Top 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2022

When a gamer buys a gaming desk, he is not just buying a desk. He is building his ultimate lair.Top 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2020

If you are a gamer, you know this is the goal of your purchase. But before you can go and put together your dream personalized gaming station, you have to visualize in your mind exactly what it looks like. That way you have a pretty good tridea the amount of space you need for all your toys, the shape of the desk that fit your set-up best, and the areas that need special attention. We have also written a complete guide about best office chairs with racing design.


The ordinary desk serving its regular desk purpose does not need to be over-concerned with design. For a gaming desk to work, it has to be excellent in that respect.

Not only is design such a crucial element to deciding which are the best gaming desks, it also has a wide scope. Different areas come into play when a desk’s design is being discussed. In this review, design covers different subtopics including space, ergonomics, cable management, and aesthetics or style.


When it comes to gaming desks, space is the heart of the matter. A gamer thrives on multiple well-sized monitorsTop 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2018 and a good selection of hardcore gamer toys. To be able to manage all these in one place, the key factor is space.

Now there is a selection of desks offering ample space for all the gaming wares of a casual or pro avid player. Most U-shaped and L-shaped desks provide more than enough room for three monitors, some favorite consoles, essential PC hardware, and other paraphernalia. However, the fact is that these desks are expensive and huge.

Many of us do not have the luxury of that kind of space anymore, so the best design goes not necessarily to the most spacious desk tops but to the most space maximizing ones. In this review, you will find a handful of those clever space savers in the list.


Serious gamers and office workers usually end up leading an unhealthy lifestyle and suffer many health issues like repetitive strain injury or the carpal-tunnel syndrome. Sitting down for long periods of time fiddling away at the computer has long-term health implications. More and more manufacturers recognize the major health risks associated with regular computer usage and attempt to incorporate better ergonomics into their designs.

The basics of ergonomics simply require the right height for the desk top and the right chair to keep your body at its most rested position while doing work. A comfortable posture and sitting position enhances concentration and productivity.

Many ergonomically designed desks have adjustable height for optimum results. This functionality also allows computer users to alternate between sitting, half-sitting and standing positions to ease back strains and get some opportunity to do small exercises throughout the day.

Cable management

A good gaming desk should have the capability to minimize the clutter that is an inherent part of any gamer’s workTop 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2018 station. Talk about a major need for excellent cable management. The built-in features of a desk for keeping the space tangle-free and neat is a major plus factor for any desk intended for gaming.


In terms of style, there are a variety of desks to choose from, from the spacious L-shaped ones, to the simple standard ones and the enigmatic U-shaped ones that could either provide you with the optimal solution to your space problems or make your gaming station too confined for the action and therefore completely suck.How a form of desk suits your gaming needs often depends on your level of gaming. On the other hand, whether a modern or traditional looking desk is more suitable plays solely on personal taste.


Apart from design, another aspect that affects a gaming desktop’s performance and functionality is the materials used for its construction. The make of a desk has a lot to do with its longevity, price, and overall design. Some materials tend to last longer than others and some tend to be more expensive than the others.

The three most commonly used materials for some of the best gaming desks in the market are metal, wood and glass.

Metal desks often come in steel-and-PVC combo, which are often lightweight and easy to store and set-up from place to place. This type of material makes desks that are durable enough to last through college years but not as long as wood or glass. They also tend to be less tolerant of rough usage so gamers may need to take it easy on these desks while they are in the heat of a game. On the other hand, these desks tend to be more economical so they are fit for students and casual gamers who tend to look for quality within a budget.

Wooden desks that are made of hardwood such as pine, oak or mahogany are decidedly solid. Other varieties such as maple, though not exactly hardwood, are still significantly dependable when it comes to sturdiness. Quite a lot of gamers are taken to wooden desks because of the sturdy material. This means less restraint during game time and more action to achieve much more enjoyable play. They tend to look more sophisticated than PVC, too, so a lot of people go for that. The downside to wooden desks is their bulk. Most wooden desks come heavy, so they are difficult to lug around across the house. Choosing a wooden gaming desk could sometimes mean settling on a quasi-permanent spot for building your gaming station and sticking to that.

Modern design has led to much more modish gaming desks for the increasingly trendy pool of gamers. Glass in now Top 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2018a popular gaming desk material, oftentimes matched with reinforced steel bracings and components. These desks are quite stylish but also cost more money and tend to be fragile.  Intense gamers may have to think twice before purchasing this type of desk for gaming.


There are not too many desks especially designed for gamers, but there are a few that are especially created to the needs of the average gamer. Good examples of these are the Atlantic Gaming Desk and the DXRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk, both included in our top 10 list. Both of these desks sport special features like specially tilted surface and additional accessory trays. These extra perks are always welcome for enhancing the gaming experience

Usually, the more a desk offers special features customized for optimum gaming, the better it is as a gaming desk. However, some gamers may want to keep their set-up simple and focus on the basic requirements. In this case, personal preferences still dictate how many special features are worth the extra price or worth sacrificing space and other essential features for.


Assembly time is the amount of time it takes to build your purchased furniture out from the box. Different desks require different assembly times. The more complex the desk, the longer it would take to put together. And it is safe to say, the more difficult as well. It is important to estimate how much time and energy you have to be spending for the assembly so you can be ready with some extra hand and an extra dose of patience when you go about the construction step by step.

To help ease this process, manufacturers are constantly enhancing their enclosed manuals. A well-written and well-illustrated manual can save a gamer a ton of precious time and keep frustrations at bay. Indeed, this is one of the trade secrets for making or breaking any online shopping experience. We have also written a complete guide about best standing desks.



Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Z-LINE BELAIR GLASS L-SHAPED COMPUTER DESK Metal frame, Clear 6mm/5mm tempered glass on desktop, display shelf, and slide-out keyboard tray $$$ 4.5
2. WALKER EDISON SORENO 3-PIECE CORNER DESK, BLACK WITH BLACK GLASS Polished and beveled, tempered safety glass, Steel frame with powder coat finish, sliding keyboard trey and CPU stand $$ 4.4
3. ATLANTIC GAMING DESK Cable Management System, Non-marring Feet,Steel-rod Construction $$ 4.5
4. BONVIVO DESIGNER DESK MASSIMO Glass, natural wood with a white lacquered shelf, shatter-resistant tempered glass top $$$ 4.7
5. CONTEMPO CLEAR GLASS TOP COMPUTER DESK WITH PULL-OUT KEYBOARD PANEL Tempered Safety Clear Glass Desktop, Curved Scratch Resistant Powder-Coated Steel Frame $$$ 4.6
6. TEMPERED CLEAR GLASS TOP DESK WITH PULL-OUT KEYBOARD PANEL MDF Side Panels with a Moisture Resistant PVC Laminate Veneer in Mahogany Finish, Scratch Resistant Powder-Coated Steel Frame $$$ 4.3
7. ERGOCRAFT C-1122 CORMAC COMPUTER DESK, MAPLE LAMINATE Maple Laminate with Silver Powder Coated Frame $$ 4.2
8. TRIBEIGNS MODERN SIMPLE STYLE COMPUTER DESK Metal legs and adjustable leg pads, laminated MDF desktop, waterproof and ant scratch $$$ 4.6
9. MERAX MODERN SIMPLE DESIGN COMPUTER DESK MDF board with PVC edge band and steady metal legs $$$ 4.3
10. BHG L-SHAPED COMPUTER DESK Desk is supported by gray metal, Slide-out keyboard shelf with safety stop $$$ 4.0


1.Z LINE BELAIR GLASS L SHAPED COMPUTER DESKAll these nifty gaming desk virtually sums up into a nice and tidy item: Z-Line Designs’ Belair Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk!

This glass-topped 60×24-inch corner desk is an awesome buy not only for gamers but for anybody looking for a reliable, classy, and space-maximizing home desk without going overboard on the budget.


The desk comes in a sleek modern build with 2 main desks joined seamlessly by a corner filler piece. The L-shaped design is perfect for corner placement, but also ideal for creating a semi-enclosed gaming area that provides a greater semblance of private territory.

Belair’s 6mm/5mm clear tempered glass surface sits atop a sturdy metal frame that spans 5 ft. long and 2 ft. wide on each side. It is not a record space holder for desks, but it does offer a good amount of space. The wings of the 37-inch high desk can accommodate either an elevated display shelf that holds up to 50 lbs of hardware or a convenient slide-out keyboard tray. The shelf and tray can go on either side of the table, so you can position your monitors and keyboards on whichever side is more efficient within your room arrangement.

The table surface provides roughly 28 inches floor clearance. The keyboard tray slides out at about 4 inches below the table top so there is ample space for a desk chair to tuck in closer under the tables so you can rest your arms comfortably over the top. This seems like a small thing but if you are sitting an average of 12 to 16 hours a day in front of the computer, this comfortable build can ease your body from a lot of unnecessary strain.

In terms of cable management, you need a seriously neat system if you want use Belair. The clear glass tops, whilst impressive for its modern and sophisticated look, will make all the wire mess visible from top to bottom. Apparently, there is no built-in cable-management system, so you just have to take care to route and tie your cables neatly on the first day and plan to leave them that way so it does not end up looking like a wire dump.


Belair looks slim and minimalist but is sturdier than it looks, being supported with tough square tube metal frames with reinforced platings on welded joints. You can enjoy continuous hours of gameplay without getting distracted with wobbly contraptions. The tempered glass tops fit perfectly into the frames so there is no problem about those sliding out of place, either. Unlike furniture made from wood or metal, glass tends to be fragile by comparison. While you certainly have to practice more caution with this desk, it is plenty solid for bearing the daily gaming grind.


This computer desk was not specifically designed for gamers only, but the flexible design is excellent for gamers who need to customize their gaming space. Since all its segments are removable and can be rearranged in any number of ways, you can adjust its design to your heart’s content to get that perfect gaming space you’ve been envisioning in your head.


The desk comes with an easy to follow illustrated manual, which makes assembly times much more manageable even with just one able-bodied person around. The glass tops may need two or three pairs of hands to properly set them in place if you are not accustomed to doing such heavy lifting. Other than that, it’s a piece of cake to put together.


  • Great amount of space without the bulk
  • Flexible design for custom desk set-up
  • Sturdy metal frame with nice a black powder finish
  • Easy assembly


  • Does not come with built-in cable management mechanism but pretty manageable
  • Glass top may be prone to breakage if not handled with enough prudence


2. WALKER EDISON SORENO 3-PIECE CORNER DESK, BLACK WITH BLACK GLASSOne major drawback for clear tempered glass tops is that when you are messy with this desk, the clutter will really show. On the other hand, having a glass topped desk saves you from a lot of the bulk from traditional wooden desk without sacrificing longevity of useful life.

Getting dark tinted glass top is a great way to skirt around this see-through versus bulky dilemma. Walker Edison’s Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk with Black Glass Top is a perfect example.


This modish computer desk comes devoid of the unnecessary shelves. Instead, you get a neat 90-degree top with a hefty 51-inch by 20-inch sleek, undulating shelf space on both sides.

The L-shaped corner table keeps it neat, with its keyboard easily removable or tucked away, so you stay unencumbered during game time. The stands are engineered to support multiple monitors and practically half your home office, plus its own glass top weight with the most compact steel support possible. As a result you get as much as 29 inches of clearing, so you can stretch freely and find the best seating posture possible.

In terms of style, Soreno is without question one of the most stylish contemporary computer tables out there. Its black glass top is polished to high gloss and beveled along the edges to give that feel of solid yet unrushed finish. The high polished top is balanced out by the powder-finished black steel frames, giving the desk a totally urbane look. You have to admit, the sophistication tends to rub off on you a little over time. Unless you find finesse objectionable as a gamer.

There is just one little issue to its downside regarding cable management. Like the Belair, there is none.This is an unfortunate side-effect of reducing everything to essentials. These desks were built with the assumption that wireless connectivity is now the norms. Still, keeping cable clutter is not a problem at all if you operate mostly through a gaming laptop and other wireless devices. It’s a tad of extra work if you don’t. The good thing is that with those tangled wires exposed in the open, you have no choice but to manage them. There are a lot of ways to keep your cables from getting too messy. You can easily use binders and wire shorteners to keep them out of the way.

Unlike the clear-glassed Belair, the Soreno desk has a cleaner look to begin with because of its dark glass. Nonetheless, cluttered wares are still one major thing to avoid if you want more value from your game time. You get more efficient play when everything is in its designated place and easily within reach.


The glass top is a half-inch black tempered glass. It’s as immune from breakage as laminates or wooden tops are, but is strong enough to hold at least two 42-inch monitors on either wing, or a full array of consoles and sound boxes without a hint of stress on the surface. You can even lean on the glass without worries. You can say it wouldn’t break unless you want it broken.


Seating postures takes a lot of toll on gamers, especially serious ones investing sustained amounts of time gaming online. This 3-piece minimalist corner desk is designed to allow free movements as much as possible and provide sufficient arm and wrist support. The glass top sits at a comfortable height for a person of average height. Though taller gamers may have to adjust their chairs, but that is part of the latter’s design anyway.

To provide extra support to your gaming PC, the desk comes with a detachable PC holder that keeps your valued system unit firmly locked to the floor to avoid crashes and accidents. It’s a neat addition that comes in handy under certain circumstances. You can position it anywhere around the steel stand. You can pull it out in a swipe too, if it is something you don’t need. The same goes for the glass keyboard tray.

Just like Belair, Soreno’s major components are flexible enough to be rearranged so they serve your gaming needs. The two major sections can also be separated into two smaller-sized gaming desks if you intend to move your gaming den to a more confined space.


This also comes with a user-friendly manual that pretty much explains the whole set-up process clearly. It is unbelievably easy to assemble and later dismantle as long as you make sure you can properly lift those glass tops to the right position with or without help.


  • Tidy design that provides a lot of uninterrupted shelf space
  • Sturdy support engineered to bear maximum load capacity
  • Flexible design that is easy to reconfigure for customized game space
  • Easy and fast assembly


  • Glass top may be prone to damage, especially during delivery
  • No built-in cable management system


3. ATLANTIC GAMING DESKNow for a gaming desk that is actually a gaming desk!

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is something even pro gamers would love to get their hands on.


This gamers desk comes with a 49-inch wide and 27-inch, carbon fiber-finished surface. Unlike L or U-shaped gaming desk, this one has a limited amount of desk top space to offer. Whatever little space there is, however, is racked with an outstanding assortment of storage spaces that will delight even the most fanatical gamer down to the most casual of gamers.

To start off, the desk has enough storage space for your sound system, your laptop, your favorite 27-inch flat-screen monitor, up to 2 controllers, up to 5 games, with a lot of desk space to spare. Talk about serious space management.

It may be far from the most spacious desk but it’s been designed to make the most of whatever space it does have. It even comes with a removable wire-mesh drawer that is perfect for storing pens and what-nots that you need for your gaming.

There is  a designated area for your favorite drink  on one side, well within reach but in a safe distance from the desk surface so your equipment are safe from spillages. It also has a sturdy hook on the side designed for storing your favorite, full-size gaming headphone. On one corner of the desk top, there is a neatly tucked 8.5-inch charging bay and power strip, easy to use for servicing your phone and other chargeable gadgets.

This desk has a built-in wire management system that handles all the wire connections in one trim plate at the back of the desk. This significantly reduces clutter and therefore improves the overall quality of the gaming experience.


The work area is finished in carbon fiber and held up firmly by a steel rod frame that has adjustable non-marring and leveling support. As a result, the floor clearance can be easily adjusted to allow the most comfortable and supported seating position for extended hours of use. The whole steel frame is sturdy and steady and able to hold multiple monitors and consoles without sagging or wobbling.


Needless to say, the Atlantic Gaming Desk was designed with the average avid gamer in mind. It stores a massive amount of gamer essentials and organizes them so that they are within easy reach when all the action is happening. There is a designated space for your favorite gaming stuff so you have nothing to worry about except the game you are playing. This means total goof-off time every time you play.


The instructions are pretty easy to follow but it is still expected to take some time assembling due to its many components. As long as you have an extra supply of patients to go through each piece one by one, you should get this desk up in less than 3 hours without much hassle.


  • Well-managed storage space
  • Separate display shelf for large-screen monitor
  • Sturdy and stable steel frame
  • Spacious desktop
  • Carbon fiber finish on desktop optimizes mouse efficiency
  • With built-in cable manager


  • Takes a while to assemble
  • Only as enough room for two large monitors at most


4.BONVIVO DESIGNER DESK MASSIMOBonvivo’s designer desk is stunning show of versatility. The excellent blend of modern glass top over minimalist storage and bamboo support gives it a transcendent look that makes it perfect for modern or traditional living.

Does it stand up well to the demands of a modern gamer?


Robust yet lean, flowing yet crisp, compact but spacious – this designer desk is an absolute match to the millennial whose dynamic lifestyle regularly alternates between serious work and passionate play. It has a strong clear tempered glass top that spans 43 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. With such limited monitor shelf space, this simply cannot be the top option for pro gamers. It is perfect, however, for casual gamers who are looking for a reliable all-around computer desk that can double as a personal gaming station.

The table has three major segments, all of which are alluringly simple yet highly functional. The tempered glass top exudes a modern ambiance, and has strength enough to hold a well-sized PC – say a 32-inch flat monitor, books, and a full-sized laptop. Not too bad at all for a smaller-sized desk.

The white finished wooden shelf that goes beneath the glass top provides an extra layer of storage for gadgets, headphones, and just about anything that needs to be constantly within reach for work or play. What makes it more awesome is that you can see where everything is underneath! You don’t have to fish around through your stuff just to find what you are looking for. The lower shelf is also a great place to navigate with your mouse if you are using an optical one. Otherwise, you would need to position a mouse pad on the glass top for the mouse to work properly.

The last section is the pair of bamboo legs that support the whole desk and keep the shelf and glass top together. The finishing is neat and the wood is of premium quality. They provide around 24 inches of floor clearance and hardly occupy any space beneath the shelf. With a very simple design, they add to the airiness of the whole set-up, so you can just relax and have a good time while concentrating on your game.

With this minimalist all-arounder, you are left to your own devises for managing those dangling wires. The limited space helps to limit the amount of gizmos you can mount so the cable problem is also limited. it works even better with wireless devices, so if you have gone wireless on most of your wares, then this is perfectly designed for you.


Bonvivo is an interesting set of materials put together – urbane glass over conventional wood held together by elegantly finished bamboo support. The bamboos are locked in place with wooden dowels to make sure everything holds firmly in place. Not a lot of furniture manufacturers have that kind of boldness. Fortunately for Bonstato, Inc., their Bonvivo experiment worked very well in their favor. The desk is elegant and compact but has a large amount of storage space and very strong base support.


The structure of the desk provides a solid support for a gamer’s essential items. The lower shelf is a good alternative place for a gaming keyboard and mouse so your arms and wrists have ample support and suffer less strain during long game times. That way,  there is also more room above for additional gaming items.And no, you won’t knock your wrist on the wood or glass, there is plenty of space underneath for navigating.


This is awesome for people who have no patients to go through lengthy instructions or fiddle with too many tools. With just three main components, you can have this up and ready for service in less than 30 minutes. The only challenging part is hefting the glass up above the shelf, for may need an extra pair of hands to keep the glass steady.


  • Light and easy to assemble
  • With a lower shelf that maximizes storage space
  • versatile desk that can be used for different purposes
  • modern and chic design


  • not enough space for more than 2 monitors
  • no built-in cable management system
  • glass top may be prone to breakage if not handled with due care
  • not suitable for pro gaming


5.CONTEMPO CLEAR GLASS TOP COMPUTER DESK WITH PULL-OUT KEYBOARD PANELIf you find the Bonvivo too feminine for your liking, its close contemporary Contempo may be more suited to your liking.


TechniMobili’sContempo Clear Glass Top Computer Desk with Pull-out Keyboard Panel has a 43-inch square desktop crafted from 8mm sturdy tempered glass. Like the Bonvivo, it is compact and modern, providing just enough space for gaming essentials on the desktop. There is room for a 15-inch laptop to sit on top, along with a sizable monitor, with ample room to spare for a pair of sound boxes, a full-sized mouse pad, and maybe a slender table-mounted lamp.

The pull-out keyboard tray is highly ergonomic as it is space-saving. with about 25 inches of floor clearance, it provides ergonomic solutions to strained arms and wrists during extended play hours. If paired with an armless chair that can roll all the way beneath the table top, the desk allows you to maintain good body posture and to have a more comfortable and relaxed gaming time.

The keyboard tray is made of mahogany-colored laminate veneer which durable and is easy to clean. It can hold up to 33 lbs and is not prone to breakage, so you can loosen up and get your head in the game without worrying about damaging anything. When not in use, it easily slides beneath the clear glass top so there is less clutter to deal with.

The desktop and tray are supported by scratch-resistant sturdy steel frames, coated with powder finish and curved luxuriously to give that premium modern feel.


The 8mm tempered glass desktop can hold up to 110 lbs of gaming hardware and is held firmly in place by solid steel frames. The frames themselves are excellently engineered to provide maximum support while taking up the least amount of space. The keyboard tray is made of water-proof laminate veneer. This portion may be prone to tearing, especially with long-term use, but is easily repairable with quick-drying glue.


This compact computer desk is also good for a variety of different purposes and not limited to gaming. You can enjoy personal space for both work and play, easily switching between both at will. It also provides decent ergonomic design which is good for gamers who tend to consume long hours for their favorite quests. The space is limited so gamers with a lot of stuff to stow in their gaming stations may find this lacking. For casual to moderate players, the desk space is a good trade-in for the desk’s compact size so you can enjoy gaming comfortably –and stylishly – even in more confined spaces.


Like compact desks, one if the high points of the Contempo is its easy and fast assembly. Most standard desks take 1 to 2 hours to assemble. Contempo can be assembled well within half an hour, usually without need for helpers.


  • compact size
  • versatile desk for multiple purposes
  • modern and sleek design
  • sturdy steel frames and strong tempered glass top
  • fast and easy assembly
  • ergonomic keyboard tray


  • limited desktop space
  • no built-in cable manager


6.TEMPERED CLEAR GLASS TOP DESK WITH PULL-OUT KEYBOARD PANELThere is another TechniMobili computer desk that is worth looking into when shopping for great gaming desktops. Tempered Clear Glass Top Desk with Pull-out Keyboard Panel share similar features with other popular TechniMobili furniture, and exudes the same modern style.


Unlike the totally urbane Contempo, the Tempered Clear Glass Top Desk hovers between the modern and conventional. Its 40-inch by 22-inch desktop and keyboard tray are made of sleek and modish clear tempered glass. Add to that the crisp lines and the bolted steel frames and you know you have a clearly advanced design. Tempered just has a little hangover from the previous era reigned by solid and bulky wooden desks. If you scan the product lines nowadays, it’s all about compact and sturdy glass. You get as much material strength without all the bulk that takes away precious space.

So tempered keeps holding on to conventional wooden design by incorporating noticeable slabs of faux mahogany laminates into its otherwise completely steel frames. While this somehow adds to the solid look of the frame, it also makes the whole desk look rather nostalgic. The silver-colored hollow cubed frames also look quite oldschool-ish.

Styling qualms aside, this desk makes a great desk for gamers who are concerned with keeping a healthier posture over longer periods of time.


Regardless of what you make of its look, it is made of dependable enough materials. The 8mm tempered glass shelves are quite standard, and the metal frames seem solid and long-lasting. The vinyl slabs are themselves sturdy, though not as tough as real wood. It manages to convey some semblance of solidity, though there is a tendency for the desk to wobble a little when there is too much action going on.


The desk offers excellent basic ergonomics with its keyboard tray and desktop height. Even armed chairs fit easily beneath the desk’s floor clearance, making it great for keeping gamers comfortable in operating their gaming computers for extended periods of time.


The assembly for this item could be quite challenging. it comes with a lot of pieces for assembly and mostly need more than one pair of hands to get them done. The manual is not of much help, since it has a rather complicated set of step-by-step instructions. It takes an average of 2-3 hours to assemble, so you better make sure you have some spare time to work on assembling this if you plan to purchase.


  • compact size
  • excellent ergonomic desktop and keyboard tray
  • made of sturdy materials


  • tends to wobble a little
  • limited desktop space
  • long and challenging assembly time


7.ERGOCRAFT C-1122 CORMAC COMPUTER DESK, MAPLE LAMINATEERGOCRAFT C-1122 has a lot going on for a desk that only spans 3 ft. long and 3 ft. wide, making it an ideal headquarters for a gamer with a handful of consoles and PC wares to stow away.


C-1122 is an eye candy for gamers. Its spacious desktop features an elevated monitor shelf that easily fits 32 to 42-inch monitors. A slide-out keyboard tray hangs a few inches off the main desktop. This provides more free space for the main desktop shelf and also promotes ergonomic efficiency by keeping the keyboard in a comfortably low position.

About the same height with the keyboard tray, there is an adjustable and removable extra side shelf with vinyl surface mounted on metal frames. This shelf provides additional storage area such as well-sized sound box.

A couple of inches above the floor is another layer of shelf space which can serve as a foot rest or better yet a storage for computer towers and other heavier and massive gaming paraphernalia.

Overall, C-1122 does a good job at maximizing the storage space in a relatively small area of floor space.


The desk is crafted from maple-like laminated wooden panel. While not as hardy as the real thing, the laminates are strong and excellently coated. The covers do not tend to come off or tear, which is beneficial for long-term use. The frames are elongated metal tubes that are powder coated for a more sophisticated appeal. As a whole, the desk looks both strong and elegant in its blend of metal and wooden panel.


There are two awesome things about this desk as a gaming space. First, it has awesome space management. It managed to cram enough space for moderate to serious gamers to keep their items in without crowding out the whole room. Second, the ergonomics is also good, given there is ample space between monitor display and keyboard tray. Any gamer can ease out and maintain good posture when using this desk for his gaming time.


The assembly for this item takes an average of an hour, with not too many struggles with its materials or manuals, so it is fairly easy to manage.


  • lots of storage space in smaller floor area
  • good ergonomics
  • fairly easy to assemble
  • simple yet classic design


  • laminates are moderately durable but not as long-lasting as wood or glass
  • no built-in cable manager


8. TRIBESTYLE MODERN SIMPLE STYLE COMPUTER DESKsk provide just enough desktop space and a whole lot of legroom.

The elegantly laminated wooden panel top is held firmly in place by a pair of heavy-duty steel frames coated expertly with powder coating. The legs are designed with adjustable leg pads so the whole desk stays even and firm despite any uneven flooring.

The desktop provides a highly functional shelf space that could accommodate a PC, a laptop and a handful of other gaming gadgets that are essential to your desired gaming experience. The frames are also strong enough to hold multiple monitors and a fully loaded table top.

The table requires a moderate amount of problem solving in terms of cable management since it comes with none. However, hacking those messy wires is fairly easy once you get used to keeping your gaming space uncluttered and clean.

Overall, this desk has a very clean, modern and reliable look. And Tribesigns managed that without utilizing the now-prevalent tempered glass for its tabletop.


This desk is made from 0.98-inch panel table top, so the design remains compact despite the absence of glass components. The steel frame has specially-designed leg pads that can adjust up to 1-2 inches to ensure a stable desk regardless of the floor condition. The frame is coated in powdery matte-black, giving it an elegant and high-quality finish.


This gaming desk has enough space for most of the basic gaming hardware and some besides. The space in the desktop can be utilized for different stuff and can accommodate and hold special gaming gadgets, although the number of monitors still has to be limited to one or two due to its compact size.

The desk is also comfortable to use and causes less strain on the body given a properly aligned chair to match.


The C-1122 can be assembled in no time with hardly any strain at all. Is three main sections are easy to connect and there is no difficulty in following the simple manual instructions


  • compact design
  • versatile and useful for different purposes
  • sturdy material with attractive finish
  • compact desktop not prone to breakage


  • limited desktop space
  • laminates not as long lasting as wood or glass


9.MERAX MODERN SIMPLE DESIGN COMPUTER DESK 47.2×23.6×30 inches. This is not too compact to constrict the desk space for gaming stuff but also not too large to sit snugly in a corner of a bedroom.

The desk space has ample room for multiple monitors and a full-size laptop, speakers, and one or two consoles. There is a slide-out keyboard that is spacious enough for a keyboard and a mouse for more convenient navigating, provided your keyboard is compact enough. A standard-sized gaming keyboard still leaves room for a mouse but with not much space for moving it around. An optical mouse works pretty well on the laminated desktop though, so it could stay on top when the keyboard crowds out the tray.

The desk provides plenty of leg room for average and tall gamers, so you don’t end up feeling cramped after spending several hours on a game. There is also a series of spacious drawers on one side side of the desk, which may not have been made specifically for gaming but is perfect for storing games, headsets, and other gamer what-nots.

Less and less computer desks are coming along nicely without built-in cable management. This does not have one either. This could be a bit of a hassle if you have a lot of wires from different devices needing housekeeping. Most of these hassles can now be avoided easily by switching to wireless devices. Going wireless is not exactly easy or cheap and sometimes not just possible with the many implements you are keeping but most computer hardware development is headed that way, and most desk manufacturers are already anticipating that move.


The desk is a mixture of solid metal frames and thick MDF board top. The desktop is reinforced on its edges with PVC bands to provide added protection. The metal frames are strong and steady, reinforced by metal edge pads to protect the floor and facilitate easier movement.


Merax offers ample desk space and sufficient legroom for gamers who need a wide expanse of space for their devices. While the elegant looking modern desk is highly versatile, it can turn into an ideal gaming set-up with enough patience and creativity.


The finished product looks elegantly simple, but it arrives in a box with many components and much assembling to do. It could take you just a little more than two hours to assemble or you could end up spending the whole day just working at it. The instructions are simple enough to follow so the only struggle is basically just on making all those pieces come together in as little time as possible.


  • spacious desktop and a lot of legroom
  • spacious keyboard tray
  • sufficient storage are
  • elegant and minimalist design reduces clutter and bulk


  • takes time to assemble and challenging to put together
  • Much heavier than it appears in the photos


10.BHG L-SHAPED COMPUTER DESKFinally, this L-shaped desk deserves the top10 spot for its excellent design and ergonomics, perfect for beginner gamers looking for a great deal within their budget.


The L-shaped desk is cozy enough to fit into a corner or stay as a standalone desk that creates a semi-closed-off gaming area. It seems best, however to have some wall support to make the 1.5-inch thick laminated desktop more stable. One wing of the table is roughly 33 inches long, while the shorter side spans around 23.5 inches. With a uniform width of 19.5 inches, there is enough room on the desktop for at least 3 PC monitors without getting cramped.

The great thing about having L-shaped desks with this space is getting to spread out all your nasty gaming wares and still keep them well within reach. One little problem is that the keyboard tray can only be attached to either side of the table. but forgoing the keyboard tray does not really make any difference in the performance. The keyboard can rest easily on the desktop without straining your wrist or arms in the process.

There is also an extra display shelf that could hold another monitor or some gaming console. That way the space is maximized. However, it is not recommended to use it for much heavier devices since the uneven weight may topple the table.

Overall, the BHG desk is spacious and elegant. The only downside is its low base support, which is apparent upon looking at the architecture of the leg support. While it does provide ample reinforcement and is able to bear the balanced weight of the desktop load, any disturbance in the equilibrium threatens the base support. This is not at all ideal for a desk supposedly good for high-action gaming.


The materials are mostly lightweight, which probably contributes to the lightness and airiness of the design. It is challenging however since the desk tends to wobble when you move one portion of it around. There seems a danger of damaging some components when moved around a little carelessly. You could see how this may be suitable for light gaming but probably not so for good for gamers used to hardcore gaming action.


This desk addresses the gamer’s typical space restraint issues. However it could do much better when  arranged to receive external base reinforcement so that the frantic movements during intensive games does not unseat the monitors and other devices on the desktop.


The assembly may take a while considering it has many separate components and most of the frame support are flimsy when on their own so getting it all set-up without breaking a part is quite challenging. Average assembly time is 3 hours, give or take, with one or two exhausted helpers, give or take.


  • spacious desktop
  • ergonomic design
  • convenient L-shaped desk keeps everything within reach


  • wobbly base support

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