Anyone involved in a typical 9-to-5 job is well aware that sitting at a desk constantly is the bane of their TOP 10 BEST LEATHER OFFICE CHAIRS OF 2020existence. Sitting for long periods is detrimental because the human body structure isn’t designed to be idle. It’s supposed to be much more active, yet the nature of the sedentary work forces the body to act in an exact opposite manner.

Researchers who study the impact of sedentary lifestyles at a molecular level and up to complex corporate culture confirm that a lack of movement slows down metabolism, promotes obesity, and the litany of sicknesses follow – diabetes, heart disease, chronic back and spine issues, and more.

Any way out? Needless to say, it is wise to invest in the top-rated executive leather office chairs to mitigate the potential threats of sitting. Leather office chairs are indeed an epitome of prestige, class, business acumen, and wealth. It adds to the image and efficiency of an high-powered executive figure in an office. We have also written a complete guide about best office chairs with leather.

That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the 10 best leather office chairs engineered to cradle the body with a practical design and ample comfort and find out what makes these items the best in this product category. We have written a complete guide about most comfortable office chairs.

What Are The Significant Advantages Of Office Chairs With Leather?

Wrongly-designed chairs are somewhat lethal and desk jobs further ruin well-being. The grim conclusion may shockTOP 10 BEST LEATHER OFFICE CHAIRS OF 2018 you, but sitting in an imperfect chair for more than 12 hours a day doubles the risk of diseases and the likelihood of dying early.

Being the most sought after product in any office, well-designed leather office chairs come with some serious advantages. What you need to do is outweigh the advantages for the downsides as a rule of thumb!

Ease of maintenance: Leather upholstery is usually easy to preserve and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Utilizing a bespoke leather cleaner in every six months maintains the overall appearance of the chair. If maintained meticulously, a superior leather upholstered chair can develop its individual patina and assume a distinctive look as it matures with time.

Aesthetic appeal: Leather office chairs give off an aura of prestige and authority. They look nice and appropriate in any corporate setting adding to the exquisiteness of a contemporary office. Leather office chair makers offer a range of bespoke colored upholstered choices so a more unique consumer preferences are also satisfied. Although 90% of leather office chairs come in the standard black shade, white, brown, and burgundy are the next options in color popularity.

Excellent health benefits: An ergonomic leather chair has a head rest and backrest that supports the posture while sitting, consequently, stiffness in the neck and shoulder region disappears. Moreover, the seat height can be adjusted to keep the feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor and parallel to hips. These corrections automatically help improve the posture. A good sitting posture allows the proper blood circulation.

Ergonomic chairs offer a good neck support even when the user wants to stretch out for answering phone calls at work. Leather office chairs have a backrest that supports spine’s natural curve and alleviates the enormous tension on muscles and ligaments. For women fighting cellulite, a good leather chair is a godsend as it stops the fat to accumulate on hip and thighs. Some leather chairs include a reclining function that allows the user TOP 10 BEST LEATHER OFFICE CHAIRS OF 2018to rest beyond 90-degree angle. Moreover, a good seat depth supports hips and buttocks.

Boost in productivity: The entire corporate workforce look to seize the day but after spending a few hours in an uncomfortable chair just face nagging back problems. The constant movement to find a comfortable spot to settle in affects concentration and makes the mind wander from work. An ergonomic leather chair literally moulds to the body shape and soothes the body. Soon you’ll stop noticing the pain, begin focusing on the vital stuff and find an increase in productivity. Absenteeism drops significantly as workers have less musculoskeletal problems with well-formed leather chairs.

What Are The Vital Features To Seek In A Leather Office Chair?

The best leather office chairs offer beyond what you desire. Some offer deep ergonomic advantages, breathable cover, outstanding lumbar support, while concurrently gifting you a flurry of personalization options ranging everything from shades to contours.

Leather office chairs can be a universal remedy for your workday woes, but bespoke and appropriate features go far in the long term.

Structure and Durability

Office chair’s seat height must be adjustable preferably with a pneumatic adjustment lever. A seat height ranging around 16-21 inches off the floor must suffice. The seat must have adequate width and depth to support the user. Typically, 17-20 inches width is the standard. The depth needs to be sufficient so the user can sit with his back aligned with the backrest.

The backrest of a leather office chair must be 12-19 inches wide. If it’s separate from the seat, it must be adjustable in elevation and angle. If the leather office chair has a fused one-piece seat and backrest, the latter must be modifiable in forward and rear angles with a locking mechanism to secure it from going haywire.TOP 10 BEST LEATHER OFFICE CHAIRS OF 2018

Office chair armrests must be adjustable. Any leather chair must easily rotate so the user can get to different areas of his desk without a strain. The lower arms and elbows must rest calmly, and the forearm mustn’t stay on the armrest while working.

A good leather chair must have a build to withstand the constant use of 10-12 hours a day and stay firm even after an extended use.

Material / Softness

High-quality leather office chairs will typically be upholstered in a solitary piece of leather to maintain top look and finish. Seldom, a maker will utilize a good-quality leather to upholster the chair while stressing on the origin, class, and grade of the leather hide.

The material on an office chair’s seat and back must have sufficient padding to be soft to sit on for unlimited periods. Having a leather covering that feels smooth is preferred over a hard surface.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Lower and upper back support in an ergonomic leather chair is vital. The lumbar spine includes an inward curve, and sitting all day without support tends to slouching that flattens the normal curve and strains the spine structure.

An ergonomic leather chair must have a lumbar modification (both depth and height) so user can get a proper fit to support the upper/lower back. The armrests must allow the user’s arms and shoulders to relax comfortably. To avoid compound tissue damage due to a twist in the lumbar spine, the chair must swivel 360 degrees.

Ergonomic leather office chairs must allow comfort and free movement in a workspace. They can help you achieve the ultimate comfort resembling the relaxation of a soft couch and eliminate the risk of back problems. Flexible and comfortable seating yields better outcomes.

Types Of Genuine Leather Used In Office Chairs

Real or genuine leather is produced from the skins of animals, such as cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. There areTOP 10 BEST LEATHER OFFICE CHAIRS OF 2018 numerous sorts of leather, but it can usually be categorized into three kinds: aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented. The type of the real leather you opt for depends vastly on the appearance of the product you desire and the destined application of the product you’re buying. To find out more, just go through the short summary of each of these categories:

  • Aniline Leather – Aniline leather is a high quality and top-grain leather which has not undergone any protective treatment. It is the most innate looking leather with the exclusive surface characteristics of the animal hide. Aniline finishes enable the user to experience the natural look and feel of leather markings. The leather is vulnerable to surface scratches and absorbs stains easily. It might even fade if exposed to sunlight for an extended duration of time.
  • Semi-Aniline Leather – Semi-aniline leather is essentially pure aniline leather that contains a delicate surface coating of pigment or just a clear finish. This boosts the resilience of the leather and safeguards it from soiling and spills, while simultaneously retaining its innate appearance. The surface coating even ensures an uniformity of color all over the leather.
  • Pigmented Leather – Pigmented leather is a top-grain leather which has been coated with a transparent top layer or pigment. Pigments render a shiny look and color to the leather making it demonstrate a less natural-looking appearance. The leather is pigmented to offer sturdiness and to conceal natural blemishes. It is easy to preserve and has utmost resistance to stains, deterioration, and fading. Pigmented leather is typically found in almost all of the furniture and vehicle upholstery.



Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather Executive Chair with Aluminum Base (Top Pick) Padded Armrest, Aluminum Base, and PU Castors $$$ 4.6
2. Artis Decor Soft Pad Low and High Back Executive Office Chair Upholstered Genuine Italian Leather, Swivel and Polished Aluminium Frame $$$ 4.6
3. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Seat slide adjustable, tilt tension, Headrest height and angle adjustment $$$ 4.2
4. VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Leather Chair Waterfall seat edge, Heavy duty nylon base and dual wheel casters $$$ 4.2
5. GM Seating Ergonomic Executive Genuine Leather Chair Tilt Tension Control, Lumbar Support, Locking Back $$$ 4.4
6. Artis Decor Ribbed Low and High Back Office Chair Genuine Italian leather, dual paddle controls, 360 degree swivel $$$ 5.0
7. OFM Stimulus Series Leatherette Executive Chair Adjustable and locking tilt control, 360 degree swivel, back recline tension control and gas lift seat height adjustment $$$
8. Nicer Furniture Genuine Leather Middle Back Executive Chair Tilted control and tension adjustment, Leather upholstered armrests and waterfall seat edges $$$
9. ACME 02339 Andrew Pneumatic Lift Office Chair Extra cushioned seats and back support $$$ 4.0
10. OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair Segmented padded back and seat with ultra plush cushioning, padded arms $$$ 4.8

1. Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather Executive Chair with Aluminum Base(Top Pick)

Customize your workspace to the last detail with Zuri Sterling Leather Executive Chair!

Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather Executive Chair with Aluminum Base (Top Pick)The Sterling Leather Executive Chair from Zuri Furniture has a meticulously sculpted appearance that exudes a contemporary and luxurious vibe. If you wish to protect your back from aching all day and give off an opulent display, going for this chair is a connoisseur’s choice.

Structure and Durability

Zuri Sterling Leather Executive Chair measures 25.5″ in width, 21″ in depth and 50-53″ in height; the seating height is 18-21″ and the seating width is 20″.  There is a synchronized mechanism in place with 4 position lock indicating the seat and backrest is coupled so that angles adjust in a permanent ratio. The chair has 85mm chrome gas lift.

The high-quality leather, extra dense foam padding, and Aluminum base make sure the chair withstands daily wear and tear and lasts longer than a regular chair.

Material / Softness

The Sterling Leather Executive Chair’s back and seat are embellished with a lattice pattern on deluxe genuine leather upholstery, and the armrests have a shiny modern touch with a curved metal construction.

The chair features high-density foam padded armrest for extra softness and leatherette match on the back with Aluminum base and PU castors. The chair comes in a swath of colors such as black, cream, red and dark gray and its subtle covering increases airflow.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The chair features a dynamic matrix of lattice pattern that permits the seat and back to mechanically conform to body’s every movement, while its central spine and flexible mid part work to uphold proper posture and comfort even if you lean ahead or recline.

The movement capabilities promote superior blood and oxygen flow, and if that isn’t adequate, the sophisticated tilt mechanism helps battle unwanted neck, hip, and lumbar strain. This swivel chair has durable casters for mobility and fully adjustable height. The curved lumbar and head support along with padding provides comfort.


  • Rich leather upholstered chair
  • Expert assembly available who also inspect the safety
  • Chrome gas lift and Aluminum base


  • Headrest can awkwardly force upper back forward if you’re taller than 6′

2. Artis Decor Soft Pad Low and High Back Executive Office Chair

Exude style and power of business acumen with Artis Decor Executive Chair!

Artis Decor Soft Pad Low and High Back Executive Office ChairArtis Decor Executive Office Chair brings an upscale and elegant look to offices and conference rooms. A wholesome comfort and trendy aesthetics represent the chair’s mid-century inspired design. The soft pad and high-back executive chair’s adjustable features and supreme comfort take you through any long work day with effortlessness.

Structure and Durability

Artis Decor chair is equipped with 5-star base with metal casters, a 360-degree swivel mechanism, a tilt lock feature for a stable neutral position, and pneumatic height adjustment. The dual paddle controls permit the repositioning of the chair’s height and back. The high-back ribbed chair molds and supports the spine. The chair is equipped with a ground-breaking suspension that creates a dense and flexible sitting pocket. The chair measures 21.5″ in width, 21″ in depth and 18-22″ in seat height. The back height is 47.5-51.5″ and arms height is 26.5-30.5″. It weighs 36.6 pounds.

The materials are top quality and the product is incredibly durable. The molded seat has high-density, chunky PU inserted foam padding for a smooth form and cushion resiliency.

Allowing a professional to assemble the Artis Decor chair takes hardly 1 hour but varies across the chosen model. It frees users from the annoyance of interpreting instructions or keeping track of screws and hardware.

Material / Softness

Artis Decor executive office chair blends upscale design and classic style. It’s upholstered from 100% genuine Italian leather and features highly-polished Aluminum frame and arms for a touch of shine.

The chair has extra-thick channeled padded body for an ultimate softness. The tubular steel column adds power and stability whereas metal casters offer mobility. The chair is available in 4 variants, high-back black, high-back white, low-back black, and low-back white.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The ergonomically stylish chair molds to the body shape and maximizes comfort. The back supports the spine by offering extra lumbar support. Different tasks such as reading, discussions, or keyboard work require dissimilar sitting heights and postures and this chair allows users to position themselves at the accurate height for the workstation.


  • Full-grain Italian leather, doesn’t peel or become unsightly
  • Removable arms
  • Easy assembly takes less than an hour
  • Back is high enough to support a 6′ frame


  • Seat cushion has no contour, doesn’t fully support the buttocks
  • Recline spring has limited flexibility

3. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

Experience versatility and grace with GM Seating Ergolux Executive Leather Chair!

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel ChairSo, why should one hold GM Seating Ergolux High-Back Executive Chair in the highest regard? Whether users are engrossed in keyboard work, evaluating files, or brainstorming with associates, the product offers professional style with refined support for a day-long comfort.

Structure and Durability

The features of GM Seating Ergolux leather chair include a back angle adjustment, synchro-tilt, seat height/depth adjustment, headrest height and angle adjustment, and arm height adjustment. It offers a flexible range of motion as the chair swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking ease. 3D armrest is angle, height, left/right, backward/forward adjustable. The dimensions are 30 x 28 x 20 inches and the weight is 45 pounds.

The backrest may be adjusted to lock in a higher/lower spot and it can achieve a reclined position for relaxation. There is a tilt tension adjustment button. Moreover, seat slide is adjustable forward or backward to have a deeper or smaller seat for tall and shorter people respectively. The durable chair has 3 set positions to lock in and a fourth tension adjustable position lets users swing freely.

Material / Softness

This unique and genuine calfskin flexible leather office chair will make you stand apart from the crowd. The durable nylon 5-star casters facilitate smooth-rolling mobility across the areas of an office or back and forth to the meeting room.

The chair is firm with its metal body and chrome base but the top-grain leather is soft as there’s thick padding in the backrest and seat. It’s available in 2 color variants, black and cream white.

Ergonomics and Comfort

GM Seating Ergolux leather chair intuitively adjusts to the body and shifting posture. This ergonomically-designed leather chair is crafted to ease pressure throughout the day with added versatility.

The unique and automatic lumbar support system has plasticity adjustment and provides complete support to the spine and back. When users have the chair locked in, it still flexes with the body weight distribution and mobility by several degrees.

The chair involuntarily modifies angular recline by acclimatizing to body weight. The supple leather creates an optimal coolness.


  • Sleek and classy look, slim form factor
  • Ergonomically accurate to accommodate users of all heights
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Backrest is very flexible and supportive


  • Difficult to handle the elements and fixtures without professional help

4. VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Leather Chair

Add a new dimension to your ergonomic workspace with Viva leather chair!

VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Leather ChairIf you’re on a quest to find a comfortable full-size leather chair with a great lumbar support, your search ends with Viva High Back Ergonomic Leather Chair. With a well-padded cushy seat and excellent controls, the chair is a must-have for an opulent office.

Structure and Durability

Viva high-back ergonomic chair has adjustable built-in lumbar support and chunky padded seat cushion and headrest. Easy pneumatic controls enable users to raise or lower the seat, rock back or stay seated straight. The controlled lumbar knob permits the regulation of pressure. Waterfall seat edge allows diminished pressure.

The control handle pull enables the chair to tilt back or lean forward and a push prevents it from tilting. Seat elevation is achieved by leaning forward to take away the body weight and pulling up the control handle. Lowering the seat needs the user to stay seated and pull up the control handle to the desired level.

A tilt tension knob beneath the seat regulates the rocking action of the chair. The durable chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Product dimensions are 34 x 27 x 16 inches, the assembled height, width, length are 44.9″, 27.6″ and 27.2″ inches respectively. Item weight is 58.4 pounds.

Material / Softness

Viva ergonomic leather chair has bonded black leather and PVC to constitute its soft, supple upholstery. This covers the padded seat cushion and also the contoured-for-support back cushion. Heavy-duty nylon base along with dual wheel casters give great firmness.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The chair offers perfect adjustable lumbar support and ultimate comfort with supple seat cushion and headrest. The controlled and pressurized lumbar support knob regulates the pressure on spine and back and offers improved comfort and support.

Waterfall seat edge reduces fatigue and pressure on the legs and increases blood circulation. The adjustable chair promotes an ergonomically correct posture needed at a desk for a long time span.


  • Premium bonded leather with PVC upholstery
  • Soft padded seat with waterfall edge
  • Synchronous tilt mechanism
  • Leather has no toxic smell
  • Expert assembly available


  • Limited reclining due to stationary armrests

5. GM Seating Ergonomic Executive Genuine Leather Chair

Win in your business endeavors with the GM Seating Executive Leather Chair!

GM Seating Ergonomic Executive Genuine Leather ChairGM Seating Ergonomic Executive Genuine Leather Chair is a dream chair with a chrome base that actually lets you go through a day successfully. This genuine leather chair remains one of the sleek and minimalistic-looking products currently available.

Structure and Durability

GM Seating ergonomic dream chair has an adjustable seat height for perfect lumbar support and its 360-degree swivel enables a versatile range of movement for multi-tasking. The headrest height is adjustable and can be tweaked to go back and forward too. 3D armrest is angle, backward/forward, swivel, height adjustable for greater versatility in hand movement.

The chair features a synchronous tilt mechanism while its backrest offers height and recline adjustment. Adjustability traits also include tilt lock, tilt tension control, back angle modification. The dimensions are 25 inches wide x 28 inches high x 19 inches deep and the weight is 48 pounds. The durable chair can bear a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Material / Softness

GM Seating executive chair has authentic calfskin leather and is available in the black leather color. The chrome/polypropylene with nylon casters complete the chrome base and facilitate easy rolling mobility. The chair is made of 97% recyclable components. The chair features a mesh seat and back that offer a soft feeling to the skin.

Ergonomics and Comfort

GM Seating leather dream chair features ergonomic adjustments for day-long comfort along with a professional style. The leather seat and back promotes improved support. The ergonomically crafted office chair eases stress. The healthy chair is Greenguard indoor air quality certified and meets the ANSI/BIFMA standards.

The chair provides full support to your lower back with its automatic lumbar support system and is excellent for back pain issues. Breathable mesh seat and back support air circulation. The backrest is adjusted to lock in a higher/lower position along with a reclined position for extra ease.


  • Assembly is rather easy and takes 15 minutes
  • Forces you into the accurate posture and is ultra-comfortable
  • Mesh backing and calfskin leather offer a soft feeling


  • Limited personalization of the lumbar location and curve
  • Various adjustable parts take some efficiency to lock in
  • Bit on the heavier side

6. Artis Decor Ribbed Low and High Back Office Chair

Give an upscale look to your office with Artis Decor Low and High Back chair!

Artis Decor Ribbed Low and High Back Office ChairArtis Decor utilizes the top quality materials and pays keen attention to detail to offer you the best of its kind leather office chair currently obtainable. Needless to say, the executive office chair will bestow a graceful and modern-day look in your workplace.

Structure and Durability

Artis Decor low and high back chair has easily adjustable height and back. The chairs are outfitted with 5-star base with sturdy casters, a 360-degree swivel action in addition to a tilt lock feature.

The company knows your endless trials and tribulations of corporate life, so this Artis Decor chair is incredibly easy to assemble saving you on time and money. Easy step by step guidelines are included.

The dimensions are 21.5″, 21″, 18-22″ in width, depth, and seat height respectively. The back height is 47.5-51.5″ whereas the arms height is 26.5-30.5″. The item weight is 28 pounds.

Material / Softness

Artis Decor low and high back chair is made with premium 100% genuine Italian leather and sturdy aluminum frame. The chair has a soft molded seat. The chair is available in 6 variants, namely, black, high-back black, red, high-back red, white, and high-back white.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The leather chair merges smart design and present-day style. Since it is upholstered from authentic Italian leather, the chair is equipped with a ground-breaking suspension that generates a firm yet supple sitting pocket. This facilitates the ergonomically designed chair to mold to the user’s body shape while providing extra comfort.

The double paddle controls allow the users to reposition this chair for a preferred level of comfort. The high-back ribbed chair cradles and supports the spine by presenting an extra lumbar support. The chair is idyllic for any household, workplace, conference or board room.


  • 100% authentic Italian leather
  • Lightweight chair available in 6 variants
  • Bespoke build with high and low back
  • Easy assembly with step by step instructions


  • Limited padding in the seat and back

7. OFM Stimulus Series Leatherette Executive Chair

Adorn your workspace with the trendy OFM Stimulus Series Leatherette Executive Chair!

OFM Stimulus Series Leatherette Executive ChairThe OFM Stimulus Series Leatherette Executive Chair features a deluxe synthetic leather for an upscale appearance and feeling, thereby making it a tidy and modish solution to any task. It’s one of the most admired executive chairs in existence which owes its merit to meticulous research and development.

Structure and Durability

This computer chair features simple and sensitive controls such as modifiable and locking tilt control, a 360-degree swivel, back recline tension control along with a gas lift seat height adjustment for additional customizability and comfort. The chair with arms goes well for upper body support plus integrated lower back support.

The chair is deemed as a durable office furniture. The heavy-duty swivel office chair has a 250-pound weight capacity and strong 5-star wheeled 27″ base for long-lasting usage and easy mobility, move it anywhere you want. Item weight is 36 pounds and the product dimensions are 31 x 28 x 48 inches.

Material / Softness

The synthetic leather is stitched and tufted on this black chair. This ergonomic office chair has leatherette padded arms, well-padded soft seats, and chrome accents. The leatherette finish along the body and a polished metal wheelbase harmonize with the executive chair’s contemporary design.

Ergonomics and Comfort

This high-back office chair has soft and supple synthetic leather that’s cautiously weaved and clumped for lush comfort. Now, support the lower back with this executive chair’s integrated lumbar support that conforms to the body. Customize your comfort with this adjustable work chair.

A deep and flexible contour in the chair’s back supports the spine’s natural shape and helps curtail tension in your lower back. The padded arms pivot to support a variety of body types and improved ergonomic pose while typing.

This product is Greenguard certified and meets or surpasses the stringent standards for little chemical emissions that help keep the indoors healthier. This model satisfies or tops industry standards for well-being and comfort.


  • Get the genuine look with OFM’s synthetic leather high-back chair
  • 250-pound weight bearing capacity
  • Well-padded ubiquitously for extra comfort


  • Slightly heavier for smaller persons

8. Nicer Furniture Genuine Leather Middle Back Executive Chair

Experience the Nicer Furniture Executive Chair that caters to a busy individual!

Nicer Furniture Genuine Leather Middle Back Executive ChairNicer Furniture Middle Back Executive Chair mingles stylishness and practicality to provide comfort and style. With meticulously crafted materials containing authentic cow leather and finer structure for lumbar support, this executive chair is a product to invest in.

Structure and Durability

The furniture style of this chair is modern, whereas the furniture application is commercial. Height adjustments permit versatility with respect to its size. The backrest tilt is adjustable. The chair also offers tilted control and tension adjustment for a greater flexibility.

Swivel range of the middle back chair is 360°. The measurements of the back are 20.5″ in width and 25″ in height. Seat size is 20.5″ in width and 20.5″ in depth and the seat height is 19.5-22″. The weight capacity is 250 lb.

Material / Softness

The chair is crafted with the top-grain authentic cow leather on the surface of its seat and back cushion, however, all other parts such as armrests are encased in a leatherette material. The seat of this Espresso coffee real leather chair is really soft and supple to touch and sit on.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Leather upholstered armrests along with waterfall seat edges maximize comfort. It is a sturdy chair with sufficient lumbar and spine support and this is the main reason for procuring the chair. Users with a 6′ frame and around 250 pounds body weight get a required support and prevent chronic lower back pain.

The chair offers proper support for lower back and the contoured middle part offers neck support. It is perfect for users of any height and size. The seat is more than sufficient – the waterfall edge touches the back of the knees. The lift is quite high but enough to touch the ground for feet and ankle support.


  • Excellent ergonomic chair for added comfort
  • Expert assembly available – No heavy-lifting, zero fumbling with small parts or tools, no difficult instructions
  • Weight capacity isn’t an issue, can bear 250 pounds


  • Backrest depth not adjustable
  • No removable armrests
  • Seating is quite firm but not too soft

9.ACME 02339 Andrew Pneumatic Lift Office Chair

Ergonomic ACME 02339 Andrew Pneumatic Lift Office Chair helps prop you up!

ACME 02339 Andrew Pneumatic Lift Office ChairWhat do you look for in a chair while making difficult presentations and sending reports? An ability to relax and focus while putting no pressure on your body is the first reply that comes to your mind. ACME 02339 Andrew Pneumatic Lift Office Chair lets you achieve every professional accomplishment through its amazing ergonomics.

Structure and Durability

This modern executive leather chair is an office chair of perfect style. Pneumatic lift mechanism allows for easily adjustable height setting. Being a tilt and swivel as well as a flexible chair, you are able to move this chair up and down and also freely across your cubicle.

The edges of the seat are rounded. You can raise the chair’s seat while sitting on it. Since adjusting the height and seat of the chair is unproblematic, your thighs can remain parallel to the floor whenever you are sitting on the chair.

Item weight is 34.5 pounds. The product dimensions are 25 x 21 x 42 inches. An expert assembly is required to prepare the leather chair for use.

Material / Softness

ACME 02339 Andrew pneumatic lift office chair comes in black color and with genuine leather upholstery. The leather surface on the seat and back has a smooth feel on the skin and is filled with density foam for extra softness.

Ergonomics and Comfort

ACME 02339 Andrew pneumatic lift office chair has extra cushioned seats and excellent back support to provide an incredible comfort to the users. Seat edges are pretty roundish and do not impede the blood circulation in your feet. With both the flexible lumbar support and a soft seat, you get some extra bit of suppleness in this executive chair.

It lets you expediently and separately adjust the seat and back for an improved support. The back mimics the normal shape of your spinal cord and vertebral column all through the day, while the chair’s pioneering contoured and gliding back facilitates reclining without having to wander your brain away from your workload.


  • Elegant and comfortable ergonomic chair
  • Greater adjustability of moving parts
  • Can accommodate users having 6′ frame or greater body mass than 300lb
  • Durable 5-star base and wheels


  • Limited suppleness of the leather seat
  • Armrests have the desired curve, yet lack the padded softness

10. OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair

Sport a clean contemporary style with OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair!

OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Leather Executive ChairOFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Executive Leather Chair is upholstered with soft and deep black bonded leather that is comfy yet resilient, making it ubiquitously usable. It’s ideal for use in the office, reception area, boardroom – anyplace where comfort, fashion, and sturdiness are a peak priority.

Structure and Durability

This heavy-duty swivel chair is an absolutely durable office furniture with a 500-pound weight capacity, an extra-wide seat that’s 5″ thick and a well-built 5-star 28″ chrome base with a champagne finish for a long-lasting application.

This comfy chair is also an adjustable work gadget including a 360-degree swivel, seat and back tilt, in addition to gas lift seat height adjustment. The product dimensions are 30.5 x 28.5 x 40.5 inches and the item weight is 64 pounds.

Material / Softness

This executive leather chair cradles your entire body with weaved and tufted supple bonded leather for a chic look and plush comfort for users to sink into.

The upholstered chair with synthetic material has chrome accents which offer a modern look to go together with the faux leather. The base is solid metal as well as chromed. The arms of this chair are milled solid aluminum. Seat is supple and thick and the material is pleasant to the touch. The chair is available in 2 variants, black and cream.

Ergonomics and Comfort

This desk chair with segmented padded seat and back which have extra-plush cushioning gives an unparalleled lumbar support and also soothes the neck, hips, and arms.

The padded fixed loop arms further heighten the exceptional appeal and offer upper body support. This ergonomic office chair has thickly padded arms for your hands’ support and a modifiable recline to help you tailor your comfort.

This executive leather chair is Greenguard certified and satisfies or even beats the stern standards for negligible chemical emissions that help keep the indoor environment healthy. This model even satisfies industry standards for physical wellbeing.


  • Heavy-duty ergonomic chair
  • Straightforward and intuitive adjustments, suitable for users of any height
  • Gas lift seat height adjustment
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • 360-degree swivel for extra flexibility and ease


  • Users with smaller frames may find it a bit heavily built
  • Armrests are a tad higher than usually seen

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