than 4lbs, so you can install it without any help.

However, mounting could be annoying because the instruction is not clear and you have to drill at least two holes in the board and four holes in the wall. Attaching the pen tray will require making one or two more holes.


The melamine board offers a smooth surface for writing. It’s a basic tool with a modern and professional look. It is a great option for light use in your home, office, or cubicle.

As the material is melamine, you have to clean it regularly to keep the shine intact. However, it’s recommended to use Quartet cleaning solutions for the best results.

It’s compatible with all types of markers (except for the permanent ones) and office accessories. Wiping with the standard eraser could be inconvenient since the board is small. It’s better to use markers with aneraser on the cap.

Quartet offers 3 years of warranty on this product.

Special Features

The board does not have any magnetic feature. So, you have to look somewhere else if you intend to use your whiteboard for displaying notices, lists, and other items.


  • Writing surface is smooth and durable
  • Comes with a marker tray and mounting hardware
  • Compatible with regular office supplies
  • Cheap


  • Made of melamine
  • Not magnetic
  • Mounting is a hassle

9. XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard

If you are looking for a small whiteboard for your desktop, XBoard presents you the 15″ x 12″ double-sided magnetic board. You don’tXBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard need to buy any extra item because it comes as a set! And, the price is less than $20!


The board comes with eight pieces of accessories – three markers, one eraser, and four push pin magnets. A pen tray and a mounting kit are also supplied with the package. It means that you just have to take it out of the box and start using after setting up.

The aluminum frame around the board is high-grade, and the Nylon corners keep safe from accidental probes and scratches. As there’s no sharp or pointed edge, it can easily be your kid’s drawing canvas.

The board is lightweight, weighing only 2.2lbs. So, if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall, command hooks and adhesive will be enough to mount it.


A whiteboard is a blank space, but it helps in generating numerous creative ideas and keeping you organized. We have aninstinct for visuals for our creativity to flourish, and this whiteboard set can greatly contribute in that regard.

The two-sided board just doubles the functionality. Both the sides are usable, in case you need more space for writing.

Almost all types of markers work with this board, and wiping off the ink is also a cinch. However, you have to clear it regularly for keeping the streaks and stains away.

Special Features

The surface on both the sides is magnetic, which is great for sticking flash cards, memos, graphs, or whatever you want.


  • High-grade aluminum frame
  • Nylon corners save from scratches
  • Magnetic surface
  • It comes as a complete set
  • Cheap


  • The quality of the provided markers and eraser is not good
  • You can use only one side when mounted on a surface

10. Navy Penguin Whiteboard Set

If you need a whiteboard set but in a larger size than the previousXboard model, try this set from Navy Penguin. The 24″ x 18″ size isNavy Penguin Whiteboard Set pretty good for both personal use and small-scale professional settings. The price is also amazing as you can get the whole set at less than $30.


It’s a rectangular-shaped whiteboard that comes with two markers, one eraser, and two magnets. It also has a detachable pen tray for keeping the markers, erasers, and other small supplies organized and close to hand. You will also get hanging hooks for mounting it on a surface. It means that there’s no need to buy a single extra item to set it up and start using.

The aluminum frame is heavy-duty and is likely to last for a long time. The corner guards are kids-friendly, giving protection against unwanted probes and scratches.


The resin-painted steel surface is excellent for writing, drawing, and painting. Wiping down the ink is a cinch as you just need to use the eraser. However, don’t use dirty cloth or eraser, and clean the board regularly to keep it free from stain and ghosting.

The medium-scale sizing of the board makes it perfect for most of the places – office, cubicle, home, kitchen, dorm room, locker room, and more. It’s perfect for presentation or your personal day planner.

The company offers lifetime replacement guarantee on this product. If you are not satisfied with the quality, it will make a refund or replace the board with no question asked.

Special Features

This is a magnetic board, so you can use it as a bulletin or notice board. Any type of magnets works well with it. You can even use it as a display board for various types of magnets or pictures.


  • High-grade aluminum frame
  • Plastic corner guards
  • Magnetic surface
  • Comes with accessories


  • Removing the plastic coating is annoying
  • The provided marker and eraser are not good quality

How to Care for the Dry Erase Boards

Proper caring and maintenance can surprisingly extend the lifespan of these boards. The melamine version requires a bit special attention since it is prone to stains and dents. You should clean them carefully with the right solutions and cleaning products. Also, be careful about not leaving the marker ink on the surface for a long time. Replace the dirty erasers as soon as possible.

Porcelain and glass boards don’t require that level of maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to use good-quality marker pens and cleaning products for all types of boards. Avoid writing with permanent markers. Use high-grade cleaning products to remove the permanent ink in case you use it accidentally. Besides, remember that the magnetic version of any type of boardsrequires special care.

The Necessary Accessories for Dry Erase Boards

There are some accessories that are necessary for all types of boards. For example, you will have to use markers, erasers, and cleaning products regardless of your chosen whiteboard model. If your board is magnetic, you will need magnetic icons and strips for illustrating data and information.

What do you think about our selections? Let’s know if we’ve missed any in-demand model!